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Pastrami Linden: man I keep getting the hours mixed up with Thursday :) Pastrami Linden: what's cracking, WindLighters? Damian Delacroix: Lotsa stuff.. :) norritt Xi: okay Pastrami, got some news concerning the 8800GTX freeze bug. Damian Delacroix: Just nothing at the moment, apparently. :) Zen Linden: sweet! go! norritt Xi: I didn't freeze since I turned of FSAA Pastrami Linden: has it been dead since 8:00am? DukeSean Westland: hi every one DukeSean Westland: can you hear me Pastrami Linden: we can see your typing Pastrami Linden: :) DukeSean Westland: losers] norritt Xi: I'll turn it back on and se if it occurs Zen Linden: cool norrit. If I can repro it here (i've been working on other bugs), i'll get it to NVIDIA asap DukeSean Westland: that was a DukeSean Westland: mistake norritt Xi: I got also another theory Brett Linden is Online Pastrami Linden: [8:15] Keisha Ninetails: windlight updates have been slowing down, does this mean the small bugs are squashed and it's just a few biggies left before it goes rc? Pastrami Linden: Keisha, yeah, something like that Pastrami Linden: actually RC is like moments away Pastrami Linden: :) Spaceman Opus: :-) Spaceman Opus: yay! Damian Delacroix: Really? That's awesome. Keisha Ninetails: moments as in go to bed and wake up and it's in RC? Pastrami Linden: something like that ;) Spaceman Opus: or moments as in when we finish here Brett Linden is Offline Pastrami Linden: the first one Spaceman Opus: worth a shot Spaceman Opus: :-) Keisha Ninetails: so by tomorrow? norritt Xi: The GTX chip temperature is between 75°C idle and 85 sometimes 90°C on full load. Though nVidia says thats okay that was to high for me. The cooler runs most of the time at 66% even if the gpu is at 80° so I got the rivatuner and set the cooler speed fixed on 100%. Now I'm running at 75° full load. Pastrami Linden: I can neither confirm nor deny aything stated here Zen Linden: interesting... wondering if that plus aa is causing the occlusion query stalls Damian Delacroix: It's been so long since I've used the standard browser.. but I tend to wear a lot of prim heavy avatars.. and crossing sim borders, or sometimes just landing in sim, my avatar breaks up.. is that something in First Look? Alexa Linden is Online Sally Linden is Online Pastrami Linden: [8:19] Pam Yumako: chief who is the Conf need in the Computer for play windlight with no lag and Problems? Damian Delacroix: ROFL.. just saw the blinking sign. I sit way too low. :) Pastrami Linden: Pam, I believe you are asking me, the chef, what comp is recommended? Torley Linden is Offline Canoeman Darwin: It's a riot ere innit! Pam Yumako: yes Pastrami Linden: well, see our recommended machine page: Zen Linden: NVIDIA 8800 is a great card to have Pastrami Linden: and yes, Zen just finished it for me Pam Yumako: i already have that conf but o don't know why i have problems BigPapi Linden: I personally recommend the "Voodoo 5" BigPapi Linden: Kidding ^ Pastrami Linden: Zen Linden: papi, you are a sick, sick human being Damian Delacroix: VooDoo.. something that hasn't been around in years.. Zen Linden: although voodoo + quake3 = awesome BigPapi Linden: hehe. Or the Riva TNT. ;) Damian Delacroix: Yeah, that would work. ;-D Data Linden is Online Zen Linden: Riva TNT2 Pam Yumako: oO Zen Linden: good card BigPapi Linden: Yeah stay away from the tnt as well. :) Pastrami Linden: The Rivs McIntyre Platinum Extreme Gamer X Pastrami Linden: ^Riva Pastrami Linden: queue is empty norritt Xi: Any date scheduled for the next WWL release ? norritt Xi: -W Durl Linden is Offline BigPapi Linden: World Wrestling League? BigPapi Linden: Soon. Pastrami Linden: Man I can't wait to see the Ultimate Warrior suit up against Brutus the Barber Beefcake again Pastrami Linden: snip snip go the shears Pastrami Linden: oh yeah, SOON Pastrami Linden: [8:26] Keisha Ninetails: what big bugs are you guys still having the most issues with? Pastrami Linden: Zen, why don't you answer? Pastrami Linden: then I will too Pam Yumako: i think the List Friend is bugged Zen Linden: bugs Hamilton Linden is Offline Pam Yumako: Hippos and waiting Zen Linden: having a hard time STILL reproing a few Zen Linden: the ati triangle ickiness Zen Linden: I'll be hitting that more, today Zen Linden: also what norritt and I were talking about Zen Linden: freezes on TP with some NVIDIA 8800s Zen Linden: largely what i see from my perspective Keisha Ninetails: outside the normal forced relogs? norritt Xi: Yeah I guess were getting closer though Zen Linden: is compatability issues Hamilton Linden is Online Pastrami Linden: I was going to say that the biggest concern now is crashes and stalls Zen Linden: yep Pastrami Linden: which will be our next major focus Pastrami Linden: [8:26] norritt Xi: Well if queue is empty... I got a question about compiling windlight I'm converting it to work with VS2005EE... Pastrami Linden: shoot Seraph Linden is Offline norritt Xi: Okay I bugged Zen yesterday already with that Zen Linden: compiling? norritt Xi: I had issues with bison first I could resolve that ... was the bison.simple being located in the wrong dir Zen Linden: ah norritt Xi: I got one error left Zen Linden: the cygwin dependency is rough at times norritt Xi: I get a file ytab.cpp.output Zen Linden: yep norritt Xi: But no ytab.cpp BigPapi Linden: that gets generated norritt Xi: No actually it doesn't norritt Xi: 2>------ Build started: Project: lscript_compile, Configuration: Release Win32 ------ 2>Compiling... 