Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2014-05-29

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[2014/05/29 15:01]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Lucia.
[2014/05/29 15:01]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Maestro.
[2014/05/29 15:01]  SnipiTestFS: Hi Maestro
[2014/05/29 15:01]  Zenith Subchair final p: whispers: Hi Yuzuru Jewell! Touch me for Menu. Say /1a to Adjust.
[2014/05/29 15:01]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): hello
[2014/05/29 15:02]  Caleb Linden: hey folks
[2014/05/29 15:02]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Caleb.
[2014/05/29 15:02]  SnipiTestFS: Hello CAleb
[2014/05/29 15:03]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Rex.
[2014/05/29 15:03]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Simon.
[2014/05/29 15:03]  Rex Cronon: hi yuzuru
[2014/05/29 15:03]  Rex Cronon: hi everybbody
[2014/05/29 15:03]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): This week's theme is shiny candy
[2014/05/29 15:03]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): let's get started
[2014/05/29 15:03]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden):
[2014/05/29 15:03]  Simon Linden: HI Everyone
[2014/05/29 15:03]  Whirly Fizzle: Oh Lucia will be happy lol
[2014/05/29 15:04]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): So.. the updates section is going to be pretty quick
[2014/05/29 15:04]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): no sim rolls happened this week
[2014/05/29 15:04]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): since last week's RC rolls happened on thursday instead of wednesday, we wanted to give more 'baking' time before saying if either is ready for the main channel
[2014/05/29 15:05]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): however, we finally got that backend update for group ban out on Agni
[2014/05/29 15:05]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which was a dependency of group ban going to simulator RC
[2014/05/29 15:05]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): so I think there's a good chance that we'll see group ban in RC next week
[2014/05/29 15:05]  Whirly Fizzle: So will group bans viewers work on main grid now? Oh... guess not....
[2014/05/29 15:06]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): you need simulator support in order to access the service, and for bans to be enforced
[2014/05/29 15:06]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but soon!
[2014/05/29 15:06]  Whirly Fizzle: \o/
[2014/05/29 15:07]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): The meat of today's meeting is
[2014/05/29 15:07]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Simon added LSL support for render materials
[2014/05/29 15:07]  arton Rotaru: YAY
[2014/05/29 15:07]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): and I've been testing it and fixing some bugs last week and this week
[2014/05/29 15:07]  Whirly Fizzle: Woot!
[2014/05/29 15:08]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): so far it appears to basically work, though I wouldn't call the current version on Aditi final
[2014/05/29 15:08]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Hm, I typed all the basic information in the wiki page for this meeting
[2014/05/29 15:08]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): it basically works as you'd expect it to
[2014/05/29 15:09]  Lares Carter: Sweet. I am still waiting for llLinkPlaySound() :D
[2014/05/29 15:09]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Yeah, that would also be nice, Lares
[2014/05/29 15:09]  Lucia Nightfire: I'm waiting on a ton of stuff, lol
[2014/05/29 15:10]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I guess I can elaborate on the 'known issues'
[2014/05/29 15:10]  Rex Cronon: don't hold your breath...
[2014/05/29 15:10]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but first, are there general questions about the spec?
[2014/05/29 15:10]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): specification, not the specular
[2014/05/29 15:10]  Lucia Nightfire: <--will this delay that feature from entering RC?
[2014/05/29 15:11]  Simon Linden: No Lucia, that won't delay it
[2014/05/29 15:11]  Lucia Nightfire: great, :)
[2014/05/29 15:11]  Whirly Fizzle: Happens already lol
[2014/05/29 15:11]  Simon Linden: That's a viewer-side log message that gets very noisy under the wrong conditions
[2014/05/29 15:11]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I helpfully left instructions for how to repro using only llSetTexture :P
[2014/05/29 15:11]  Lucia Nightfire: I didn't know if the featuer would multiply that spam
[2014/05/29 15:12]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): also it would be best if the viewer was smart and didnt' try to render an alpha channel which doesn't exist
[2014/05/29 15:12]  Whirly Fizzle: I had that happen again earlier actually. This time it was something another avi on the region was wearing.
[2014/05/29 15:12]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): well, I suppose it's a good thing that the face doesn't render
[2014/05/29 15:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): because then hopefully somebody would notice and fix their script/build
[2014/05/29 15:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): though I can imagine that not happening if the face is tiny or not usually visible..
