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Posted in forums 2009-04-03

1) Currently land and region controls do not allow you to limit access to adult verified accounts if you wish to use group or individual access controls - will this be rectify this?

ANSWER: If we're understanding the question correctly, the concern is over group land permissions, if they will still work, and how verification will play a part. We've considered it and believe it makes sense to have maturity ratings act as a base upon which the permissions build.

2) Will it be expected that the swap happens instantaneously or will it be possible to temporarily own both the existing mature land and the new swapped adult land (this would be essential when moving a mall with lots of renters)?

ANSWER: You will be able to own both to make the move without incurring fees

3) A number of business have surveyed their staff and customers and determined that the majority (typically >60%) are neither PIOF or age verified. The lack of trust in LL and a third party provider should be of a major concern. What re-assurances are there that our personal information will stay private?

ANSWER: Our white-label age verification service does not store or retain data submitted for age verification purposes. As for credit card information, that is stored and protected by our payment processor and, ultimately, Residents' credit card issuers. We understand some Internet users' reluctance to use credit cards, PayPal, or other online payment methods, and those users will, as always, make their own personal decisions based on the choices and protections that these alternatives offer.

4) It has been suggested that LL create two new continents - one entirely PG for those wishing for an entirely "PG" experience, and one entirely mature for those wishing for an entirely "mature" experience, leaving the existing continents for those wishing a "mixed" experience. People could then choose to move to these continents rather than be required to move. What are LL's view on this proposal?

ANSWER: Unfortunately this doesn't meet the criteria of the program. Keep in mind that what we now call Mature will be a very large proportion of our existing geography and content, with PG and Adult in the minority. So what you are requesting is essentially what we are doing - a large experience that is 18+ with other material available by choice.

5) Some clubs/stores which receive a large number of visitors have carefully chosen their location so that they are on quiet sims to avoid overloading the sim. If 2 or more such clubs are swapped into the same sim on the adult continent, it will have a detrimental effect on both those clubs and other residents of the sim. What plans do LL have to avoid this?

ANSWER: We will be conscious of placement when we move people.

6) What are the builds already showing on Ursula? I'm sure there's an easy answer, but knowing what they are (e.g. the SIM marked Ursula 80 on map which looks pretty full already) will reduce some Residents' conspiracy theories.

ANSWER: The builds on Ursula are similar to what you would find in any other Linden developed area.

7) What will you do about adult merchants who do not OWN land, but rather rent space in the hundreds of malls on mature mainland in SL? Will LL set up a mall for them? Will LL at least coordinate contacts between these dispossessed merchants and those mall owners who agree to move?

ANSWER: We anticipate that both the mainland Adult continent and private estate owners who host Adult content will be providing rental space.

8) For Filters and Land descriptions i was wondering and hoping that there is a way to filter out certain words that would be adult. by not having adult checked - A way to filter out just that one word from land descriptions and Classified adds would be a huge help, people with Adult checked can see it, but People with out adult checked can not, Enabling me the merchant the ability to advertise my adult content and mature content in one land description, while filtering out adult wording for those that do not wish to see it.

ANSWER: Unfortunately, it doesn't seem likely we will soon support this feature.