Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2013-06-13

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[2013/06/13 15:03]  Maestro Linden: Let's get this meeting rolling:
[2013/06/13 15:03]  Margithe: /me chuckles
[2013/06/13 15:03]  Duckie Dickins: did you pick the lindens out of his pockets?
[2013/06/13 15:03]  Rex Cronon: my lag was due to being o wireless and having some people doing construction work nearby:)
[2013/06/13 15:04]  MartinRJ Fayray: Hello Maestro
[2013/06/13 15:04]  Maestro Linden: We had an exciting day yesterday in server release land,
[2013/06/13 15:04]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Caleb.
[2013/06/13 15:04]  Maestro Linden: But first let's talk about Tuesday
[2013/06/13 15:04]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Coyot.
[2013/06/13 15:05]  Doc (drfran.babcock): /me checks out Maestro's toenail polish
[2013/06/13 15:05]  Duckie Dickins: Someone spill their coke in the blade rack? :D
[2013/06/13 15:05]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): Ohayoo
[2013/06/13 15:05]  Maestro Linden: The main channel got the mini server maintenance project that was on BlueSteel and LeTigre last week
[2013/06/13 15:05]  Maestro Linden: that went pretty well, I think
[2013/06/13 15:05]  Rex Cronon: hi coyot
[2013/06/13 15:05]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): hi Rex
[2013/06/13 15:05]  Maestro Linden: and with that update, the 'everybody randomly gets disconnected at once' bug should be fixed grid-wide
[2013/06/13 15:06]  Lucia Nightfire: don't think I've seen it in a while, no
[2013/06/13 15:06]  Blake Burger: we will miss that bug.
[2013/06/13 15:06]  Blake Burger: * Hehehe *
[2013/06/13 15:06]  VoidPointer Linden: no, not really :P
[2013/06/13 15:07]  Maestro Linden: maybe to break up certain awkward moments inworld
[2013/06/13 15:07]  Maestro Linden: So that was Tuesday
[2013/06/13 15:07]  Maestro Linden: Yesterday, the RC channels were updated
[2013/06/13 15:08]  Maestro Linden: Magnum got an update to the interest list project, which fixed the 2 known bugs
[2013/06/13 15:08]  Margithe: Can i just comment tuesday in a few short words?
[2013/06/13 15:08]  Maestro Linden: sure Margithe
[2013/06/13 15:08]  Margithe: There was nothing about rollbacks etc in the grid status page.
[2013/06/13 15:09]  Inara Breen: Err.. rollbacks were Weds, and there was ....
[2013/06/13 15:09]  Maestro Linden: the rollbacks were wednesday
[2013/06/13 15:09]  Jonathan Yap:
[2013/06/13 15:09]  Lucia Nightfire:
[2013/06/13 15:10]  Inara Breen: <- second para
[2013/06/13 15:10]  Margithe: ah i see. Pardon me.
[2013/06/13 15:10]  Inara Breen: Maestro, quick question on Tuesday?
[2013/06/13 15:10]  Maestro Linden: Okay Inara
[2013/06/13 15:11]  Inara Breen: Honza Noyes reported BYG 2833 on LSL NTTPIn still having problems - any news on that?
[2013/06/13 15:11]  Inara Breen: BUG*
[2013/06/13 15:11]  Maestro Linden: Yep, I managed to confirm that it was a separate problem
[2013/06/13 15:12]  Inara Breen: As in...?
[2013/06/13 15:12]  Maestro Linden: Kelly has looked into it, and we think we'll have a fix for that soon
[2013/06/13 15:12]  Maestro Linden: as in, it was seeing the wrong URL
[2013/06/13 15:12]  Inara Breen: Ah. OK.
[2013/06/13 15:13]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): I've been working on some http-in bugs for the last coupld of days. I have some fixes but I can't guarantee they will be 100% effective. There is more rubegoldberg in that system than I'd like.
[2013/06/13 15:14]  Maestro Linden: Are there any more questions about the main channel roll?
[2013/06/13 15:14]  Maestro Linden: Okay, then back to Magnum
[2013/06/13 15:14]  Maestro Linden: Magnum got fixes for 2 bugs that were in that project
[2013/06/13 15:15]  Maestro Linden: one was about a bandwidth throttling issue that meant that some users were unable to view the source of large scripts (seemed to depend on a low bandwidth connection)
[2013/06/13 15:15]  Maestro Linden: The second bug was also related to bandwidth, tangentially.
