Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2014-05-15

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[2014/05/15 14:59]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Maestro.
[2014/05/15 14:59]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Hi guys
[2014/05/15 15:00]  Jenna Felton: hi Maestro
[2014/05/15 15:01]  Inara Breen: Hey, Maestro!
[2014/05/15 15:03]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): How's everybody doing this week?
[2014/05/15 15:03]  MartinRJ Fayray: hello all
[2014/05/15 15:03]  Inara Breen: It's been a slow week.
[2014/05/15 15:05]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I joined 962Challenge.
[2014/05/15 15:05]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Cool, as a builder, scripter, or driver?
[2014/05/15 15:05]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): As Texture maker.
[2014/05/15 15:05]  Jonathan Yap: What happens, there are 96 racing cars?
[2014/05/15 15:06]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): They look good
[2014/05/15 15:06]  Inara Breen: Issa Latif!
[2014/05/15 15:06]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): It is the one make race. User can change the texture of it.
[2014/05/15 15:06]  Whirly Fizzle: ooo theres a oink one
[2014/05/15 15:06]  Whirly Fizzle: *pink
[2014/05/15 15:07]  Jenna Felton: whats wrong with the pink?
[2014/05/15 15:07]  Jenna Felton: hehe
[2014/05/15 15:07]  Whirly Fizzle: Nothing. I want the pink one lol
[2014/05/15 15:07]  Jonathan Yap: Whirly, do you dirve better than you spell?!? :P
[2014/05/15 15:07]  Whirly Fizzle: No, :D
[2014/05/15 15:08]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): It is famous sponser  in Japan, Italy-ya.
[2014/05/15 15:08]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Neat
[2014/05/15 15:08]  MartinRJ Fayray: /me is a bad driver, I always try to drive across region borders
[2014/05/15 15:08]  MartinRJ Fayray: but the challenge looks fun!
[2014/05/15 15:08]  Lucia Nightfire: I only drive email receiving objects across region borders, and back
[2014/05/15 15:08]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): So I met the issue of projector light.
[2014/05/15 15:08]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Yeah they definitely don't do region crossings for competitive races
[2014/05/15 15:09]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): shouldn't projected light work better than point light, generally?  Because projected light gets occluded by objects
[2014/05/15 15:09]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Yes It is the one sim Circuit, its name is Miyagi.
[2014/05/15 15:10]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): /me wonders if we should get started with the agenda ... :)
[2014/05/15 15:10]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): The issue causes when it reflected.
[2014/05/15 15:11]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell):
[2014/05/15 15:11]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I need permission to view it
[2014/05/15 15:11]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): anyway we should get started :)
[2014/05/15 15:11]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden):
[2014/05/15 15:11]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): If road has not reflection,
[2014/05/15 15:12]  Whirly Fizzle: The new avies arnt over here yet
[2014/05/15 15:12]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): let's get back to that a bit later..
[2014/05/15 15:12]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Sorry I just set them public.
[2014/05/15 15:12]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): okay
[2014/05/15 15:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Alright, so for updates..
[2014/05/15 15:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): the only update this week was for the RC magnum channel
[2014/05/15 15:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): it just had a single bug fix,
[2014/05/15 15:14]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): for an issue in which busy sim hosts would suddenly run into a bunch of networking issues
[2014/05/15 15:14]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Where you'd see failures creating inventory, accessing capabilities, etc.