[2014/05/29 15:13]  Whirly Fizzle: That log spam is fast enough to cause a performance drop on slower systems though I think
[2014/05/29 15:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yes it's pretty fast
[2014/05/29 15:14]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I left details for how to remove the material via script
[2014/05/29 15:14]  Lucia Nightfire: so, are there any regions we can play with the new materials function on?
[2014/05/29 15:15]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): basically, you do that by setting each component of the mateiral to the 'default / no material' settings
[2014/05/29 15:15]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Yep, Regions "roller-test102" and "roller-test103" are on this channel
[2014/05/29 15:15]  Lucia Nightfire: and allow public access?
[2014/05/29 15:15]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): those are both mainland and allow building
[2014/05/29 15:15]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): well, on some parcels at least.. I may have to update a few of them
[2014/05/29 15:16]  Lucia Nightfire: as long as they allow public acces, building and scripts
[2014/05/29 15:16]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I guess you could do some work by scripting attachments
[2014/05/29 15:16]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but that may not let you test LI updates
[2014/05/29 15:16]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): (the build tool always seems to show LI = 0 for attachments)
[2014/05/29 15:17]  Lucia Nightfire: unfortunately
[2014/05/29 15:17]  Lucia Nightfire: and no mention of prim count ;)
[2014/05/29 15:17]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): one thing to keep in mind with that BUG-6187 'known issue' is that if your diffuse texture lacks an alpha channel, you'll also want to set the alpha mode to PRIM_ALPHA_MODE_NONE to avoid the bug, even if you really just want to add a normal map
[2014/05/29 15:18]  arton Rotaru: but that Bug will be fixed?
[2014/05/29 15:19]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): maybe, but it's a viewer rendering bug, so don't expect a fix for a while
[2014/05/29 15:19]  arton Rotaru: alright
[2014/05/29 15:19]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): simply because the viewer release pipeline is slow
[2014/05/29 15:19]  arton Rotaru: so everytime we change a mat map, we should set alpha mode as well
[2014/05/29 15:20]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): well not every time, arton
[2014/05/29 15:20]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): only when adding a material to a face which previously didn't have a material
[2014/05/29 15:20]  arton Rotaru: ahh I see
[2014/05/29 15:21]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): so what happens when you add a material via the build tool,
[2014/05/29 15:21]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): is that hte viewer inspects whether the current diffuse texture has an alpha channel
[2014/05/29 15:21]  arton Rotaru: never noticed something like that
[2014/05/29 15:21]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): and automatically sets the alpha mode to ALPHA_MODE_NONE if the diffuse texture is opaque
[2014/05/29 15:21]  arton Rotaru: that it affects the diffuse at all
[2014/05/29 15:21]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but keeps it at _BLEND if there's an alpha channel
[2014/05/29 15:22]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): unfortunately, the simulator can't do this, because it doesn't necessarily have the texture asset
[2014/05/29 15:22]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): and doesn't have the right libs to process texture assets in that manner
[2014/05/29 15:22]  arton Rotaru: ok
[2014/05/29 15:23]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): the build tool has some trickery where it always greys out the UI for alpha mode when the texture doesn't have an alpha channel
[2014/05/29 15:23]  arton Rotaru: true
[2014/05/29 15:23]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): anyway, it's kind of a hassle, but once PRIM_ALPHA_MODE is set to something 'friendly', you should be able to update normal or specular settings without touching it again
[2014/05/29 15:24]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): The other known issue is that the current version on Aditi does not have throttling
[2014/05/29 15:24]  Lucia Nightfire: GO NUTS
[2014/05/29 15:24]  Lucia Nightfire: lol
[2014/05/29 15:24]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but we plan to add some sort of throttle in the future
[2014/05/29 15:25]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): first we want to see what sort of rates cause which sort of performance issues
[2014/05/29 15:25]  Simon Linden: So we're also curious what ways you find to abuse it that will need to be fixed
[2014/05/29 15:25]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yes, definitely
[2014/05/29 15:25]  Rex Cronon: whispers: sounds like things can get interesting if u change materials once every 0.1 seconds;)
[2014/05/29 15:25]  Lucia Nightfire: wasn't Caleb's lagger an extreme enough test or was that for soemthing else
[2014/05/29 15:25]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I think that was something else
[2014/05/29 15:25]  arton Rotaru: so we should try testing 256 * 8 * 3 + alpha mode in a single LLSLPPF call :p
[2014/05/29 15:26]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): that was Caleb being his griefer self
[2014/05/29 15:26]  Whirly Fizzle: OOOh! Are we allowed to "do bad things" with that then? :D
[2014/05/29 15:26]  Lucia Nightfire: I test with my 512 prim linksets, lol
[2014/05/29 15:26]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): go for it arton :)
[2014/05/29 15:26]  Simon Linden: It won't get very interesting, Rex ... I tried that right off.   Basically the updates will not come as fast as you want
[2014/05/29 15:26]  arton Rotaru: maybe lol
[2014/05/29 15:26]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): though from the simulator's perspective, I think you'll more likely cause more issues if you create many 'unique' materials
[2014/05/29 15:26]  Rex Cronon: that is good
[2014/05/29 15:26]  Whirly Fizzle: Bonus points for s region crash? ;)
[2014/05/29 15:27]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): like 256 * 8 * 3   where each rotation is slightly different..
