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Feel free to submit your certification proposals to if you prefer not to post them in this wiki!

Prim Basics


Edit Control and basic prim creation and manipulation. Proof that a person can use the edit controls in basic ways. Create, select, move, rotate, copy, delete. Hollow, cut, resize, dimple. Convert one prim type into another. Resize using the edit window, resize by grabbing the points. Choosing colors and textures, aligning textures, transparent/opaque, fullbright. Understanding shiny, bumpmapped, and how alpha affects them. Grid modes. Linking/unlinking, root prim. Assigning qualities (texture, color, etc.) independently to different surfaces of a prim.

Test(s) or tasks to test these competencies

Create basic cube, convert it to cylinder, scale up/down, rotate, change texture color, duplicate. Create simple simulation using 2-5 linked prims. Change texture on different surfaces of the simulation.


AHG Hallard

Dnali Anabuki

I have my submission for the Prim Basics Test done. Not sure where to put it. I'm concerned about posting it here because it is a road map for how to pass the test since it includes answers. I will send by notecard to Iridium Linden for now.

Proposals for Phase Two

We are now prepared to move into Phase Two of Second Life Certification. We'll begin with Prim Basics, since much of this content will inform how we certify other modeling areas. We will accept proposals from anyone who wishes to submit. Your proposal should include the following information:

  • How testing in Prim Basics would be constructed
  • What would be tested in Prim Basics

Please submit your proposals by September 14, 2007. Once all proposals have been received, we will ask the SL Certification group to review and vote (using the proposal in-world group tool) on the best proposal. The winning proposal will be awarded either the L$ equivalent of $300 USD or we will grant you free tier for one month on the single island of your choice. We will repeat this process for all categories in Modeling and Scripting. But for now, let's get Prim Basics done!

In addition, we now have group land! Include your proposal on our in-world plot at SLDEVU 219,63,27.