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The Yava script pods are automated, convertable, scheduled vehicles that can be seen on Corsica, Gaeta 1, Gaeta 5, Heterocera, Jeogeot, Nautilus, Sansara, Satori and occasional in Zindra. Compared with other automated vehicles, they are much more safe and still they allow passenger to control a few functions (like speed).

Design and features

These vehicles have low prim count and low size. They are phantom (not interfering with other vehicles or avatars), but still they can affect a few things, like railway switches. They are convertable vehicles, that look like a train on railway, spherical pods on roads or ground, boats on water or even submarines if needed.

The scripts use a notecard to store data. Measures show that the Yava script pods are not high-lag vehicles, they don't affect nearby residents with unwanted noise and they don't create high lag in the sim or parcel they enter (yet, it is proven that any avatar, object or script has an influence on land and server performance, it is important to keep this influence below certain limits). Influence is comparable with a classic Heterocera VRC opensource train. While moving on railways, they are not affected by switch changes.

The fact that they give touristic informations on the way is very important and helps people learn much about Second Life geography and history.

Very suggestive are the drawings found on these vehicles. They show important features on the way they go to visit.


These vehicles are released after a schedule (usually at every 30 minutes), but this is not a rule. Some of the pods (like the GSLR Cecropia - Calleta) are released at other schedules. From any pod base, if an avatar wishes, a vehicle can be rezzed anytime. Position of some pods can be noticed with some interactive maps (found usually in Heterocera along the railway).

Scheduled might be affected by sim logout processes or by avatars crashing at a sim cross. Majority of pods have long lives. After they finish their tours, they return home and go again on another tour.

Pod bases

Pod vehicles are rezzed at some specified bases.


Currently, the pods can be found on many continents. There are also transcontinental pods. So, the same pod might appear twice on the lists.


Gaeta 1

Gaeta 5


H1 - Transcontinental is a special pod that connects Heterocera with Sansara. It is launched every 30 minutes, departures are at each hour past 20 and 15.

H2 - South East Heterocera

H3 - Heterocera Coast. It has no speed controler. It is released every 30 minutes from Calleta, at each hour past 06 or 36. It offers a complete coast tour. A complete trip takes about 2 hours at average speed. From pod station, it moves to the road in Calelta, then to road 1, along the inner plain.

H4 - road 4

H5 - Cecropia Express. Stops: pod station, Cecropia station, Calleta rail connection. It has no speed controler. It can be seen along the GSLR main rail in Heterocera, from Calleta (junctoin with main railway, Calleta representance of Arcadia Asylum) to Cecropia docks (gateway to Sansara). It passes through only 2 sims and it waits a few minutes at each line end. There is a single pod moving along the way, at every 10 minutes. It waits about 2 minute at each line end. Another station is at the pod station.

H6 - The Great Wall




S0 - Southwestern Mountains

S1 - Northwestern Departures

S2 - ONSR. Departure time: at every hour past 25 and 55. It does not allow speed control. This pod follows the Amudsen Road to North. It is one of the best way to visit Snowlands Subcontinent. It follows the road to North-East, entering the tundra, close to highest mountains of Sansara. Then, it turns South, through Garmish sim, to reach Zermatt Lake and then Wengen railway station. From here, it walks along the road, paralell with the ONSR. From Okemo Gorge, it walks along the rail tracks.

Then, at return route, the pod leaves the railway in Okemo Gorge. Following a trail of protected land, it reaches a hidden, unconnected road (Virrat and Cloudmont sims). Another turn is in Eagan, on the Alpine Byway, a mountain road going to Silk Mountain Waters. At some point, pod leaves the path and climbs over the mountains. Then, from mount Kanin, it really jumps down to a forest and a snow-covered road. Returning to an alpine trail, the pod finally reaches to pod base.

Stops: Durango, Wengen, Okemo Gorge, Okemo Canyon, Smithers Bluff Yard, Smithers End, Cloudmont End, Kanin, Durango.

S3 - Southeastern Sansara departs every hour at past 10 and past 40. It enters the paths in Snowlands Subcontinent. It will take you over Zermatt lake and then to God's Meeting Point, one of the highest peaks (see Altitude). Then, after following skiruns, it reaches Moen peak. Then, after passing through tundra, it gets over a bridge in Miller sim, to access South East Sansara. To left, the 3rd water body of the Sutherland water system is visible, while to right, we are close to the highest plateau on the grid.

In Tofte sim, pod makes a small deviation from route, to enter again in snowlands, through Bruwnworth infohub. After a small part of offroad driving, it gets 150 meters to the ocean. We return back.

The pod continues to follow the road between basins 2 and 3 of Sutherland Water System. There, it makes another deviation from course to visit the peninsula formed between the two bodies of water and Bear Infohub. This is a point from where, mountain climbers can visit Mountains Of South East Sansara. From here, we continue to East. At the end of the road, there is a station, in Maquapit sim. By walking and swimming, you can get to South Islanders.

Pod returns to Bear infohub and continues North. You would expect it to reach Sutherland Dam, but no. It turns South unexpected, returning close to Sutherland water basin 2, then it goes to a point it was before, in Thompson sim. After this, it follows a coast road, along the shores of basin 2. It continues South, to Schell sim, to the shores of Void Ocean. The South coast of Sansara does not offer water for navigation. Road used for this is continued with a slice of protected land. After a small stop, the pod returns to Alcona and continues to East.

Road takes us over a bridge and back to Bear infohub for the third time. It is getting really confussing for someone who does not know the area. Then, we pass the most spectacular part of the mountains, where altitude gets really high. From here, we leave the road.

The vehicle becomes a boat and starts running on the surface of Sutherland Basin 1, to finally reach Sutherland Dam, where it runs on road again. We are close to SJRR terminal in sutherland. This is a good place for another diversion to East, along a road to Drum sim and then off-road . Not far to the Eastern shore, pod stops in Rumgally sim. While returning, it enters another road in Whitloch sim, that enters below water. This is a rare occasion, to visit the bottom of Sutherland Basin 1 (or Sutherland Abyss). After a small sector on water, pod returns to Sutherland Dam, one of the two largest Dams on the grid. Again, we can leave the road and take the train on SJRR. This railway is the backbone to visit Mountains Of South East Sansara.

From here, pod goes West, directly, following the road. 3 points of interest can be seen around: Isabel infohub, Ice Bay (or Ice Sea) and Sugarolaf Dam. All 3 are described at Snowlands Subcontinent. And yes, we enter the snowlands again. After taking a short route with high declivity, the vehicle reaches Zermatt Lake. And from here, after flying over the lake, it follows the same alpin path to reach pod base.

S4 - River & Mountain

S5 - Northern Sansara

S6 - Northeastern

H1 - Heterocera Connection


Sharp Continent


Z1 - Kama Centercircles around two sims, Kama Center and Bronlen. Departure is at every 10 minutes. The pod has a few stops.

Z2 - South Zindra is an unscheduled pod, released on command. Unfortunately, land does not allow vehicle entry, so that vehicles need passengers to move.

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