Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2013-03-07

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[2013/03/07 15:00]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Kelly.
[2013/03/07 15:00]  Maestro Linden: Hi guys
[2013/03/07 15:00]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Maestro!
[2013/03/07 15:00]  RedMokum Bravin: Hello :-)
[2013/03/07 15:00]  Lares Carter: Hey Maestro, Hey Kelly
[2013/03/07 15:00]  Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Hi Maestro kelly
[2013/03/07 15:00]  Hexapoda: I do it simple, Hello all.
[2013/03/07 15:01]  Psi Merlin: Hi Maestro
[2013/03/07 15:01]  Maestro Linden: Well, it's time to go, so let's get started
[2013/03/07 15:01]  Maestro Linden:
[2013/03/07 15:02]  Maestro Linden: First, the updates
[2013/03/07 15:02]  Maestro Linden: SLS got a fix for a crasher
[2013/03/07 15:02]  Maestro Linden: which was the version previously on all 3 RCs
[2013/03/07 15:02]  Script & Memory Use Scale Counter: Total Scripts: 23
 Total Memory: 368k
[2013/03/07 15:02]  Script & Memory Use Scale Counter: Congratulations! Script weight under 3 mb.
[2013/03/07 15:03]  Rex Cronon: hello everybody
[2013/03/07 15:03]  Maestro Linden: and we got some new projects in the RCs
[2013/03/07 15:03]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Rex.
[2013/03/07 15:03]  Maestro Linden: BlueSteel and LeTigre got that threaded object rez project that was touched on a few weeks ago
[2013/03/07 15:03]  Rex Cronon: hello yuzuru
[2013/03/07 15:03]  Maestro Linden: so far we haven't heard anything bad about that
[2013/03/07 15:04]  Hexapoda: Do Nyx miss an alpha layer or do I bug?
[2013/03/07 15:04]  Maestro Linden: and Magnum got a maint-server project with some bug fixes
[2013/03/07 15:05]  Maestro Linden:
[2013/03/07 15:05]  Nyx Linden: I was previously testing avatar switching, may have had inventory in a bad state
[2013/03/07 15:05]  Maestro Linden: Unfortunately, the VWR-786 change in Magnum is causing problems in some cases
[2013/03/07 15:05]  Hexapoda: Looks great now Nyx.
[2013/03/07 15:05]  Maestro Linden: if you IM a non-friend in that build, the server always tells you that the user is offline
[2013/03/07 15:05]  Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): I was bringing that up
[2013/03/07 15:06]  Maestro Linden: we're planning to just remove that change from next week's version, in the interest of getting the other bug fixes released sooner
[2013/03/07 15:07]  Maestro Linden: and Magnum does have some other handy fixes
[2013/03/07 15:07]  Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Sounds reasonable
[2013/03/07 15:07]  Rex Cronon: u realize u were to leave that in, suddenly people would become more friendlier:)
[2013/03/07 15:08]  Rex Cronon: if u were*
[2013/03/07 15:08]  Maestro Linden: like allowing region owners / estate managers to bypass the 'direct teleport' setting in regions again
[2013/03/07 15:08]  Maestro Linden: oh and the SVC-8019 fix should be popular
[2013/03/07 15:08]  Maestro Linden:
[2013/03/07 15:08]  Object: Touched.
[2013/03/07 15:08]  Maestro Linden: ^ that's the issue about neighboring regions not talking to each other after a while following a rolling restart
[2013/03/07 15:08]  Maestro Linden: despite both regions being up
[2013/03/07 15:09]  Lucia Nightfire: the caching thing
[2013/03/07 15:09]  Maestro Linden: they should start talking to each other pretty quickly, following this fix
[2013/03/07 15:09]  Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Woot.
[2013/03/07 15:09]  Maestro Linden: yeah, the fix is to not look at a stale cached version
[2013/03/07 15:10]  Maestro Linden: and Magnum has some crash fixes, which are always welcome
[2013/03/07 15:10]  Rex Cronon: so, no chache is updated and than is looked at?