[2014/05/29 15:27]  arton Rotaru: that's what i meant ^^
[2014/05/29 15:27]  Simon Linden: yes Whirly - extra bonus points for a new region crash
[2014/05/29 15:27]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): definitely whirly, but save your repro script before it crashes, plz :)
[2014/05/29 15:27]  Whirly Fizzle: lol
[2014/05/29 15:27]  Rex Cronon: i wonder how flexible things with materials look like
[2014/05/29 15:28]  Simon Linden: I have to go now but thanks everyone for checking that out ... your feedback now will really help us avoid shipping problems
[2014/05/29 15:28]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): they will not be good for 'animations'
[2014/05/29 15:28]  Rex Cronon: tc simon
[2014/05/29 15:28]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but we wouldn't want that anyway, for performance reasons
[2014/05/29 15:28]  Lucia Nightfire: later and thanks
[2014/05/29 15:28]  Simon Linden: /me waves and poofs
[2014/05/29 15:28]  arton Rotaru: Thank you simon for adding the flags
[2014/05/29 15:28]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): it should be cool if Arton wants to change his cars' specular maps after they get muddy somehow
[2014/05/29 15:29]  arton Rotaru: INDEED
[2014/05/29 15:29]  Lucia Nightfire: next we'll need a new texture anim function with a bitfeild for 1 - lock diffuse, 2 - lock normal, 4 - lock specular
[2014/05/29 15:29]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): hah, actually I think somebody filed that request a while back
[2014/05/29 15:29]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): since right now, all texture layers animate in lockstep
[2014/05/29 15:29]  Lucia Nightfire: yeah, I keep forgetting to check
[2014/05/29 15:29]  Lucia Nightfire: and
[2014/05/29 15:30]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): that would probably require viewer support too
[2014/05/29 15:30]  Jenna Felton: is there a chance to get rid of that alpha bug one day?
[2014/05/29 15:31]  Lucia Nightfire: if any work goes into that area, I'd liek to see additional options like 1 - honor rotation, 2 - honer repeats, 4 - honor offsets
[2014/05/29 15:31]  Jenna Felton: would be cool
[2014/05/29 15:31]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Jenna, that BUG-6187 that we were discussing?
[2014/05/29 15:31]  Jenna Felton: no, when two textres with alpha channel are seeing one before other they fliker
[2014/05/29 15:32]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): oh, alpha sorting of alpha-blended textures.. I'm not sure about that
[2014/05/29 15:32]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): you could do it properly with ray-tracing
[2014/05/29 15:32]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): (so I've heard)
[2014/05/29 15:33]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): if you use alpha masking mode, it should render correctly, I believe
[2014/05/29 15:33]  arton Rotaru: alpha masking should work actually
[2014/05/29 15:33]  Jenna Felton: the strange thing is, Linden trees never fliker
[2014/05/29 15:33]  arton Rotaru: never had an issue with it
[2014/05/29 15:33]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Yeah, I think they're alpha-masked with their leaves
[2014/05/29 15:33]  arton Rotaru: yup
[2014/05/29 15:33]  arton Rotaru: you can do the same now with any alpha texture jenna
[2014/05/29 15:34]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Is it 1bit alpha?
[2014/05/29 15:34]  Jenna Felton: i must test it Arton :)
[2014/05/29 15:34]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): in addition to the sorting issues being fixed, alpha masked is generally cheaper to render than alpha blended
[2014/05/29 15:34]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yes yuzuru
[2014/05/29 15:34]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): each pixel is either invisible or opaque
[2014/05/29 15:34]  Jenna Felton: i must definitelly test that :)
[2014/05/29 15:34]  arton Rotaru: it's in the viewer for about a year now ^^
[2014/05/29 15:35]  arton Rotaru: well, LL viewer at least
[2014/05/29 15:35]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): and with the LSL support, you can convert every texture in an object with a single line of code!