2>ytab.cpp 2>c1xx : fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: '.\ytab.cpp': No such file or directory 2>Build log was saved at "file://h:\sl\wl\linden\indra\lscript\lscript_compile\Release\BuildLog.htm" 2>lscript_compile - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s) 3>------ Build started: Project: newview, Configuration: ReleaseForDownload Win32 ------ 3>Executing pre-build batch file 3>master: 3>current: h:\sl\wl\linden\scripts\messages\message_template.msg 3>Refreshing master cache from 3>--- PASS --- 3>Newer 3> in message GroupProposalBallot: is more deprecated: UDPDeprecated vs. NotDeprecated in base 3> in message AgentDropGroup: is more deprecated: UDPDeprecated vs. NotDeprecated in base 3> in message ScriptRunningReply: is more deprecated: UDPDeprecated vs. NotDeprecated in base Zen Linden: is the cygwin bin dir in your executables dir for vc2005? BigPapi Linden: Sounds like the lex / bison pre-reqs still haven't been setup properly for your build norritt Xi: Yes I only get one comiling error BigPapi Linden: The first error is ytab, which relates to lex / bison through cygwin Torley Linden is Online Zen Linden: you don't have byacc installed as well do you? I've seen conflict problems with that Torley Linden is Offline norritt Xi: No I've got the cygwin installed and the unixutils package Durl Linden is Online norritt Xi: I followed the instructions on the wiki I also dowloaded the recommended software BigPapi Linden: norrit, you're either missing something from the cygwin install, have something extra installed that's conflicting in cygwin, or haven't setup the directories properly in Visual Studio. Eirynne Sieyes: can i get the software link again. it didn't open BigPapi Linden: Either way, the problem lies in how you've configured cygwin Brad Linden suggests opening up the BuildLog.htm that visual studio spits out and looking at the exact command line for lex/yacc that's failing Seraph Linden is Online Pastrami Linden: [8:29] Zacg Walworth: is secondlife.... i dont know... how do you get involved with it? [8:29] Zacg Walworth: is it just flying around and talking with other people? Pastrami Linden: audience, care to answer this one? Pastrami Linden: :) Zen Linden: Zacg, try building. Try scripting Annelin Corrigible: try visiting Keisha Ninetails: is Zacg even here? Annelin Corrigible: I don't think Brad Linden recommends torley's video tutorials Pastrami Linden: [8:37] Annelin Corrigible: Dis you have a look on Realxtend ? [8:37] Annelin Corrigible: Did* Pastrami Linden: oh yeah, sure did Annelin Corrigible: They use Ogre Jeremy Linden: Link to a whole lot of video tutorials: Zen Linden: we love ogre Annelin Corrigible: I didn't try it myself Brad Linden should get an ogre avatar Annelin Corrigible: but everybody say they have shaders Annelin Corrigible: dynamic shaders Eirynne Sieyes: Ouuu good stuff! Pastrami Linden: shaders or shadows? Annelin Corrigible: shadows sorry BigPapi Linden: I saw shadowing of avatars, but no general scene shadows. BigPapi Linden: But that was from the videos. Annelin Corrigible: ok Pastrami Linden: [8:40] Keisha Ninetails: when are region/estate level sky and water presets going to be added to the region/estate settings? Alexa Linden is Offline Pastrami Linden: once we get the crash rate down and WL has been in release for a while Keisha Ninetails: pfft Keisha Ninetails: release or RC? Pastrami Linden: release Pastrami Linden: :) Keisha Ninetails: oki esf123 Sodwind is Offline Zen Linden: headed to a doc appt. See y'all soon! Keisha Ninetails: have fun Zen Linden is Offline Incredible Tomorrow: am not here Logan Linden is Online Pastrami Linden: queue empty Keisha Ninetails: no it's not Keisha Ninetails: c'mon, it's not like I'm asking for your phone number or anything Pastrami Linden: [8:47] Keisha Ninetails: ok, what if I asked, which LSL functions for glow will be added? [8:47] Keisha Ninetails: AND, will it affect particles? Pastrami Linden: BigPapi? Pastrami Linden: or Brad Pam Yumako: fi fi fi fi... BigPapi Linden: No idea, I haven't seen that LSL code. Brad Linden: hold on, looking... Brad Linden: here's the draft release notes for that feature: Brad Linden: New features and changes: * VWR-3114 : WindLight: Make glow scriptable added PRIM_GLOW flag for llGetPrimitiveParams, llSetPrimitiveParams, llSetLinkPrimitiveParams Babbage Linden is Online Keisha Ninetails: so no llSetGlow() or llGetGlow()? Brad Linden: not at this time Keisha Ninetails: oki Pastrami Linden: alright all, as there are no more questions, I'm going to wind this down Pastrami Linden: 10 Pastrami Linden: 9 Pastrami Linden: 8 Pastrami Linden: 7 Pastrami Linden: 6 Pastrami Linden: 5 Jeremy Linden straps in. Pastrami Linden: 4 Pastrami Linden: 3 Pastrami Linden: 2 Pastrami Linden: 3 Pastrami Linden: 4 Pastrami Linden: 3 queenbeeUAE Akina: omg Pastrami Linden: 2 Pastrami Linden: 3 Pastrami Linden: 2 Pastrami Linden: 1 BigPapi Linden: 4 Pastrami Linden: laterz