[2013/03/07 15:11]  Rex Cronon: sso, now*
[2013/03/07 15:11]  Maestro Linden: the sims grab a more up to date copy of their neighbors' statuses
[2013/03/07 15:11]  Maestro Linden: and they need the newest neighbor info in order to connect to that neighbor
[2013/03/07 15:12]  Maestro Linden: and connecting to the neighbor is required for allowing region crossings and such
[2013/03/07 15:12]  Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): nods
[2013/03/07 15:12]  Maestro Linden: so, that's all I had for updates
[2013/03/07 15:13]  Maestro Linden: the interest list update from Andrew is still in testing, but that's getting closer to being finished
[2013/03/07 15:13]  Maestro Linden: Also, Nyx has some upcoming plans for server-side baking
[2013/03/07 15:14]  Maestro Linden: Nyx, do you want to talk about that now?
[2013/03/07 15:14]  Nyx Linden: aye I will
[2013/03/07 15:14]  Maestro Linden: go for it
[2013/03/07 15:14]  Nyx Linden: thanks all to those who helped us with our last pile-on test for server side appearance generation
[2013/03/07 15:14]  Nyx Linden: it gave us a lot of information and we've been working on a number of fixes, both to aditi inventory, as well as viewer and back end changes
[2013/03/07 15:15]  Nyx Linden: we'd like to see how much progress we're making, so we'll be running another pile-on test next week after this meeting
[2013/03/07 15:15]  Nyx Linden: if you'd like to participate, grab our latest viewer and run it when you come to this meeting next week
[2013/03/07 15:15]  Nyx Linden: should be build 271419
[2013/03/07 15:16]  Nyx Linden: If you had trouble at the last pile-on with outfit switching, feel free to test out the new build in advance - you should be able to comment on the jira tasks you filed, or email me directly with any issues
[2013/03/07 15:16]  Nyx Linden: that's all I have for this week :)
[2013/03/07 15:17]  Blake Burger: my avatar still isnt back to normal after the last test but i havent had anytime to fix it either -lol
[2013/03/07 15:18]  Nyx Linden: try the new build and try changing our outfit or forcing a rebake - and let us know if its still problematic
[2013/03/07 15:18]  Blake Burger: will do.
[2013/03/07 15:18]  Nyx Linden: thanks!
[2013/03/07 15:20]  Rex Cronon: once u guys put this server side baking on the main grid, what will be the next project?
[2013/03/07 15:21]  Nyx Linden: not sure yet, we have several teams working on several things in parallel right now
[2013/03/07 15:21]  Rex Cronon: inventory managment. maybe:)
[2013/03/07 15:22]  Nyx Linden: /me runs away in terror
[2013/03/07 15:22]  Blake Burger: :p
[2013/03/07 15:22]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Fixing group chat :P
[2013/03/07 15:22]  Lucia Nightfire: group chat
[2013/03/07 15:22]  Maestro Linden: native support for toes
[2013/03/07 15:22]  Lucia Nightfire: kip beat me to it
[2013/03/07 15:22]  Hexapoda: No project but bug fixing?
[2013/03/07 15:22]  Nyx Linden: we have a team focused on maintenance and bug fixing, even now :)
[2013/03/07 15:22]  Blake Burger: i would love to eventually see new and improved groups and functions :p
[2013/03/07 15:23]  Blake Burger: if u know what i mean
[2013/03/07 15:23]  Lucia Nightfire: group ban lists? heh
[2013/03/07 15:23]  RedMokum Bravin: Lucia: and then people temporarily leave groups?
[2013/03/07 15:24]  Lucia Nightfire: the lists aren't member ship dependent
[2013/03/07 15:24]  Maestro Linden: I think she means a per-group list of people who can't join
[2013/03/07 15:24]  Lucia Nightfire: I'll find the jira
[2013/03/07 15:24]  Lucia Nightfire: unless kips beats me to it, lol
[2013/03/07 15:24]  Hexapoda: I want to see better filtering, like auto derender and block of momory hungry prims
[2013/03/07 15:24]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Widely said at the last TPV meeting he was looking at adding a ban list for groups. The recording/transcripts of that meeting should be up by now
[2013/03/07 15:25]  Rex Cronon: if u guys would make the viewer to dynamically load modules at run time, it would allow other people to possibly make your like easier:)
[2013/03/07 15:25]  Blake Burger: our groups just seem dated... i would love to see more integration with the SL feeds and stuff.
[2013/03/07 15:25]  Blake Burger: /me shrugs
[2013/03/07 15:26]  Hexapoda: *
[2013/03/07 15:28]  Lucia Nightfire:
[2013/03/07 15:28]  Lucia Nightfire: thought there was a different one than that one though
[2013/03/07 15:28]  Lucia Nightfire: oh well
[2013/03/07 15:29]  Kipps (kippy.adored):
[2013/03/07 15:30]  Kipps (kippy.adored): <--- last TPV meeting including discussion on adding group ban feature
[2013/03/07 15:30]  Lucia Nightfire:
[2013/03/07 15:30]  Lucia Nightfire: I think this one is what I meant
[2013/03/07 15:30]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Ya
[2013/03/07 15:30]  Lucia Nightfire: ...