[2013/06/13 15:16]  Maestro Linden: The second bug was that the sim would spam AvatarAppearance messages when avatars were in view and were moving around
[2013/06/13 15:16]  Andrew Linden: I received confirmation for the first bug from StockMaster: fixed in "Lovers Land" region.
[2013/06/13 15:16]  Maestro Linden: This made bandwidth usage quite high if you had many avatars in view
[2013/06/13 15:16]  Maestro Linden: (I think we saw.. up to 1600kbps in the stats bar?)
[2013/06/13 15:16]  Andrew Linden: er... I mean confirmation for the second bug...
[2013/06/13 15:17]  Andrew Linden: Antony FairPort has confirmed the fix for the first bug.
[2013/06/13 15:18]  Andrew Linden: Yay! And Meeroos should be fixed too.
[2013/06/13 15:18]  Whirly Fizzle: \o/
[2013/06/13 15:18]  Maestro Linden: Andrew can correct me if I'm wrong, but we think that Magnum's issues are all fixed
[2013/06/13 15:18]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): If Meeroos are fixed, does that mean there won't be any little Meeroos? :P
[2013/06/13 15:18]  Andrew Linden: As far as I know, yes.
[2013/06/13 15:18]  Andrew Linden: They aren't *that* fixed.
[2013/06/13 15:18]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): lol
[2013/06/13 15:18]  VoidPointer Linden: heh
[2013/06/13 15:18]  Rex Cronon: u took them to the vet:)
[2013/06/13 15:19]  Maestro Linden: There was one issue that Ayesha reported in the forums, about not being able to see avatars in some cases, but we haven't been able to reproduce that in-house.
[2013/06/13 15:20]  Lucia Nightfire: I typically get taht if I tp into a region at high altitude with low draw then increase draw then go to ground
[2013/06/13 15:20]  Andrew Linden: hrm... I can try that
[2013/06/13 15:20]  Maestro Linden: Here's her original description of the issue:
[2013/06/13 15:20]  Andrew Linden: when the avatars are not visible... does it tend to be all of them, or just a few?
[2013/06/13 15:21]  Lucia Nightfire: I typically only see one or two out of dozens
[2013/06/13 15:21]  Lucia Nightfire: *not see
[2013/06/13 15:21]  Maestro Linden: Hm, do they eventually show up if you wait a while?
[2013/06/13 15:21]  Lucia Nightfire: one or two are invisible, just tag only
[2013/06/13 15:21]  Lucia Nightfire: no
[2013/06/13 15:22]  Andrew Linden: uh... if the tag is visible but the avatar is not then the viewer knows where the avatar is, but is not rendering it
[2013/06/13 15:22]  Jenna Felton: depends this on the viewer?
[2013/06/13 15:22]  Maestro Linden: another thing.. is this on Magnum or main channel too?
[2013/06/13 15:22]  Rex Cronon: do all those invisible have a mesh body?
[2013/06/13 15:22]  Andrew Linden: which would suggest that would be a viewer bug
[2013/06/13 15:22]  Lucia Nightfire: I see it on LeTigre and Bluesteel
[2013/06/13 15:22]  Andrew Linden: good question Rex
[2013/06/13 15:23]  Andrew Linden: All of the RC channels have the same code right now (right Maestro?)... what used to be just on Magnum.
[2013/06/13 15:23]  Lucia Nightfire: I tp'd my alt into teh region and they're a noraml avatar body with noraml prim attachments
[2013/06/13 15:23]  Lucia Nightfire: ugh typing
[2013/06/13 15:23]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): Correct, Andrew
[2013/06/13 15:23]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): because of the roll sideways
[2013/06/13 15:23]  Lucia Nightfire: I haven't seen it yet on the latest code
[2013/06/13 15:24]  Andrew Linden: yup, so Bluesteel and LeTigre are not special atm relative to Magnum, but they were earlier in the week.
[2013/06/13 15:24]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): Before yesterday morning
[2013/06/13 15:24]  Maestro Linden: right, BlueSteel and LeTigre have been on the interest list project since ~3pm yesterday
[2013/06/13 15:26]  Maestro Linden: youch, is returning 503s to me now
[2013/06/13 15:26]  Rex Cronon: btw. "Houston, we have a problem". wiki i borked. this gives a blank page:
[2013/06/13 15:26]  Whirly Fizzle: same o.O
[2013/06/13 15:26]  Rex Cronon: at least since i came here
[2013/06/13 15:26]  MartinRJ Fayray: is the table open?
