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Zindra User Tips: This page is for tips to help Zindra land owners, merchants, and visitors. Log in and make you additions or changes.

Destination Guide

Adult Content Regions are now (9/2011) permissible in the SL Destination Guide. See the Destination Guide FAQ for information on adding your location to the guide.

Check the Adult Only Destination Guide for current destinations in the guide.

If you have problems getting your destination entered into the guide contact: DG Editor.


Zindra now has premium sandboxes. There are four adjacent regions making up a large adult content sandbox.

  1. Sandbox Bicker
  2. Sandbox Colborne
  3. Sandbox Goyer
  4. Sandbox Teagano

Zindra also has a public adult content sandbox at Zindra Vortex.

Welcome Areas

Planning is in progress to change the welcome areas. For now visit: Arapaima or Zindra See the Zindra page for more information about the Adult Content Continent.

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Related Groups

In World

Zindra Expo group (official link) LL's official group to plan / develop projects for Zindra / Adult SL Zindra Expo group FAQs

Zindra Alliance A group for land owners, business people, and residents in Zindra. It is intended to be the bridge group between SL users and Linden Lab staff.

Out World

Flickr Group: Exploring Zindra - Membership Rules - SL Mature rated photos.