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Posted in Forums 2009-04-01

1) Are there any clear, uncontroversial, unanimous agreed, examples of activities which are "mature" but not "adult"?

ANSWER: Nude beaches, Dance clubs with "alcohol" and dancing, combat sims, lingerie shops, private builds with furniture and accessories.

2) Some Linden's have suggested that only locations intended for "public" use with "adult" content need to move to the adult continent. Is this the case? If so what is meant by "public"?

ANSWER: Public would mean a build on the mainland that is intended to draw and host Resident traffic in such a way as to make it more of a venue than a residence designed for individual enjoyment. That said, mainland locations that have adult content on them may wish to consider a move to the adult continent, because that is where the adults will be. Residents who are interested in adult content will be looking there. Adult content can not be advertised on non-Adult land, so if you want your content found, it needs to be on adult land.

3) It has been suggested that picks to adult locations may not be permitted in profiles since profiles are intended to be PG. Could LL clarify the situation? If adult picks are not permitted, this will impact search ranking for adult places. How will LL address this?

ANSWER: Pictures and descriptions in profiles should be PG as per the TOS. It's possible to describe adult picks with PG terms.

4) Will LL assist in moving complex builds (e.g. large numbers of prims, prims over a large area, multiple permissions of objects, multiple ownership of objects) which can not simply be taken and re-dropped?

ANSWER: We have no way of directly helping in the move, but we will publish some tips on how to best accomplish it. We will provide what support we can but this is not likely to extend to scenarios such as this.

5) It has been suggested that profiles merely indicate whether an avatar is adult, without indicating whether this is via PIOF or aristotle. What is LL's view on this? If LL supports this idea, Will this be reflected in LSL functions?

ANSWER: This isn't part of the current plan, although it may have merit. It isn't on the roadmap, however.

6) Are there any plans to limit group membership to adult verified accounts?

ANSWER: Not at this time.

7) A major complaint is that a failed log on may result in a avatar expecting to be in a mature area (and hence maybe dressed in a mature manner or naked) being relocated to a random PG area. Some have even been ARed or suspended when for appearing naked in a PG area when they expected to be logging onto their (mature) home location or (mature) last logged on location. What plans have LL for resolving this?

ANSWER: We will relocate people to a safe region that matches the maturity they have set in their preferences. That means, most people will end up in Mature regions instead of PG. No more ending up naked in a PG sim.

8) It still appears that many people in world are still unaware of the proposed changes (not least of all because the blog headlines are no longer listed in the logon page). What plans (such as adding it to the message of the day) do LL have for advertising these change more widely? On a side note, given that important changes are still posted to the blogs, are there any plans to display these within the viewer again?

ANSWER: We are going to talk about it more when we do the Viewer RCs, as it will be part of the major changes in the UI that people will see. Announcements will be made via the blog and forums when new information is released in order to keep residents up to speed.