[2014/05/29 15:35]  Jenna Felton: in Firestorm too, but i never testet, just keep complaining :) sorry
[2014/05/29 15:35]  arton Rotaru: that's really cool that you added alpha mode support as well
[2014/05/29 15:36]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): well, it's all part of the same system, so that was pretty easy to do
[2014/05/29 15:36]  arton Rotaru: or was it a requirement because of the bug :p
[2014/05/29 15:37]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Hm, yeah.. I guess we would've run into trouble without it
[2014/05/29 15:37]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Oh, another thing I should mention
[2014/05/29 15:38]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): while the vbuild tool UI doesn't allow you to set *both* materials and legacy shiny / bumpiness,
[2014/05/29 15:38]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): it's possible to do that with the LSL interface
[2014/05/29 15:38]  arton Rotaru: lol cool
[2014/05/29 15:38]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which would be these settings:
[2014/05/29 15:39]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): however, the way the viewer handles rendering of that,
[2014/05/29 15:39]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): if there's a normal or specular map set on the face, the renderer ignores the legacy shiny or bump setting
[2014/05/29 15:39]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which I suppose is a good thing
[2014/05/29 15:39]  arton Rotaru: and with ALM off, it shows the shiny?
[2014/05/29 15:40]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): with ALM off, it seems to show nothing
[2014/05/29 15:40]  arton Rotaru: hmm ok
[2014/05/29 15:40]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I mean, it shows it as non-shiny
[2014/05/29 15:40]  arton Rotaru: would be nice as fall back method
[2014/05/29 15:40]  arton Rotaru: for those with ALM off
[2014/05/29 15:40]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yeah.. maybe.  it depends on the content I guess
[2014/05/29 15:40]  arton Rotaru: indeed
[2014/05/29 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: I have to cater to both crowds with my shield plates
[2014/05/29 15:41]  arton Rotaru: I believe the early mat beta viewers worked that way
[2014/05/29 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: at least one style of them
[2014/05/29 15:41]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): if we had new possible render combinations, that could be a headache from a development POV
[2014/05/29 15:42]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): because surely some Intel HD Graphics 945 chipset would crash or render random pixels when that happens :)
[2014/05/29 15:42]  arton Rotaru: yeah, let's not ask for too much^^
[2014/05/29 15:43]  Rex Cronon: haha
[2014/05/29 15:43]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Did you guys end up discussing the Oculus viewer last week?
[2014/05/29 15:43]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I didn't have much to add, but thought I'd point it out
[2014/05/29 15:43]  Lucia Nightfire: I'm in no hurry to get neck or eye strain, heh
[2014/05/29 15:44]  arton Rotaru: lol
[2014/05/29 15:44]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): heh fair enough
[2014/05/29 15:44]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): another point.. I was pretty vague about the login outage last Tuesday
[2014/05/29 15:44]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): because we weren't sure how much we should say
[2014/05/29 15:45]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but Landon Linden went ahead and made a blog post with all the details you could want
[2014/05/29 15:45]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden):
[2014/05/29 15:47]  Rex Cronon: kind of hard to have 100% protection against dos
[2014/05/29 15:48]  Lucia Nightfire: I do hope that that sim bomb is fixed some time, heh
[2014/05/29 15:48]  Jenna Felton: yes, and there seem to be many hacking attack last time
[2014/05/29 15:49]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): In other outage news, that database maintenance that was originally scheduled for last Thursday seems to have been rescheduled
[2014/05/29 15:49]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): It's not on the calendar at yet, but hopefully it will be soon
[2014/05/29 15:50]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): the latest report I've heard is that it will be on Tuesday, June 3 sometime in the morning (Pacific time)
[2014/05/29 15:50]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): logins will be disabled for a bit
[2014/05/29 15:51]  Jenna Felton: thank you Maestro :)
[2014/05/29 15:52]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): and I know that we won't be rolling sims during that maintenance, so the main channel roll may have different timing
[2014/05/29 15:53]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Unfortunately I don't have hard details just yet, so stay tuned..