[2014/05/15 15:14]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Lucia actually ran into this yesterday and today
[2014/05/15 15:14]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): (on a non-Magnum region)
[2014/05/15 15:15]  Lucia Nightfire: I'm surprised no one else hasn't been screamign on teh jira
[2014/05/15 15:15]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): with this issue: : BUG-6035: "LSL email registration (for receiving email from outside the region) can break without automatic recovery"
[2014/05/15 15:15]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): there was another BUG Jira about it too, but I didn't link to it in the release notes since it wasn't very helpful
[2014/05/15 15:15]  Lucia Nightfire: I've never had to replace or relocate out of the region and back in so many email receiving objects in so many regions before
[2014/05/15 15:16]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): maybe some people didn't realize the issue yet
[2014/05/15 15:16]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): (if they were also seeing a lack of incoming email)
[2014/05/15 15:16]  Lucia Nightfire: I had 4 different apps, in 4 different regions affected w/i a 8 hour period of time
[2014/05/15 15:17]  Lucia Nightfire: and probably 6 actual objects affected
[2014/05/15 15:17]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): there is a way to 'hotfix' a sim host which is suffering from the issue, which seems to work
[2014/05/15 15:17]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but the update in magnum has that configuration change by default
[2014/05/15 15:18]  Lucia Nightfire: how does a script register itself for remote email ability?
[2014/05/15 15:18]  Lucia Nightfire: and why does that become unregistered, heh
[2014/05/15 15:19]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): well, the registration is stored in the database, with information about the object id and the host it's running on
[2014/05/15 15:19]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): so that if you email, the mail server knows which region to send the message to
[2014/05/15 15:20]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but the connection used to register the location of the object failed in the case that Lucia reported
[2014/05/15 15:20]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I haven't heard of any issues with the fix yet, so I think it will go to the rest of the grid next week
[2014/05/15 15:21]  Lucia Nightfire: is registration done every llGetNextEmail() call?
[2014/05/15 15:21]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): no
[2014/05/15 15:21]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): well, I don't believe so.  I think it's done when the object appears in a region
[2014/05/15 15:21]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): (and has a script with an email() event, of course)
[2014/05/15 15:22]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): or if you create a new script that handles email
[2014/05/15 15:22]  Jenna Felton: i thik so, i used llGetEmail recently, and my object was able to receive emails sent before the first llGetNextEmail()
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): right, it was probably registered when you first saved the script with the email() event
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Lucia Nightfire: is anyone looking into preventing registration from being lost or at least reregistering it?
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): hopefully not all objects, regardless of email handling, are tracked.   :)
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Rex Cronon: greetings
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Latif Khalifa: hey Rex
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Rex Cronon: u know email has problems
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Inara Breen: Hi, Rex
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Lucia, that's why I imported your issue.  Ideally, registration woudl be more robust
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Rex Cronon: hi latif
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Rex Cronon: hi inara
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Jenna Felton: hello Rex
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): so that a one-off failure such as what you saw would be more easily recoverable
[2014/05/15 15:23]  Rex Cronon: hi jenna
[2014/05/15 15:24]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Rex.
[2014/05/15 15:24]  Lucia Nightfire: this issue is quite old, I'm hoping something can be done to fix the problem once and for all
[2014/05/15 15:24]  Rex Cronon: hi yuzuru
[2014/05/15 15:24]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): /me nods
[2014/05/15 15:24]  Rex Cronon: u need an external server lucia:)
[2014/05/15 15:24]  Lucia Nightfire: and for one-off, I certainly had plenty of them in a short period of time
[2014/05/15 15:24]  Lucia Nightfire: I should have played the lottery then
[2014/05/15 15:24]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): okay, many-off :)
[2014/05/15 15:25]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but if it were a one-off, you'd have the same issue of not being able to receive emails
[2014/05/15 15:25]  Lucia Nightfire: yeah, I'm not sure a web server wouldnt' get trhough eitehr
[2014/05/15 15:26]  AnnMarie Otoole: Has there been any progress on Bug-5120 or BUG-5530 (which may be related), regarding objects being returned after crossing region boundaries?
[2014/05/15 15:26]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yes I believe the networking issue would have plugged http-in registration too.  Though in that case, I think you'd get a 499 or similar from llRequestURL(), so at least it would be detectable.
[2014/05/15 15:27]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): or you could use that trick where the script tests itself to see that the URL is still present - I don't believe this would work for LSL email, since email within a region doesn't follow the same path as email from the outside.
