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This article is about attachments. For LSL related information about attachments, see Category:LSL Attachment. For opensource specs, see Attachment (OS).

An attachment is an object (clothing, weapons, jewelry, shoes, etc) that can be attached to an avatar at a specific location. Usually location is set by the creator of the object. The default location otherwise is the right hand.

Attachments are linked to bones. When a bone is animated, all attachment locations linked to that bone will move identically to the bone they are linked to.

The following is a list of attachments and the bones they are attached to.

  • Bone: Head
    • Skull
    • Nose
    • Left Ear
    • Right Ear
    • Mouth
    • Chin
  • Bone: EyeLeft
    • Left Eyeball
  • Bone: EyeRight
    • Right Eyeball
  • Bone: Neck
    • Neck
  • Bone: Chest
    • Spine
    • Chest
  • Bone: Torso
  • Bone: Pelvis
    • Pelvis
    • Stomach
  • Bone: CollarLeft
    • Left Shoulder
  • Bone: ShoulderLeft
    • L Upper Arm
  • Bone: ElbowLeft
    • L Forearm
  • Bone: WristLeft
    • Left Hand
  • Bone: CollarRight
    • Right Shoulder
  • Bone: ShoulderRight
    • R Upper Arm
  • Bone: ElbowRight
    • R Forearm
  • Bone: WristRight
    • Right Hand
  • Bone: HipLeft
    • Left Hip
    • L Upper Leg
  • Bone: KneeLeft
    • L Lower Leg
  • Bone: AnkleLeft
    • Left Foot
  • Bone: HipRight
    • Right Hip
    • R Upper Leg
  • Bone: KneeRight
    • R Lower Leg
  • Bone: AnkleRight
    • Right Foot


  1. 1.0 1.1 The "pec" attachment slots are unfortunately named, as they attach to the central bone of the avatar's torso, and the pectoral muscles are associated with the upper or chest bone. Worse still, in LSL the misnamed the original constants (which was later fixed by adding new constants).

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