[2013/06/13 15:27]  Maestro Linden: let's go over the BS and LT update
[2013/06/13 15:27]  Rex Cronon: i didn't want to iterrupt
[2013/06/13 15:27]  Margithe: During that time, before the rollbacks, i wasn't able to log in for some hours.. was there some hiccup you know about? because i could at the same time log onto the beta grid just fine
[2013/06/13 15:27]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): maestro, gotta bail
[2013/06/13 15:27]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): pwiki down
[2013/06/13 15:27]  Maestro Linden: Okay
[2013/06/13 15:27]  Rex Cronon: tc
[2013/06/13 15:27]  Doc (drfran.babcock): Hope to see you at 10B Coyot
[2013/06/13 15:28]  Maestro Linden: Okay, so Bluesteel and LeTigre got a new server maintenance project
[2013/06/13 15:28]  Lucia Nightfire: implicitly
[2013/06/13 15:28]  Baker Linden: I wanted to announce that I'm finished with the bug fixes (I hope) for Mute lists, so I'm starting to work on group ban lists now. I'm currently in the process of setting up the framework.
[2013/06/13 15:28]  Maestro Linden: which had the new LSL functions for parcel object return (which kelly described last week)
[2013/06/13 15:28]  Duckie Dickins: it just mean or is coming up blank...
[2013/06/13 15:28]  Maestro Linden: and the new pathfinding feature, CHARACTER_STAY_WITHIN_PARCEL
[2013/06/13 15:28]  Maestro Linden: it's down Duckie
[2013/06/13 15:28]  Maestro Linden: good job, Baker
[2013/06/13 15:29]  Rex Cronon: go live, and keep fingers crossed baker:)
[2013/06/13 15:29]  Whirly Fizzle: Awesome Baker <3
[2013/06/13 15:29]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): Hey, folks...we're looking into the pwiki issue. Failure is apparently intermittent, but folks in Ops are on it.
[2013/06/13 15:29]  Doc (drfran.babcock): yay, Baker
[2013/06/13 15:29]  Baker Linden: I havfe to take off now, but I hope to have a lot more progress next week :)
[2013/06/13 15:29]  Maestro Linden: and there were some crash fixes and such in that update to BS & LT too
[2013/06/13 15:29]  Rex Cronon: tc
[2013/06/13 15:29]  Doc (drfran.babcock): Bye, Baker
[2013/06/13 15:29]  Maestro Linden: unfortunately, we discovered an issue with the letigre and bluesteel update,
[2013/06/13 15:30]  Duckie Dickins: it needed more cowbell
[2013/06/13 15:30]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): less, actually ;)
[2013/06/13 15:30]  Maestro Linden: it turned out that if a parcel allowed build but disallowed object entry for your avatar,
[2013/06/13 15:30]  VoidPointer Linden: more like un-cowbelling something realy
[2013/06/13 15:30]  Maestro Linden: then your avatar would not be able to rez from agent inventory into the parcel,
[2013/06/13 15:30]  Lucia Nightfire: Its a shame I wasn't testing under public rez, no public object entry conditions when I was testing object return half a day before those roll outs
[2013/06/13 15:30]  Maestro Linden: and your scripted objects (like the popgun) would also be unable to rez
[2013/06/13 15:31]  Duckie Dickins: now that's an interesting side effect.
[2013/06/13 15:31]  Maestro Linden: yes
[2013/06/13 15:31]  Maestro Linden: it's a shame that we didn't either, Lucia
[2013/06/13 15:31]  Maestro Linden: also, Lucia reported a tangential issue,
[2013/06/13 15:31]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): OTOH, testing every possible permutation of permissions... ugh
[2013/06/13 15:31]  Maestro Linden: which was that rezzing in some group-owned parcels required your avatar to have the parcel's group active, which is not usually a requirement
[2013/06/13 15:32]  Maestro Linden: these bugs were bad enough that we did a rollback yesterday afternoon
[2013/06/13 15:32]  Maestro Linden: or rather, we rolled BS and LT to the same version as Magnum
[2013/06/13 15:32]  Jenna Felton: object can rez stuf alwo when the owner is offline. how they would see if the owner has the group tag active?
