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Hi there.

I'm a software developer who started at Linden Lab in July 2007. As of August 2008, I'm the manager of the Sustaining Engineering group (within the Customer Applications division) at Linden Lab. That means my specific portfolio of interest includes:

  • Bug fixing
  • Small features
  • Open source patch imports

My general interests with respect to Second Life lie in several areas:

  • User experience and user content creation
  • Big picture software architecture
  • Open source and community support

To that end, I want to talk to SL residents about their experiences, and hear the good, the bad, and even the ugly. I actually do read the blogs and the SL Dev mailing list.

Wiki Doc Link

SLDev Open Source Viewer

Office Hours

Please come to my office hours. Based on some feedback, maybe we'll try to group a few developers together for a unified office hour.

With that said, my office hours are:

User experience, construction, architecture, open source, science fiction, cycling, games Wednesdays from 8am to 9am PDTQ's land

As the lady said, "Stop by and see me sometime..."

Office Hour Transcripts

I try to hold office hours every week, but I haven't posted transcripts lately since the topics haven't usually been of general interest and sometimes touch on private issues.

Jan 7th 2008

Well, I had cancelled office hours for a while hoping that I could do something jointly with other developers here at LL, but that didn't really work out, so I'm back.

Oct 15th 2007

(no office hours on 08Oct07)

Oct 1st 2007

Sep 24th 2007

More about me

Here's a slightly edited version of the introductory email I sent out when I started at Linden Lab:

   You awaken suddenly, your legs twitching in fear. You dreamed you were surrounded by 
   angry SUVs, and they wanted more than just a $50 fillup. You struggle to stand. 

   -> look 
   You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. 
   Exits are north, west, and southeast. 

   -> inventory 
   You are carrying: 
   an Oreo cookie 

   -> west 
   You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike. 
   Exits are south, north, and west. 

   -> break cookie 
   So THAT's the way the cookie crumbles. 

   -> drop crumb 
   The crumb tumbles to the ground as if in slow motion, black, white, black, white. 
   Just before it reaches the floor, a hand reaches out and snatches it from midair. 

   The man belonging to the hand pops it into his mouth. 
   He swallows, grins, and says "Don't waste perfectly good cookies!" 

   -> examine man 
   "Hey, that tickles!" 
   He seems perfectly normal, except for the blue skin. He's wearing a tie-dyed shirt. 
   The words "Q Linden" are floating in the air over his head. This does not bother you. 

   Q Linden asks "do you have any more?" 

   -> give cookie to Q 
   He eats the rest of it and breaks into a big smile, teeth peppered with cookie shrapnel. 
   "Yum. Thanks!'re probably trying to get out of here. Follow me." 
   He walks away. 

   -> follow Q 
   You are in a suburban kitchen. 
   Q Linden is here, cooking dinner. It smells delicious. 
   There are some sharp knives on the counter. 
   There are ingredients on the counter. 
   There are pans on the counter. 

   -> examine kitchen 
   The kitchen is like many modern suburban kitchens. It seems well stocked and well used. 

   The pots, ingredients, and cutting boards used in preparing an elaborate meal are 
   strewn around the countertops. There is a TV in the corner showing "Good Eats". 

   For some reason, there are two toasters. 

   -> take knife 
   Q stops you. 
   "Whoa, you'll cut yourself. I keep 'em really sharp. We'd better go." 
   He leaves the room. 

   -> follow Q 
   You are in a home office. 

   Q is here checking his email. 
   Q's family members are here, checking their email and playing games.

   -> examine office 
   This is a room that would probably have made a good poolroom, but it is instead stuffed 
   to the gills with technology. You see 1 TV, 2 printers, 3 game consoles, 4 desktop 
   computers, 5 laptop computers, and a lot more than 6 books on technology, software 
   development, and global warming. A couple of framed computer games hang in places of 
   honor on the wall. 

   Q's wife says, "Hon, you have a visitor." 

   Q finishes his email and beckons you to follow. 

   -> follow Q 
   You enter a cluttered two-car garage. 

   Q is here fiddling with a bicycle. His hands are black with grease. 

   -> examine garage 
   It's a two-car garage...but there are no cars in it. There are, however, many bikes, 
   bicycle tools, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, a kayak, soccer balls, juggling equipment 
   and at least a couple of frisbees. One frisbee contains a collection of bike parts 
   soaking in degreaser. 

   -> take snowboard 
   Q takes it away. "Naw, it's summertime, you don't want that. Take this." 
   He hands you a well-used but functional bicycle, opens the garage door, and ushers you out. 
   As you roll away awkwardly, you hear him shout and you look back over your shoulder. 

   "Just go left at the bottom of the hill, and don't forget to watch for traff..." 

   You have been been run over by an angry SUV.

                   + YOU HAVE DIED *** 

   Restore, restart, or quit? 
   -> quit