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Originally posted 4-14-2009

1) In response to the issue of Maturity levels building on each other: 'Except that's not how it currently works. Right now, if Age Verified is checked, AND Group Access is checked, then Shopper Furball can get in despite not being Age Verified, because Group Membership is checked first. Are you saying that server 1.26 changes this?

ANSWER: Maturity is set at the region level. You can set other permissions at the estate or parcel level. Regarding group access and age-verified, you can only set one or the other at each level from what we could tell. This has not changed at all.

Examples: Estate - limited to group, Parcel - limited to age-verified Estate - limited to age-verified, Parcel - limited to group

can't do Estate - limited to age-verified & group

or Parcel - limited to age-verified & group

And when tested, whatever the estate was limited to took precedence, and if the resident could get in the estate, then the parcel permission took effect.

So, if Shopper Furball is not age-verified, if the estate is set to require age-verification Shopper Furball will not get in to the estate to even try to get into the parcel.

If the estate is set to group but the parcel is set to age-verified, Shopper Furball will get into the estate, but not the parcel.

2) Is there a timeline for when a Release Candidate viewer is expected that can exercise these settings? (Perhaps coincident with a "Beta grid" viewer preset to connect to Aditi, which is probably the only place with the relevant sim restriction attributes.)

ANSWER: The tentative timeline would be this summer (june / july)*

3) I rent houses, in a Mature Mainland Sim, I get all sorts of tenants, Vampires, Goreans, BDSMers etc..... What if one of my tenants wants to have a party and advertises it - lets say for the sake of argument its a regular Saturday night BDSM party which they advertise. Lets then say adult activities are had within the privacy of one of my rental houses. These are things being done by my tenants, not organized or officially sanctioned by me (though not forbidden either). Yet advertised by the tenant. So where does that put me? Are my rentals suddenly Adult? Must I move because of the actions of my tenants? How would you police and enforce such a thing?

ANSWER: It would be up to you as the owner to decide whether or not to flag your land as Adult or Mature. The situation in question would appear to be adult and the tenant would either need to be on a parcel set to adult, on the adult mainland or adjusted such that it accommodates the mature rating.

4) People who have many parcels separated in a number of different sims, if they declare the land as adult requiring a swap to Ursula, can they opt to join them into whole sims, or will they be swapped on an individual basis? ANSWER: Yes, we will be able to accommodate this kind of request.

5) What about providing REAL privacy controls on the mainland ([JIRA SVC-205)?

ANSWER: This feature request is not a part of the Adult project.

6) Will the 1.22/alternate viewers work with SL at all if you are not accessing adult content?

ANSWER: There will be a grace period in which the 1.22 and alternate viewers will work normally, however after the adult continent has been opened and the grace period has ended then the non-adult viewers will no longer be able to access adult content or search for adult keywords.

7) Will there be double prim land available to swap on Ursula as well as the standard land?

ANSWER: Yes, parts of Ursula will be double primed

8) How is LL going to notify people that it's time to get on the consignment list?

ANSWER: We will roll out the program publicly via the blogs and forums in a few weeks.