[2013/06/13 15:33]  Maestro Linden: for an object to rez in that case, it must be set to the same group as the parcel
[2013/06/13 15:33]  Lucia Nightfire: its not group owners taht were affected, but group members without tag on
[2013/06/13 15:33]  Rex Cronon: there r groups that require to have group active if u want to rez. isn't that normal?
[2013/06/13 15:33]  Lucia Nightfire: non-owner group members
[2013/06/13 15:34]  Duckie Dickins: in cases like that, do you guys look up who commited the bugged code to the respository and put them up on the wall of shame for the rest of the week and make them bring in bagels and smear for the rest of the dev team? :D
[2013/06/13 15:34]  Duckie Dickins: we did that for awhile at the travel site I used to work at. :D
[2013/06/13 15:34]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): That would only work if we were all in the same office
[2013/06/13 15:35]  VoidPointer Linden: Oh, it was my mistake on that one :) I've already flogged myself for it
[2013/06/13 15:35]  Maestro Linden: wait, so they make bagels?
[2013/06/13 15:35]  Jenna Felton: hehe
[2013/06/13 15:35]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): But we have this tool that kinda helps with remote collaboration... I forget the name. ;)
[2013/06/13 15:35]  Duckie Dickins: they would have to buy bagels in the morning. :D
[2013/06/13 15:35]  Maestro Linden: yum
[2013/06/13 15:36]  Duckie Dickins: I think they call that thing the double you dot interweb dot com thing, coyot. :)
[2013/06/13 15:36]  Rex Cronon: that is funny. punishment by bagels:)
[2013/06/13 15:36]  Margithe: So nothing that was done yesterday would have prevented anyone from logging in for 4 h.. Hum. Oh well.
[2013/06/13 15:36]  Maestro Linden: Anyway, some fixes are in progress. We'll see if the project is ready for next week's RC
[2013/06/13 15:37]  Lucia Nightfire: btw, prim return functions on DRTSIM-212 are now returning ERR_GENERIC with all attempts, was the functionality turned off server-side?
[2013/06/13 15:37]  Duckie Dickins: Margithe was getting that dns wouldn't resolve error yesterday around 10:30am PST
[2013/06/13 15:37]  Maestro Linden: which function are you using, Lucia?
[2013/06/13 15:37]  Maestro Linden: ByOwner or ByID?
[2013/06/13 15:37]  Lucia Nightfire: yes
[2013/06/13 15:37]  Lucia Nightfire: by id
[2013/06/13 15:38]  Maestro Linden: Ah, yes, that was another thing
[2013/06/13 15:38]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): Lucia: before rolling back llReturnObjectsByID was specifically disabled and would return that error. It should be (probably) re-enabled with the next release of that code.
[2013/06/13 15:38]  Maestro Linden: ^ what he said
[2013/06/13 15:38]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): however it will have a new limitation - it will no longer be able to return objects owned by the parcel owner.
[2013/06/13 15:38]  Lucia Nightfire: it gives a library failure on agni, but fails with that internal error on aditi
[2013/06/13 15:38]  Maestro Linden: We were concerned about a potential griefing vector if a parcel owner absentmindedly grants the permission
[2013/06/13 15:39]  Lucia Nightfire: ok, I was sort of wondering that as I was able to return my own prims
[2013/06/13 15:39]  Maestro Linden: right, you would see a compile failure on Agni since the rollback removed the feature
[2013/06/13 15:39]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): It is still disabled on aditi (where we tested and verified the method of disabling before disabling on agni)
[2013/06/13 15:39]  Rex Cronon: kelly. but i want to return my own objects:(
[2013/06/13 15:39]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): Rex I know. Sorry.
[2013/06/13 15:40]  Lucia Nightfire: so I'll have to wait for the new code to go out to the server on aditi to use it again?
[2013/06/13 15:40]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): Yea.
[2013/06/13 15:40]  Lucia Nightfire: ok
[2013/06/13 15:41]  Rex Cronon: could it be possible to at least return the objects that the script is in?
[2013/06/13 15:41]  Rex Cronon: object*
[2013/06/13 15:41]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): Rex: yes.
[2013/06/13 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: not a good idea, lol
[2013/06/13 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: object_rez()
[2013/06/13 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: whispers: {
[2013/06/13 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: }bah
[2013/06/13 15:41]  Duckie Dickins: I have two quick questions not related to this weeks deployments and rollbacks.....did maestro reset his password to see if the aditi asset server had a fit or not........and are we close for the rollout of server side appearance? I'm looking forward not to seeing grey goo people anymore.