[2013/03/07 15:30]  Rex Cronon: so u can ban all people that belong to a specific group?
[2013/03/07 15:30]  Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Group ban lists are really a necessity
[2013/03/07 15:30]  Lucia Nightfire: I just read back, lol
[2013/03/07 15:30]  Lucia Nightfire: Im not hunting jiras down while kip is around
[2013/03/07 15:30]  Lucia Nightfire: its a losing battle
[2013/03/07 15:30]  Kipps (kippy.adored): :P
[2013/03/07 15:31]  RedMokum Bravin: No Rex, I thought the same. You can ban people from (re)joining an open group.
[2013/03/07 15:31]  RedMokum Bravin: (if they implement this)
[2013/03/07 15:31]  Maestro Linden: Right, it's kind of like having your parcel open to the public but banning certain troublemakers
[2013/03/07 15:31]  Rex Cronon: oh. ok
[2013/03/07 15:32]  Kallista Arliss (kallista.destiny): Just like a ban list
[2013/03/07 15:32]  Rex Cronon: a ban list added to an open group
[2013/03/07 15:32]  RedMokum Bravin: If only I could make my groups invisible to certain people. :-(
[2013/03/07 15:32]  Flight Band: All Go
[2013/03/07 15:33]  Rex Cronon: they would only need to make an alt to see your groups
[2013/03/07 15:33]  RedMokum Bravin: That's a lot of trouble for nothing Rex.
[2013/03/07 15:34]  Lucia Nightfire: lol
[2013/03/07 15:34]  RedMokum Bravin: I usually accept every group in area's I visit, just to shed them at the end of the day.
[2013/03/07 15:34]  Lucia Nightfire: its alot of trouble for throwaway accounts to be made just for creating spam for a short lived run across the grid
[2013/03/07 15:34]  Lucia Nightfire: but they still do it
[2013/03/07 15:35]  Rex Cronon: it weird though. there r so many interesting games and still people like to come here to grief. makes no sense
[2013/03/07 15:36]  Lucia Nightfire: lack of intellegence = no sense
[2013/03/07 15:36]  RedMokum Bravin: I think they do not just create them for spam. It would be a good idea to keep very new accounts off the marketplace to make scammers'lives a bit less easy.
[2013/03/07 15:36]  Rex Cronon: unless they were planing on playing SIM;)
[2013/03/07 15:37]  Rex Cronon: considering what a big blunder the new sim is
[2013/03/07 15:37]  Flight Band: All Go
[2013/03/07 15:38]  Lucia Nightfire: has there been any progress to fixing SEC-1204?
[2013/03/07 15:39]  Rex Cronon: if could be possible to make a sim simulator here and if that were done lots of people might come:)
[2013/03/07 15:39]  Maestro Linden: I don't see any updates for that in Jira, Lucia
[2013/03/07 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: any new functions or constants or anything coming in the near future?
[2013/03/07 15:42]  Maestro Linden: Maybe Kelly had something?
[2013/03/07 15:42]  Rex Cronon: u guys might need a whole team to handle the requests for new lsl functions:)
[2013/03/07 15:42]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): I do not, today.
[2013/03/07 15:43]  Lucia Nightfire:
[2013/03/07 15:43]  Lucia Nightfire: was hoping a string byte size function would be implemented soem time
[2013/03/07 15:43]  RedMokum Bravin: I really hope to see llTeleportAgent become actually useful one day.
[2013/03/07 15:43]  Maestro Linden: a lot of the recent new projects have been to address performance issues, like Nyx's server-side baking, the interest list updates, and Monty's HTTP changes
[2013/03/07 15:44]  Maestro Linden: and none of that relates to new LSL hooks
[2013/03/07 15:44]  Lucia Nightfire: as most comm functions that use them are byte limited, not necessarily char
[2013/03/07 15:44]  Maestro Linden: Yeah that could be useful
[2013/03/07 15:45]  Lucia Nightfire: yeah, tp functions still break my attachments, heh
[2013/03/07 15:45]  Rex Cronon: what u mean by "byte size" lucia?