[2014/05/15 15:28]  Lucia Nightfire: its not always viable in email apps to reset a email RX script or certainyl to move it out of the region and back in
[2014/05/15 15:28]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I don't see any updates for either of those issues, AnnMarie
[2014/05/15 15:28]  Jenna Felton: it needs than two objects on ifferent regions that send each other permanently an email.
[2014/05/15 15:28]  Jenna Felton: different*
[2014/05/15 15:28]  Lucia Nightfire: resettting it won't fix the unregistered bug anyway
[2014/05/15 15:28]  Rex Cronon: love letter between email servers:)
[2014/05/15 15:29]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): does the hotfix appear to have worked on your region, Lucia?
[2014/05/15 15:29]  Jenna Felton: or a data storage, you can store much more data into emails that a script can store :)
[2014/05/15 15:30]  Lucia Nightfire: since my last post I haven't checked if theres any more failures
[2014/05/15 15:30]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): okay
[2014/05/15 15:30]  Rex Cronon: there r other ways to store/retrieve data...
[2014/05/15 15:31]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): in group ban land, we're planning to deploy the backend to support group ban to Agni very soon
[2014/05/15 15:32]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): we're just running some final tests at this point; the server which runs the group ban service also provides some other services, and we want to check that those didn't break
[2014/05/15 15:32]  Jonathan Yap: Where in the release pipeline is the viewer support for it?
[2014/05/15 15:32]  Whirly Fizzle: Cool :)
[2014/05/15 15:32]  Latif Khalifa: do you have an approximate ETA when the sims that support group bans will be deployed?
[2014/05/15 15:32]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Baker made a project viewer, Jonathan.  I think it should appear in the beta viewers page around the time when the server RC is out
[2014/05/15 15:32]  Whirly Fizzle: So, can we actually ban as long as were are on the correct server and the ban will hold no matter what viewer the banned person is on?
[2014/05/15 15:32]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Latif, not next week, but maybe the week after
[2014/05/15 15:33]  Jenna Felton: (sorry for bug spam)
[2014/05/15 15:33]  Latif Khalifa: cool, thanks
[2014/05/15 15:33]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): after the backend is out, we'll want to give it a few days to verify that nothing broke
[2014/05/15 15:33]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): because we don't want to roll back the backend service after group ban is on server RC
[2014/05/15 15:34]  Latif Khalifa: what happens when group bans is on a RC? if I ban someone there, can they go to a different region and join the group`
[2014/05/15 15:34]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Whirly: yes that's correct; running a non-groupban viewer won't let you into groups
[2014/05/15 15:34]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Latif yes, that's the case
[2014/05/15 15:34]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): we'll have to spell it out in the release notes that only servers which support group ban will support it
[2014/05/15 15:34]  Latif Khalifa: so it will only be effective once the server is fully deployed. got it.
[2014/05/15 15:35]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): so for example, somebody who's banned will be able to join a group, before the feature is promoted grid wide
[2014/05/15 15:35]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): fortunately you can still eject a group member who happens to be banned
[2014/05/15 15:35]  Jonathan Yap: what happens if they are banned, rejoin a group, and then all the servers support the ban?
[2014/05/15 15:35]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): so it won't 'break' your group in that case
[2014/05/15 15:36]  Jonathan Yap: It sounds like you can be on the ban list and in the group at the same time, even once things are fully released
[2014/05/15 15:36]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): They'll be in the group member list and in the group ban list in that case, Jonathan.  To fix, eject them (or remove them from the ban list if they're forgiven..)
[2014/05/15 15:36]  Latif Khalifa: Jonathan, ban prevents joining the group, you will still have to eject them once banning is fully deployed
[2014/05/15 15:36]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Right,
[2014/05/15 15:36]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): group ban takes effect at 2 places:
[2014/05/15 15:36]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): 1) you cannot invite somebody to a group if they are currently banned from it and you are in a group-ban region
[2014/05/15 15:37]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): 2) you cannot accept an invitation or otherwise join the group if you are banned and are in a group-ban region
[2014/05/15 15:37]  Latif Khalifa: Lets hope group-ban region stays in rc only for a week :)
[2014/05/15 15:37]  Jonathan Yap: It will probably take a while for people to start using it, too
[2014/05/15 15:38]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Hm, we'll probably want a bit more time, just in case it messes things up
[2014/05/15 15:38]  Latif Khalifa: Jonathan, group managers will start using it right away I guess.