[2013/06/13 15:41]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): Rex: it will be able to return the object the script is in, but not any other object owned by the parcel owner.
[2013/06/13 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: return obejcts on repeat rezzing
[2013/06/13 15:42]  Lucia Nightfire: oh wait, nvm
[2013/06/13 15:42]  Rex Cronon: ok. cool. that isbetter:)
[2013/06/13 15:43]  Jenna Felton: For the object return trottle,. I'd like to have trottle based on the owner of returned objects and not overally on the region. This wil be more liberal than have a overal limit
[2013/06/13 15:44]  Maestro Linden: Sorry Duckie, I haven't tried that inventory refresh yet..
[2013/06/13 15:44]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): I currently like the existing throttle limit. I am willing to reconsider after it has been tried and I see some examples of how people are hitting it. You really shouldn't hit it.
[2013/06/13 15:44]  Lucia Nightfire: unless a parcel is filled with individual prims, the throttle isn't that bad
[2013/06/13 15:44]  Lucia Nightfire: you can even exceed teh thorttle on one go too, lol
[2013/06/13 15:44]  Lucia Nightfire: but no more for an hour
[2013/06/13 15:45]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): Even if it is full of individual prims, if you are returning all the prims your parcel can support every hour I think you are using the wrong solution.
[2013/06/13 15:46]  Margithe: i can imagine that happening at enents where rez is permitted.
[2013/06/13 15:46]  Margithe: events*
[2013/06/13 15:46]  Rex Cronon: i have the solution:) we need llDeleteObjectsByOnwer(uuid owner). this we u have no fear that the db will get full:)
[2013/06/13 15:46]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): let me know if the throttle becomes a limit in practice. In those events you should hope most people are cleaning up *some* of their stuff, and you should only be using the function at the end of the event.
[2013/06/13 15:47]  Rex Cronon: we have*
[2013/06/13 15:47]  Jenna Felton: because a sim can be a public airport and such, and the vehicles levt laone, not seat because the owner vanished offline or just left, could get their stuff returned by vehicles themselves. and when the return limit is exhaused, than the region will be ful of left vehicles :)
[2013/06/13 15:47]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): Don't forget that parcel auto return still exists and can still be used
[2013/06/13 15:47]  Maestro Linden: that may be a case where parcel autoreturn should be set
[2013/06/13 15:47]  Lucia Nightfire: Maestro I have to ask, but what is the proper or official method of filing feature request or improvement jiras? Theres quite alot of confusion on the blogs and slu about it. Can you shed any light on it?
[2013/06/13 15:47]  VoidPointer Linden: no griefing potential in a function called llDeleteObjectsByOwner....nope.
[2013/06/13 15:48]  Duckie Dickins: most airports I go to have like a 15 minute auto return
[2013/06/13 15:48]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): autoreturn will be simpler for that case
[2013/06/13 15:48]  MartinRJ Fayray: You should bring it up at the UG meetings
[2013/06/13 15:49]  Jenna Felton: okok :)
[2013/06/13 15:49]  Jenna Felton: Lucia's question is good
[2013/06/13 15:49]  Maestro Linden: Hi Lucia, the only real interface for that is in the BUG project. We tend to not triage those beyond labeling them as feature requests and resolving as "Not a bug", though. Once the issues are in this state, somebody from product can easily locate the feature requests
[2013/06/13 15:50]  Margithe: Can the resolution name be changed? So it's less confusing.
[2013/06/13 15:50]  Jenna Felton: And when you set the resolution "Not Aplicable" to a feature request in the bug Jira, what means this?
[2013/06/13 15:50]  Lucia Nightfire: Why not simply have a feature request category?
[2013/06/13 15:50]  Jenna Felton: /me nods
[2013/06/13 15:51]  Lucia Nightfire: its sort of discouraging to many that have them closed as I've experiencd myself and heard from the blogs and slu, heh
[2013/06/13 15:51]  Duckie Dickins: maybe that's what the forums are for. :D
[2013/06/13 15:51]  Duckie Dickins: although I'd just use the linden mailing lists so it gets shoved in the various people's email instead. :D
[2013/06/13 15:51]  Jenna Felton: the forum is very easy to get lost
[2013/06/13 15:51]  Lucia Nightfire: This was closed but I hope it is considered, heh: "Feature Request: PERMISSION_RETURN_OBJECTS should generate a unique "orange" dialog and risk context."
