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Thou Must Not Fail


This is a list of the most critical resident created objects used in Second Life that need to always work.

The Reasoning

Second Life is very complex. There are an infinite number of ways to do things in Second Life. These methods may be right or wrong. These methods may exploit bugs or logic holes. While testing upcoming server releases it just isn't possible to test everything resident created. QA will test changed features and make sure they work as expected. Oftentimes there are edge cases that fail without QA's knowledge. This list is a list of really important items that should always work. We will test these objects early on in the QA process and use it as a sort of canary in the coal mine test.


  • Apez iServ
  • Hippo technologies products (hippo rent and hippo vend)
  • Metalife related vendors and servers objects.
  • Quantum Products Vending and Rack Servers
  • XStreet SL Server Objects

Land Management Tools

  • objects which ban/kick users
  • automated parcel rental systems



  • Transaction History Page (used by vendors to validate payments)


  • Alpha on HUDs to render the same as in world (broken by 1.23 VWR-13151)
  • Content to render the same between viewer versions. eg: 1.x and 2.0


  • Debug Channel number and data sent to remain consistent (used for auto script repair)