[2014/05/15 15:38]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I imagine there will be a small burst of bans soon after release :)
[2014/05/15 15:39]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): er, maybe at RC time
[2014/05/15 15:39]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): even though they won't be totally effective at that point
[2014/05/15 15:39]  Lucia Nightfire: logistically I won't be usign it until it's group wide for the obvious loop hole, lol
[2014/05/15 15:39]  Latif Khalifa: Only the one banning needs a viewer with group ban support. The one getting rejected can be on any version, that's irrelevant
[2014/05/15 15:39]  Lucia Nightfire: *gird wide
[2014/05/15 15:39]  Lucia Nightfire: bah
[2014/05/15 15:39]  Whirly Fizzle: We have a list of spammers already to test on ;)
[2014/05/15 15:39]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Well, if you want to try for yourselves, Morris supports group ban but bonifacio does not
[2014/05/15 15:39]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): (on aditi)
[2014/05/15 15:40]  Latif Khalifa: Also when you ban someone, ejecting them from a group is a viewer thing.
[2014/05/15 15:40]  Rex Cronon: u know in some on-line games there is punishment for troublemakers where they can log-in but can't talk with anybody...
[2014/05/15 15:41]  Latif Khalifa: (Just figured out this while implementing this in Radegast<)
[2014/05/15 15:41]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Latif: yes, that's a good point
[2014/05/15 15:41]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): if somebody is in the group, but your viewer doesn't know it yet, when you attempt to ban them (from the 'banned residents' tab), the viewer will not attempt to eject them
[2014/05/15 15:42]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Perhaps it should attempt to eject them just in case, though there's a bug or two around false "You have ejected ..." messages, currently
[2014/05/15 15:43]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): With the false message case, you'll see "You have ejected Caleb", *and* "You cannot eject Caleb because he is not a group member", for example
[2014/05/15 15:43]  Latif Khalifa: Yeah, I feel that task should have been part of server "ban this resident" process. Not something viewer had to do as a separate operation. But I also want this deployed yesterdays, so I'm not going to complain much :)
[2014/05/15 15:43]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): +1 on yesterdays :)
[2014/05/15 15:44]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): in other news, Vivox has deployed an update to their voice backend to Aditi
[2014/05/15 15:45]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): it's not supposed to change much, functionally, but maybe we should give it a try?
[2014/05/15 15:46]  Latif Khalifa: I'd have to relog. Stupid thing doesn't recognize when <i plug in my headset
[2014/05/15 15:46]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Actually, try to disable and reenable voice in audio preferences
[2014/05/15 15:46]  Latif Khalifa: then I hear voice on headphone and the rest of the sounds through the speaker lol
[2014/05/15 15:46]  Jonathan Yap: That will rescan the audio device list?
[2014/05/15 15:47]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I think it may
[2014/05/15 15:47]  Whirly Fizzle: You have to relog to make it work properly since fmodex
[2014/05/15 15:47]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): oh
[2014/05/15 15:47]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): 2014-05-15T22:47:00Z WARNING: LLVivoxVoiceClient::stateMachine: There seems to be problem with connection to voice server. Disabling voice chat abilities.
[2014/05/15 15:47]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): hm!
[2014/05/15 15:47]  Whirly Fizzle: Voice is off here
[2014/05/15 15:47]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I enabled it on the parcel just after I first mentioned it
[2014/05/15 15:47]  Whirly Fizzle: Oh grrr icon didn't update
[2014/05/15 15:48]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Yes, I suspect it only updates on parcel crossing
[2014/05/15 15:48]  Latif Khalifa: I have red indicator
[2014/05/15 15:48]  Jonathan Yap: My icon is not updated either
[2014/05/15 15:48]  Lucia Nightfire: right vlivk the land
[2014/05/15 15:48]  Lucia Nightfire: *click
[2014/05/15 15:48]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): does anybody have a voice dot now?
