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Posted in Forums 2009-03-31

1. What are the specific new features we can expect to see implemented in Viewer 1.23? What is changing, and what do these features do?

Though Viewer 1.23 will have a variety of new features, specifics relating to adult content are that residents will be able to choose the maturity level of content they want to access. Search results and region access will be based on that preference. I think there is a whole lot more to Viewer 1.23 than this, though.

2. Is one of the changes an elimination of the parcel-level "Adult ID Verification Required" flag?

Not at this time. The changes are effected at the region level only.

3. What changes are implemented in Search in 1.23 to filter out naughty words? Is there a list of "Banned Words" that Residents can read? Or will we have to guess which word in our classified ad triggered the auto-censorship, like we have to guess now about what sequence of words triggers a 403 forbidden error in Forum posts, because of a hacked solution to filtering post content to disallow certain sequences of words that +*might*+ be an attempt at adding in a SQL command?

No filtering is yet happening. The list won't be publicly available -- it would make gaming it too easy, and we're trying to disincentivize gaming, so that the Adult initiative will have critical mass and enable better targeting of users, via customized search. But we are being careful to AVOID words that have non-AO usage, so no one will be surprised. In other words, you won't be filtered unless you're using VERY COMMONLY UNDERSTOOD "Adult" terms. Also, if you trigger a word in a classified or event, the error message will tell you what word caused the issue. You won't have to guess.

4. It's been said the 'adult' flag was an estate-level thing, which would mean that a 100-region estate with one adult parcel on one region would turn the whole 100-region estate 'adult'.

It's not estate-level. It's region level. There are three levels: estate, region, parcel. All parcels in a region that is marked as Adult would show up in search as Adult. However, not all regions in an estate must be adult.

5. How will having payment info on file will work as age verification. When we did the age-verification stuff a couple years ago, LL make it very clear that credit cards could not be used for age verification and some card companies ( still say this on their websites.

We are not merely collecting credit card numbers as a means of verifying age. We are requiring that accounts be in some way "verified" as a proxy for us to feel comfortable that Residents are appropriate for Adult access. This might be, for instance, an actual payment record (not merely presentation of a credit card), or it might be, alternatively, "age verified" status by our age verification vendor.

6. I've also read, from Blondin Linden, that something like a strip club would be adult. Then there's people quoting Jack Linden saying that it's the really extreme stuff like dismemberment and such. These are two very, very different things and you've left us all wondering where the line actually is.

This public discussion phase is critical in gathering opinions / feedback which will need to be factored into any decisions regarding adult definitions. This is to ensure a minimally disruptive and ultimately successful implementation and responses from the forums and direct feedback have already provided valuable insights in this regard. Once this is complete, we hope that we will have considered all possible scenarios before publicizing any official definitions.

7) When will search be in beta for them to test?

Search will be available when the Viewer RC comes out. Right now that's looking like late April, but please don't quote on that date.

8) When are we releasing details on the land swap?

We’re still a few months away from beginning any land swap related work, and we’ll introduce the program with ample opportunity for Residents to consider all their options. What we already know is 1) we are not charging for the move 2) we’ll ensure tier fees are not charged in the same period for the source and destination plots 3) we are sensitive to extenuating circumstances and understand that leeway will be needed for certain individuals. This will be judged on a case by case basis 4) We’ll also leave a pointer on the old mainland parcel(s) or a period of time after the move, so visitors following out dated bookmarks will be able to follow them to the new location.