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Posted in the forums 4-16-2009

1) What is the difference between Payment Info Used and Payment Info on File?

ANSWER: There won’t be a difference in the end result - Accounts will be considered verified in either instance.

2) OK, so let me see if I have this straight. Here are the controls, in the order checked. First gate - Getting past the Region maturity setting:

REGION: Set at World Menu > Region/Estate... > Region tab Here there is a "Maturity" setting that currently has two values: Mature and PG, which have no affect on access today. Once the new plan goes into effect, there would be three values here: Adult, Mature and PG. A NEW access gating requirement will be in place here. *IF* the setting for the Region is "Adult", then no access at all, at any altitude, via flying/walking in from an adjacent sim, or by teleporting in from any other sim, unless "Resident has Payment info on file" OR "Resident is an Age-Verified Adult" (meaning ONLY the Aristotle check).

Second gate - Region access approved, Getting past the Estate-level access settings: ESTATE: Set at World Menu > Region/Estate... > Estate tab [ ] Allow Public Access. If that is checked, there are two additional restrictions below that Restrict Access To: ---[ ] Residents with Payment info on file ---[ ] Age-Verified Adults (meaning ONLY the Aristotle check) So an estate that only wants to allow access for sim owner, estate managers, specified groups members, and an explicit allowed access list for the estate would leave the "Allow Public Access" box unchecked, and the sim would remain securely private. Or an Estate that was open to the public could further restrict at this level to allow ONLY those individuals who had passed the Aristotle age check, by checking the "Allow Public Access" box and the "Age-Verified Adults " box here.

Third gate - Access to the Region and Estate is approved, now check the Parcel access settings, and if you fail, you can't get within 50M of the ground (768 M if explicitly banned by name). : PARCEL: Set at World Menu > About Land... > Access tab [ ] Allow Public Access. If that is checked, there are two additional restrictions below that Block Access by: ---[ ] Residents who have not given Payment info to Linden Lab ---[ ] Residents who are not Age-Verified Adults. (meaning ONLY the Aristotle check) Unchecking "Allow public access" and checking the option for group access or adding names to an access list only protects to 50M above the terrain. Checking "Allow public access" and checking the option to block access for anyone who is not an Aristotle Age Verified adult will again only keep the non-verified resitents out of the lowest 50M above the terrain.

Is that how this will work?

ANSWER: Yes, except for two minor points.

A) The first check is at the Estate level, then the Region level, then the Parcel. Estates contain Regions, which contain Parcels.

B) While you are correct that Age Verified at the Estate and Parcel levels will only allow residents in who have completed the Aristotle age-verification, the Adult region maturity will be a little more than Aristotle or Payment Info On File. As long as the resident has ever had a payment relationship with LL or has used US$ on XStreet, they are considered an Adult and will be able to access Adult regions if they have opted in to do so.

3) Is LL planning any sandbox areas on Ursula?

ANSWER:Not right now, but potentially we could add one in the future if there is interest. Would people be interested in something like this?

4) I know this will likely fall under the definitions, but are there any loose guidelines regarding images yet, either art or promo for product? For instance nudity is allowed in a promo image but hands must be away from 'erogenous zones' etc or it constitutes an adult promo. Personally I err on the side of caution in promo images but there may be people who haven't though of it and would face either moving or redoing a number of product promos to stay mature?

ANSWER: There are no guidelines as yet that deviate from existing Community Standards in this regard, although this will likely be addressed in the final definitions document, and it will likely remain largely in alignment with current Community Standards

5) This seems like a good time to remind you that there are several full fledged Deaf communities in SL. Your audio only recordings are not going to be particularly helpful to them. And yes, some of them are quite vested in the adult content argument. Please make text transcripts available of the Brown Bags.

ANSWER: Transcripts will be made available.

6) My question is what will determine who goes first (land swap)? How much land we hold currently or by join date?

ANSWER: The process will be first come, first served.

7) The question is: Are Profile Picks (apart from the content of the Pick itself, i.e. conforming to PG guidelines) COMPLETELY exempt from the new policy?

ANSWER: Images used in profile picks are not exempt from current Community Standards or the new Adult Oriented Content policy. If the maturity setting of the Resident following a pick link is not set to the appropriate threshold, they will be unable to reach it until such time as they have settings that match that of their destination.

8) Do you have any suggestions on how we can move builds where some objects belong to other people, some of whom are no longer in SL?

ANSWER: We realize that that individual attention will be necessary through out the process and this will be decided upon on a case by case basis. We’ve heard from many of you and realize that this is a HUGE pain point and we’re working on a better solution to this problem right now.