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Wishpot FAQ

About Second Life Wish Lists Beta

Why are you calling it "Wish Lists Beta"?

We've added "beta" to signify that the wishlist functionality we're releasing is at an early stage, and we intend to improve on and expand the functionality in the future.

Can you share items with anyone?

You can share items and lists with friends and family, and they can reserve items for purchase. Once an item on your list is reserved, Second Life redirects whoever is purchasing the item to the site from which the item was added.

How do I share my Wish List?

You can share the list in many different ways:

  • Directly under your Wish List, there's a Share by URL link that you can send to your friends.
  • There's also a Facebook Share link below the name of your Wish List.
  • When you drill into any item in your Wish List, we also provide a Share by URL link.

Do I have to provide my real world identity to use wish lists?

Your Wish List is tied directly to your Second Life name, not your real world identity. Your friends will find your Wish List by using your Second Life name only. Your Second Life name is used to provide a seamless experience between XStreet SL and your Wish List.

Does Second Life require guests to first sign up before viewing a list?

No. Whenever you share a list with your friends, they'll be able to view the list even if they're not yet registered with Second Life. Anyone you share a Wish List URL with will be able to view and reserve items from off your list!

Is it safe to log in to wishlist.secondlife.com?

The authorization system on our Wish List site is secure, and uses the same login system as Xstreet SL. You're safe entering your Second Life user name and password on http://wishlist.secondlife.com.

Do I need to log in separately to both sites in order to add items to my Wish List?

No. If you log into either Xstreet SL or http://wishlist.secondlife.com and then visit the other site, you'll be recognized and automatically logged in. Give it a try by logging into Xstreet SL, finding an item you like, and clicking the Add to Wish List link located below the purchase buttons.

Do I need to log out of both sites, or will logging out of one log me out of the other?

Yes. You'll need to log out of both sites separately. Logging out of either Xstreet SL or wishlist.secondlife.com will not log you out of the other site. If you're adding Wish List items for multiple avatars, double-check that you're adding to the right list.

My Registry Settings

How many Wish Lists can I have for one email address?

You can have one Wish List per email address at this time. If you have multiple avatars connected to the same email address, the first Wish List created will be the only one that works. An error message will be reported for additional accounts.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by selecting Help > Password Reset from the top menu. This directs you to the password reset page on Second Life.

How do I change my email address?

You can change your email by visiting your Dashboard on secondlife.com. Select Contact Information under your account information.

Is there a limit to the number of registries and Wish Lists I can have?

At this time, you can only have one Wish List.

How do I make a list private?

To make your Wish List private:

  1. Go to your Wish List, http://wishlist.SecondLife.com/my.
  2. Click List Settings.
  3. Select the Myself Only radio button.
  4. Click Save.

How do I see items in my Wish List?

When logged into Xstreetsl.com, click the Review link found in the My Marketplace box. You can also click on the Wish List link near the search options on Xstreet, or log in directly to wishlist.secondlife.com.

How do I change the title of my list?

To change the title of your list:

  1. Go to your Wish List, http://wishlist.SecondLife.com/my.
  2. Click List Settings.
  3. Under Basic info, you'll see a field titled Name your list.
  4. Enter the title you'd like and click the Save button.

How do I edit the title or privacy settings of an item on my list?

To edit the title or privacy settings of an item on your list:

  1. Go to your Wish List, http://wishlist.SecondLife.com/my.
  2. Click on your Wish List.
  3. To the right of the item you want to change, click Edit/Move.
  4. Edit the title, tags, notes or privacy setting of the item.
  5. Click Save. The item will appear with your changes.

How do I delete an item on my list?

To delete an item on your list:

  1. Go to your Wish List, http://wishlist.SecondLife.com/my.
  2. Click on your Wish List.
  3. To the right of the item, click Delete. You're asked to confirm that you want to delete this item.
  4. Click Ok. The item is deleted.

How do I find a friend's list?

To find a friend's list:

  1. Go to http://wishlist.secondlife.com.
  2. Enter your friend's Second Life First name and Last name.
  3. Click Search.

How do I purchase an item for a friend?

To purchase an item for a friend:

  1. Locate an item on a friend's Wish List.
  2. Click the Buy it button.
  3. Reserve the item.
  4. Purchase it on Xstreet SL; when making the purchase, be sure to choose Purchase as a gift.
  5. Enter the Second Life name of the recipient and an optional message.
  6. Click Buy Now to complete the purchase.

How do I add an item from interesting lists or items I find on Xstreet SL?

If you see something you like on Xstreet SL, click the Add to Wish List link beside the product to add it to your Wish List.

How can I get further help on using Wish Lists?

Please start by emailing secondlife@wishpot.com. You can also post your question on Second Life Answers or open an Xstreet SL support ticket.