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Xstreet's search functionality supports the following Boolean search operators:

  • Natural Language Search. Enter keywords or a phrase without any operators to perform a weighted natural language search with the most relevant records displayed first.
  • Exact Phrase. Enclose a phrase in double quotes to perform an exact match search. Example: "magic box"
  • Required Words. Any word preceded by a plus sign (+) is considered required. Example: magic +box
  • Unwanted Words. Any word preceded by a minus sign (-) is considered unwanted. Example: magic -box
  • Negated Words. Any word preceded by a tilde (~) has its relevance lowered. It effectively lowers relative ranking of records containing the word. Example: magic ~box
  • Stemming. Any word root followed by an asterisk (*) matches occurences of the root followed by any suffix: Example: box* matches boxes, boxed, boxing, etc.

Operators can be combined in a single search.