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Posted in Forums 2009-04-02

1) I have 4 alts, two of them are premium accounts and the other 2 are basic and I've never spend a single dollar with them (PIOF, but not PIU), but all 4 use the same credit card information. Will all of them be "verified"? Or I have to spend some money with the 2 basic ones, in order for them to be verified?

ANSWER: In this situation, all 4 would be adult verified

2) There's a lot of concern about lag if high-traffic adult venues are forced onto the same sim. Can I ask what class of server the new continent will be running on?

Answer: All new hardware runs on the current server class, which in this case is 5

3) if someone is moving a parcel (or a few parcels) rather than moving an entire sim ... will parcel owners have to contend with waiting for the new sim buyers to parcel and price the land?

ANSWER: There will be a period of time where qualifying MAINLAND residents will be able to do a direct land swap to the new continent without waiting for buyers for their old parcels.

4) I LIVE ON THE MAINLAND: I won't be able to afford new parcels on the new land. Will there be price controls to prevent real estate price gouging?

ANSWER: If your land has adult content on it, then you will not have to worry as you'll be able to directly swap it.

5) What steps will LL take to prevent the buying of land purely for reselling as seen in Nautilus and Bay City? What steps will LL take to prevent PG and non-explicit mature parcels from existing in the adult continent?

ANSWER: None of the regions/parcels will be PG or M. They will all be rated Adult and will only show up in search for adults. If the owner doesn't choose to have Adult content on it, that's their choice.

6) Will swapped plots have similar surroundings (roads, water, ocean whether plot is on the edge of a sim or mid sim etc)?

ANSWER: We will make a reasonable effort to match your existing location type, although we will not be able to terraform or match plot shapes

7) It has been suggested that LL will apply some form of automated filtering on search results to identify adult results by keywords. How will LL deal with identified false positives and false negatives.

ANSWER: We will set up a PJIRA where these can be reported and we will review and update our filters accordingly.

8) Another major complaint is the amount of inappropriate content and behavior at PG welcome areas. As this will be new accounts first impressions on SL, dealing with this should surely be a top priority. What are LL's plans to deal with this?

ANSWER: As always, Abuse Reports will be the norm. There are many projects underway to help improve the new user experience. Welcome Areas and infohubs are most certainly on the radar for improvements.