[2014/05/29 15:53]  Rex Cronon: some people have already started attacking/griefieng/crashing those that bomb, and it might get worse...
[2014/05/29 15:53]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): (to the status blog and/or roll announcement in the simulator forum)
[2014/05/29 15:54]  Lucia Nightfire: oh its gonna get worse, lol
[2014/05/29 15:54]  Lucia Nightfire: someone already did a proof of concept spam test Sunday
[2014/05/29 15:54]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Oh, I have other good news for everybody here
[2014/05/29 15:54]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Coyot identified the bug that broke Agni->Aditi account sync
[2014/05/29 15:54]  Rex Cronon: what was it?
[2014/05/29 15:55]  Whirly Fizzle: OOoh!
[2014/05/29 15:55]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): an error in some script
[2014/05/29 15:55]  SnipiTestFS: -)
[2014/05/29 15:55]  Rex Cronon: we won't have to change the pass anymore?
[2014/05/29 15:55]  Lucia Nightfire: I wish, heh
[2014/05/29 15:55]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): no, you'll still have to
[2014/05/29 15:55]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but now your inventory and password will actually update on aditi
[2014/05/29 15:55]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): as opposed to not updating, as has been the case for the past two months or so
[2014/05/29 15:56]  arton Rotaru: it's fixed already?
[2014/05/29 15:56]  Rex Cronon: maybe we also won't have to wait 24 hours for the update to take place?
[2014/05/29 15:56]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Just checked with Coyot; yes, it should be fixed with tonight's run
[2014/05/29 15:57]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): we'll see
[2014/05/29 15:57]  arton Rotaru: sweet
[2014/05/29 15:57]  Whirly Fizzle: Awesome
[2014/05/29 15:57]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Rex, it will be the same as it was 3 months ago
[2014/05/29 15:57]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): back when the script worked at all
[2014/05/29 15:57]  arton Rotaru: last minute question
[2014/05/29 15:57]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): sure
[2014/05/29 15:58]  Rex Cronon: it is good though that u can change your pass to the same pass:)
[2014/05/29 15:58]  arton Rotaru: I'm sorry, but, you know, Ivave to ask^^
[2014/05/29 15:58]  arton Rotaru: how far back in line is the DRTSIM-253 to come to an RC channel^^
[2014/05/29 15:58]  Lucia Nightfire: 1 month min
[2014/05/29 15:58]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I can say for sure that it won't be ready for RC next week,
[2014/05/29 15:58]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): well, maybe not that bad
[2014/05/29 15:59]  arton Rotaru: weeks, month?
[2014/05/29 15:59]  Lucia Nightfire: I meant fully grid wide, heh
[2014/05/29 15:59]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): maybe a few weeks
[2014/05/29 15:59]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): oh
[2014/05/29 15:59]  arton Rotaru: cool, thx :)
[2014/05/29 15:59]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): it's hard to say for sure about full grid availability, Lucia
[2014/05/29 15:59]  Lucia Nightfire: start working on those apps, lol
[2014/05/29 15:59]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): depends on what bugs appear in RC perhaps
[2014/05/29 16:00]  arton Rotaru: indeed
[2014/05/29 16:00]  Lucia Nightfire: this feature actually gives me an excuse to work on that particular app
[2014/05/29 16:00]  Lucia Nightfire: besides the bug list
[2014/05/29 16:01]  Lucia Nightfire: Maestro don't forget to go to those sims to turn on public rezzing
[2014/05/29 16:01]  Rex Cronon: btw. seems that sim crashing can take car of the bomb...
[2014/05/29 16:01]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): okay.. it looks like roller-test103 allows build for most of the sim, though I should probably enable autoreturn
[2014/05/29 16:01]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but roller-test102 needs some build-enabled flags
[2014/05/29 16:02]  Lucia Nightfire: yes, lol
[2014/05/29 16:02]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): anyway, I'll take care of that now
[2014/05/29 16:02]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): thanks for coming, everybody!
[2014/05/29 16:02]  Lucia Nightfire: ty
[2014/05/29 16:02]  arton Rotaru: alright, thanks for all the good news
[2014/05/29 16:02]  SnipiTestFS: ty Maestro
[2014/05/29 16:02]  rcdsQueChatLog: State changed.{click me to get the url}
[2014/05/29 16:02]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you, Maestro.
[2014/05/29 16:02]  Rex Cronon: tc everybody and have a nice day:)
[2014/05/29 16:02]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): please file BUGs if you see problems!