[2013/06/13 15:52]  MartinRJ Fayray: I second that
[2013/06/13 15:52]  Maestro Linden: that's actually what got us thinking about the potential for abuse
[2013/06/13 15:52]  tehKellz (kelly.linden): Lucia: that prompted the disabling and changes to scope for llReturnObjectsByID
[2013/06/13 15:52]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): Hey, folks, pwiki is back up
[2013/06/13 15:52]  Maestro Linden: Well, none of us here are in charge of the Jira flows, but I can pass those sentiments on
[2013/06/13 15:52]  Duckie Dickins: yay thanks
[2013/06/13 15:52]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): thank wer linden
[2013/06/13 15:52]  Jenna Felton: thanks Coyot
[2013/06/13 15:52]  Rex Cronon: nice coyot:)
[2013/06/13 15:52]  Whirly Fizzle: I still hope someone is going to fix the horrud ass backward create an issue form, where the headings don't match the sections on the created issue and the 1st & 2nd sections get swapped around.
[2013/06/13 15:52]  Rex Cronon: what was wrong with it?
[2013/06/13 15:52]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): he did the work, I just report ;)
[2013/06/13 15:53]  Lucia Nightfire: yes, Whirls, I have to file then fix everytime
[2013/06/13 15:53]  Whirly Fizzle: Same
[2013/06/13 15:53]  MartinRJ Fayray: I like it, Whirly
[2013/06/13 15:53]  Jonathan Yap: I have to edit every issue I file because of that bug
[2013/06/13 15:53]  Whirly Fizzle: Its so silly
[2013/06/13 15:53]  MartinRJ Fayray: It makes users think again about what they were going to write.
[2013/06/13 15:53]  Whirly Fizzle: It makes them write the wrong thing under the wrong heading
[2013/06/13 15:54]  MartinRJ Fayray: That too
[2013/06/13 15:54]  MartinRJ Fayray: :D
[2013/06/13 15:54]  Jonathan Yap: I think they would write the wrong thing under the right heading if they are that mixed up
[2013/06/13 15:54]  Maestro Linden: Since andrew is here (and would probably know the answer), let's get to Jenna's question from the Agenda section
[2013/06/13 15:54]  Maestro Linden:
[2013/06/13 15:54]  Jenna Felton: thanks :)
[2013/06/13 15:55]  Jenna Felton: i left some demonstration here to see
[2013/06/13 15:55]  Andrew Linden: /me waits for the wiki to load...
[2013/06/13 15:55]  Jonathan Yap: that page is stalled loading
[2013/06/13 15:55]  Maestro Linden: Hm! fortunately I have it loaded already
[2013/06/13 15:55]  Jenna Felton: A question about llSetLinkTextureAnim function. The function is able to start texture animation on multiple prims at same moment. Does the animation on different prims runs than synchronously, i.e. is it ensured, that, when say the animation uses frames, the corresponding frames (i.e. with same v,h numbers) are shown on the prim faces in request, or the animations can get out of sync on the involved prims and faces?
 I guessed it will get out of sync because after a teleport to a place with linkset, the prims are load and shown at different moment. But in a test, the linkset was animated synchronously. Was this by chance, or there is a mechanism built in this function ensuring the animations are played in sync. When there is no such mechanim, i'd like to suggest a function that ensures this. This might allows special installations for clubs or interesting environments without needs of enforced synchronization by script.
[2013/06/13 15:55]  Maestro Linden: "A question about llSetLinkTextureAnim function. The function is able to start texture animation on multiple prims at same moment. Does the animation on different prims runs than synchronously, i.e. is it ensured, that, when say the animation uses frames, the corresponding frames (i.e. with same v,h numbers) are shown on the prim faces in request, or the animations can get out of sync on the involved prims and faces?"
[2013/06/13 15:55]  Maestro Linden: or jenna had it
[2013/06/13 15:56]  Andrew Linden: The texture animation is executed viewer-side. It probably starts as soon as the viewer gets an update for the animation info.
[2013/06/13 15:57]  Maestro Linden: yes, I believe it happens when you get a full object update
[2013/06/13 15:57]  Rex Cronon: wiki is intermittent:(
[2013/06/13 15:57]  Andrew Linden: So if the updates for all the prims arrive at the exact same frame, and the viewer processes them all within that frame, then I would expect the animations to run in lock-step.