[2014/05/15 15:48]  Whirly Fizzle: Meh dead
[2014/05/15 15:48]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I'm getting that voice server error message in the viewer log
[2014/05/15 15:48]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): ... good thing we checked :)
[2014/05/15 15:48]  Jonathan Yap: <-is on radegast, there is no land to click upon 
[2014/05/15 15:48]  Whirly Fizzle: Same
[2014/05/15 15:49]  Lucia Nightfire: I right click the land the no voice icon clears, then after not selecting anything from the dropdown, it comes back
[2014/05/15 15:49]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Okay, looks like we should talk to Vivox
[2014/05/15 15:49]  Whirly Fizzle: Maybe its the region?
[2014/05/15 15:49]  Whirly Fizzle: Oh I connected
[2014/05/15 15:49]  Latif Khalifa: 2014-05-15T22:48:12Z WARNING: LLVivoxVoiceClient::stateMachine: There seems to be problem with connection to voice server. Disabling voice chat abilities.
[2014/05/15 15:49]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Hm,
[2014/05/15 15:50]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I wonder if there is a requirement such as restarting the sim
[2014/05/15 15:50]  Jenna Felton: i dont have it either but i am not on LL viewer and have voice usually off
[2014/05/15 15:50]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Hey!
[2014/05/15 15:50]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): 2014-05-15T22:49:31Z WARNING: LLVivoxProtocolParser::processResponse: Unknown event type SessionGroupUpdatedEvent
 2014-05-15T22:49:31Z INFO: LLVivoxVoiceClient::sessionAddedEvent: session, alias , name  handle 75
 2014-05-15T22:49:31Z WARNING: LLVivoxVoiceClient::mediaStreamUpdatedEvent: unknown state 6
 2014-05-15T22:49:31Z INFO: LLVivoxVoiceClient::joinedAudioSession: added self as participant "" (e1a51880-d7b5-4c00-800d-91664f5b84c0)
 2014-05-15T22:49:31Z INFO: LLVivoxVoiceClient::buildLocalAudioUpdates: Setting speaker volume to 70
[2014/05/15 15:50]  Jenna Felton: i can hear somebody :)
[2014/05/15 15:50]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Okay, Whirly, Latif and myself were speaking a bit
[2014/05/15 15:51]  Jenna Felton: ok, now i see dots
[2014/05/15 15:51]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): maybe the dots are slow to update
[2014/05/15 15:51]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I'm not sure why it suddenly worked
[2014/05/15 15:51]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): perhaps the parcel option for voice was slow to update?
[2014/05/15 15:53]  Jonathan Yap: I just relogged on radegast and the icon has cleared but voice still won't start
[2014/05/15 15:53]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): for those of you without dots, it seems to be working now
[2014/05/15 15:53]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): this will be an annoying gap in the chat logs
[2014/05/15 15:53]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): oh well.
[2014/05/15 15:54]  Latif Khalifa: <here everybody was speaking in voice as the skies darkened...>
[2014/05/15 15:54]  Latif Khalifa: :P
[2014/05/15 15:54]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): In other news, not really related to server stuff, there are new starter avatars in the Library
[2014/05/15 15:54]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden):
[2014/05/15 15:54]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I see that we don't have that on Aditi yet
[2014/05/15 15:54]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but I think I can fix that pretty easily
[2014/05/15 15:55]  Latif Khalifa: sync Alexandria Linden's inventory ;)
[2014/05/15 15:55]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yes
[2014/05/15 15:55]  Whirly Fizzle: She has more junk then me :D
[2014/05/15 15:55]  Latif Khalifa: I doubt that lol
[2014/05/15 15:55]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): *Alexa* Linden might, though
[2014/05/15 15:56]  Whirly Fizzle: Hahaha Im still 70+k ahead of Alexa
[2014/05/15 15:56]  Latif Khalifa: for sure
[2014/05/15 15:56]  Latif Khalifa: lol
[2014/05/15 15:56]  AnnMarie Otoole: OK, Thanks Mæstro. My projects are being severely handicapped by BUG-5530 if someone can find time to take a look at it.