[2013/03/07 15:45]  Lucia Nightfire: I mean, any LSL comm function is byte limited, not string len
[2013/03/07 15:46]  Lucia Nightfire: llSay, llWhisper, llDialog, llTextbox, llShout, llRegionsay, llRegionSayTo, etc
[2013/03/07 15:47]  Lucia Nightfire: with foreign language and display names having a function to check byte size function is sort of ideal
[2013/03/07 15:47]  Hexapoda: How long time will it take before the PSW is shanged in SL after I did change it on the
[2013/03/07 15:47]  Maestro Linden: Rex: most 'simple' characters in English are just 1 byte each, but characters in other languages or symbol characters can be multiple bytes
[2013/03/07 15:47]  Hexapoda: *changed*
[2013/03/07 15:48]  Maestro Linden: So for a string like '8時41分更新', the string length function might just return 7, but it's actually more bytes than that
[2013/03/07 15:48]  Lucia Nightfire: yeah, probably 17
[2013/03/07 15:48]  Lucia Nightfire: just looking at it, lol
[2013/03/07 15:48]  Blake Burger: what does that say translated to english Maestro? :p
[2013/03/07 15:48]  Lucia Nightfire: err, 19
[2013/03/07 15:49]  Rex Cronon: ok. so strlen returns the nr of printable chars
[2013/03/07 15:49]  Maestro Linden: *shrug*, I took it from the front page of :)
[2013/03/07 15:49]  Blake Burger: haha
[2013/03/07 15:49]  Maestro Linden: Yuzuru might know
[2013/03/07 15:49]  Rex Cronon: what we need is llStrLenByte :)
[2013/03/07 15:49]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): is it encoded by UTF-8?
[2013/03/07 15:50]  Lucia Nightfire: yeah, thats the thing, theres Mono and LSO to cater to
[2013/03/07 15:50]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): string length depends encoding.
[2013/03/07 15:50]  Hexapoda: "08:41 update"
[2013/03/07 15:51]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): It is 12byte.
[2013/03/07 15:51]  Maestro Linden: I think kelly can comment
[2013/03/07 15:51]  Maestro Linden: I vaguely recall that Mono scripts use UTF-16
[2013/03/07 15:51]  Lucia Nightfire: also an integer to bin or integer to hex function would be nice too while you're at it, lol
[2013/03/07 15:51]  Lucia Nightfire: less overhead with a UDF
[2013/03/07 15:51]  Maestro Linden: I may be making that up
[2013/03/07 15:51]  Lucia Nightfire: chat lag
[2013/03/07 15:52]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): But 7時41分更新" is 11 byte encoded by UTF-8. but 14byte by UTF-16.
[2013/03/07 15:52]  Rex Cronon: lucia is right. int2bin or int2hex might be quite useful. right now i have to use my own lsl functions. and i don't think they r that fast:(
[2013/03/07 15:53]  Rex Cronon: because they r written in lsl
[2013/03/07 15:54]  Maestro Linden: well, I think enough of SL uses UTF8 that it would be the more interesting 'byte size' figure
[2013/03/07 15:54]  Lucia Nightfire: also a count function for occurrence of a string within a sting and a reverse substring invdex check
[2013/03/07 15:54]  Lucia Nightfire: lots of neat stuff, huh, lol
[2013/03/07 15:56]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): chat log file is encoded by UTF-8 now.
[2013/03/07 15:58]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): If you use only alphabet, it is same as ASCII.
[2013/03/07 15:58]  Rex Cronon: i g2g. tc everybody and have a nice day:)
[2013/03/07 15:58]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): See you!
[2013/03/07 15:59]  Maestro Linden: We have 49 seconds left
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Maestro Linden: Okay, see you all next week!
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Lucia Nightfire: why am I lagging here...
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Maestro Linden: Thanks for coming
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you, Maestro.
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Blake Burger: soup time
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Blake Burger: :p
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Lucia Nightfire: later
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Lares Carter: Thanks for the meeting.
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Kipps (kippy.adored): Thanks Maestro
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Inara Breen: Thanks, Maestro
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Thx
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Blake Burger: cya guys. thx again Maestro
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Maestro Linden: Don't forget to install the SSB viewer (linked to from the wiki page for this group) for next week
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I must change the password to update beta inventory..
[2013/03/07 16:00]  Blake Burger: Hi5!
[2013/03/07 16:01]  Lucia Nightfire: f
[2013/03/07 16:01]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I will do it.