[2013/06/13 15:57]  Maestro Linden: and I think this is why selecting an object sometimes causes finite-time particle effects to appear, etc.
[2013/06/13 15:57]  Andrew Linden: Yes, changing the texture animation probably triggers a full ObjectUpdate
[2013/06/13 15:57]  Lucia Nightfire: I sort of hope that animations across multiple faces are all in synch as I have a sprite field game emulator that needs potentially several hundred faces to be in synch, so far its mostly so, but it seems teh viewer can only update 100 faces every frame or so at a time
[2013/06/13 15:58]  Andrew Linden: Dunno about the limitations of the viewer, but the server might not send all object updates within its same frame
[2013/06/13 15:58]  Andrew Linden: and even then there is no guarantee that the viewer will receive them all with one of its own frames
[2013/06/13 15:58]  Maestro Linden: right, that would be subject to packet size constraints and such?
[2013/06/13 15:59]  Lucia Nightfire: in my case the objects are updated, the viewer side synch is off a bit
[2013/06/13 15:59]  Maestro Linden: and bandwidth throttles
[2013/06/13 15:59]  Jenna Felton: ok than i would like to make a feature reqest :)
[2013/06/13 15:59]  VoidPointer Linden: lol
[2013/06/13 15:59]  Lucia Nightfire: while you're at it include a means for offsets and repeats to eb expressed in animated textures too, heh
[2013/06/13 15:59]  Lucia Nightfire: been waiting on taht to be fixed forever
[2013/06/13 16:00]  Maestro Linden: Right now, I bet the only 100% reliable way is to make a mesh object with a perfect UV, where all the animating faces are really just a single face
[2013/06/13 16:00]  Andrew Linden: the feature would have to be a way to have all texture animations start at some specific time in the future.
[2013/06/13 16:00]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): gotta go, folks, happy Thursday
[2013/06/13 16:00]  Rex Cronon: tc. u 2
[2013/06/13 16:00]  Doc (drfran.babcock): come to SL10B
[2013/06/13 16:00]  Lucia Nightfire: @Maestro, thats right, my sprite field is 8 faces forward facing with many in a linkset
[2013/06/13 16:00]  Doc (drfran.babcock): coyot
[2013/06/13 16:00]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): See you, Coyot.
[2013/06/13 16:00]  Jenna Felton: I would suggest to synchronize a texture animation on eadh prim and face with some kind of global clock that is the same for whole linkset. than theviewer could decide for every pri and every face what part of the animation it must schow and make this way an synchronized animation automatically. when the animation was started on that prims and vaces in same command
[2013/06/13 16:01]  I am not a furry (coyot.linden): cu
[2013/06/13 16:01]  Andrew Linden: All the updates that describe the pending animation trigger would have to get to the viewer before the expiry.
[2013/06/13 16:01]  Jonathan Yap: Or they could all register as a unit and once loaded the viewer would know to start them all at the same time
[2013/06/13 16:01]  Maestro Linden: I have to get going too - lots of bug fixes to test :)
[2013/06/13 16:01]  Doc (drfran.babcock): All Lindens, Please come to SL10B to see how we love the world you have created.
[2013/06/13 16:01]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Thx Lindens
[2013/06/13 16:01]  Maestro Linden: Okay Doc
[2013/06/13 16:01]  Jenna Felton: have good time Lindens :)
[2013/06/13 16:01]  Lucia Nightfire: later
[2013/06/13 16:02]  Doc (drfran.babcock): yay!
[2013/06/13 16:02]  Rex Cronon: i g2g. bye everybody and have fun:)
[2013/06/13 16:02]  arton Rotaru: thx for the meeting
[2013/06/13 16:02]  Maestro Linden: Thanks for coming everybody!
[2013/06/13 16:02]  VoidPointer Linden: bye everyone!
[2013/06/13 16:02]  Rex Cronon: oh. fix wiki:)
[2013/06/13 16:02]  Andrew Linden: Hrm... that would proably be easier... specify an animation channel per face, so that all faces on that channel run in lock-step.
[2013/06/13 16:02]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you, Maestro.
[2013/06/13 16:02]  Doc (drfran.babcock): "Goodbye!!"
[2013/06/13 16:02]  fuse McGinnis: cya all bye