[2014/05/15 15:56]  Rex Cronon: u could says  that some people have more "junk in the trunk" than other people;)
[2014/05/15 15:57]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Fortunately we have a very reliable repro setup for that bug, AnnMarie
[2014/05/15 15:58]  AnnMarie Otoole: I agree it seems to be a timing problem, hence the variation in repeatability
[2014/05/15 15:59]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): The sim appears to be behaving as though you rezzed the object in the no-build parcel, even though it was actually rezzed in a different region before crossing into that parcel
[2014/05/15 16:00]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Well, we're just out of time
[2014/05/15 16:00]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Yuzuru, I'm curious about the setup in this screenshot:
[2014/05/15 16:00]  Latif Khalifa: Linking mesh prims and having Land Impact explode will still destroy your sim...
[2014/05/15 16:00]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): does the road have environmental reflections enabled?
[2014/05/15 16:00]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Yes
[2014/05/15 16:00]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): ah, I see
[2014/05/15 16:01]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): ALM is on.
[2014/05/15 16:01]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Depth of Field is off
[2014/05/15 16:01]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): and in the other image, when the lights look 'normal', the road is non-shiny
[2014/05/15 16:02]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but you want an oily-looking road
[2014/05/15 16:02]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Sure it is the Circuit Road.
[2014/05/15 16:02]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): /me nods
[2014/05/15 16:03]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): The other is normal road.
[2014/05/15 16:03]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Well, we're out of time for this week
[2014/05/15 16:03]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): thanks for coming, everybody!
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I don't know about how to make oily circuit road. I will ask about it.
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thankyou Maestro.
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Latif Khalifa: thank you for your time maestro
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Rex Cronon: tc maestro
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Jonathan Yap: bye Maestro
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Whirly Fizzle: Thanks Maestro
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Rex Cronon: tc everybody
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): it would be cool to have a normal map for 'asphalt' too, Yuzuru :)
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you Caleb.
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): have a good day/evening!
[2014/05/15 16:04]  rcdsQueChatLog: State changed.{click me to get the url}
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Whirly Fizzle: & someone buy Baker a beer
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): He'll appreciate that :)
[2014/05/15 16:04]  Rex Cronon: tc everybody leaving
[2014/05/15 16:05]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): /me too
[2014/05/15 16:05]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I will try it, Maestro.
[2014/05/15 16:05]  Latif Khalifa: this floor here has a perfect specular and normal map:
[2014/05/15 16:05]  Latif Khalifa: wonder who made that texture
[2014/05/15 16:05]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): thanks, I bought it as part of a clothing texture pack but adapted it with high repeats
[2014/05/15 16:05]  Rex Cronon: and btw now the chatlogger is a newer version:)
[2014/05/15 16:05]  Lucia Nightfire: if I was on Phoenix I could tell you, heh
[2014/05/15 16:06]  Latif Khalifa: you could tell who uploaded it ,)
[2014/05/15 16:06]  Lucia Nightfire: hopefully someday I'll get texture uploader info in the inspection sheet on a v3 viewer, heh
[2014/05/15 16:06]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I think 'raining mirror' made it
[2014/05/15 16:06]  Whirly Fizzle: Thats about the last missing shiny from Phoenix that isn't in FS yet actually
[2014/05/15 16:06]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden):
[2014/05/15 16:06]  Lucia Nightfire: oh theres more than that, lol
[2014/05/15 16:07]  Rex Cronon: i g2g too. have fun everybody:)
[2014/05/15 16:07]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Okay guys, see you later!
[2014/05/15 16:07]  Latif Khalifa: have fun rex
[2014/05/15 16:07]  Latif Khalifa: tc maestro
[2014/05/15 16:07]  Jenna Felton: yes have a nice weekend all and Lindens :)
[2014/05/15 16:07]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): thanks you too!