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Posted in forums 2009-04-06

1) How will this effect current alternate viewers? Will they still be able to connect and function, or will they need to be patched and recompiled?

ANSWER: Alternate viewer behavior will depend on the versioning information they connect to the SL server with. If they claim to be 1.22 or older, they will be able to connect and function just like the 1.22 viewer will, however they will eventually need to be updated to send maturity information. After a grace period, even the 1.22 viewer will no longer be able to search for adult content. At that point, alternate viewers will need to have been updated to be able to access adult content.

2) Will 250, the current count of Ursula sims, be enough?

ANSWER: If the demand is such that there are too few sims, we will add to the supply.

3) If we do swap land over, will we be given first shot at buying more land on that sim, before it goes up for general sale, so we CAN buy land to protect builds...or expand where we couldn't before due to lack of available land?

ANSWER: This is an interesting idea that will require some additional thought.

4) I own 1/4 Mature mainland sim which is my home and my Haven. I enjoy opening my gardens to vistors (much like great houses in Europe) so my land was listed in Search and once a month I hosted a Blood Ball which was advertised in the Events. I had also planned to hold a monthly BDSM munch which is social meet 'n greet event. As I am a Vampyre Domme my gardens have all the expected Gothic ambiance with a dance floor, loaded Intan balls, sex coffins, blood pools with sex animations and quality BDSM toys among the black roses, trees, gazebos and shadows...on the ground. This WAS my home and my INDIVIDUAL ENJOYMENT came from sharing it with like minded avatars in the SL community. At no time was it intended, used or viewed as a VENUE. I like decorating it, landscaping it and knowing that when I'm not there that others are strolling in the moonlight, playing in the graveyard or wasting time with the Lament Trivia cube. 1. Will I be allowed to reopen my gardens, list it in Search under Mature and host Mature events once or twice a month as before? 2. If the answer is No then am I still "allowed" to have my sex gen items and BDSM toys in my gardens for my own use? Not everyone enjoys sex indoors, in a skybox or in a dungeon setting. I personally find most dungeons, RL and SL, to be claustrophobic, constraining and generic in decor/amostphere.

ANSWER: While individual interpretations will inevitably differ with regard to what defines a venue or a personal build, what is described sounds like an Adult build.

5) What is the purpose of "account verification"...or even of "age verification" when SL itself is stated to be an 18+ service?

ANSWER: It is an additional measure of assurance we’ve elected to implement in an effort to develop and provide quality access controls.

6) What steps will LL take to prevent the buying of land purely for reselling as seen in Nautilus and Bay City?

ANSWER: Land speculation is not a prohibited activity in Second Life.

7) I have 70% of the sim I'm in. I have cut out 2 parcels and deeded to friends groups so they can use them as they see fit. They don't have any Adult Content on these parcels. If I am moved will they be moved with me? Do I need to take the land back to insure they are moved with me.

ANSWER: Nobody will be required to move. A move to the Adult mainland is an option we plan to make available to Residents who wish to maintain an existing build such that it would be defined as Adult oriented content. If you wish to stay grouped together you would have 2 options, flag your 70% as mature thus eliminating the need to move or take the land back and re-deed it after you have moved. The situation would depend on 1) how you are going to flag your land and 2) your desire to stay connected by land to your friends.

8) The purpose of the proposal is to protect people from content they do not wish to see. Given that many will have PIOF for purposes other that verifying as adult. Those purchasing islands or land for business and educational purposes will be PIOF but may have no interest in adult content. Will it be possible for these people to "unverify" or otherwise indicate that they wish to be protected from accidentally entering adult areas?

ANSWER: The access controls are selectable in preferences. They may implement varying levels of access control several times per session, should they so choose.