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Agenda (discussed)

Obvious to Fix One-Liners (Warnings, Style, Code-related, Micro-Buglets)

  • VWR-941 - Reading length data for a four-byte Variable template message misstores the length - TBBle Kurosawa
    • obvious, needs fixing
  • VWR-119 - Zero missing in Sub-unit snap grid. for small fraction like 1/16 and 1/32 - gearsawe stonecutter
    • obvious, one-liner, end user visible buglet, 3 votes
  • VWR-143 - Compiler errors in llwebbrowserctrl.h - Hiro Sommambulist
    • obvious, one-liner, 3 votes
  • VWR-606 - Some source files (llprocessor.cpp and llsdserialize_tut.cpp) contain non-ASCII characters - Alissa Sabre
    • obvious
  • VWR-944 - Boost inclusion is inconsistent - TBBle Kurosawa
    • obvious
  • VWR-213 - Calling DestroyWindow with NULL window handle (win32 version) - Alissa Sabre
    • obvioius, one-liner
  • VWR-1061 - lltemplatemessagereader.cpp: standard inclusion at top of source file - Dzonatas Sol
    • obvious (just the usual header stuff and "linden_common.h" missing)
  • VWR-1049 - Trivial sizeof() miscalculatuion results in incomplete copying of CPU Brand ID string in CProcessor::AnalyzeAMDProcessor() - Paula Innis
    • obvious, one-liner
  • VWR-873 - Dead members "eVertexDataMask;" in various objects - Nicholaz Beresford
    • obvious, 6 files, same one-liner in each
  • VWR-942 - logRanOffEndOfPacket is too terse when it logs packet data, add some more info - TBBle Kurosawa
    • obvious, few lines of code (one hunk)
  • VWR-560 - Crash in llscrolllistctl.cpp when sorting scroll list - Dale Glass
    • one liner, probably not a real bug in current version as he says, but good style

International Users

  • VWR-349 - Change keyboard shortcuts, because entering { [ ] } on German and some other international keyboards (AltGr 7, 8, 9, 0) triggers Rendering Features accelerators Ctrl-Alt-7, 8, 9, 0 (previously resulting in unstable viewer) - Thomas Shikami
    • obvious, one file, 10 lines
  • The next three should probably go together (someone addressing non latin DBCS-Unicode issue for the viewer)
    • VWR-459 - Unicode supplementary characters typed in from keybaord are not handled properly on Windows (and potentially on Linux) - Alissa Sabre
      • three files, six hunks, but this problem must be a real PITA for asian users
    • VWR-177 - Cut-and-Paste of Non-ASCII characters to old Applications doesn't work well on Windows - Alissa Sabre
      • a few lines deleted, seems reasonable
    • VWR-251 - Keystrokes are eaten by IME when no text input is possible, on Windows using Japanese - Alissa Sabre


  • VWR-684 - German Translation of the Viewer inaccurate and sometimes dangerously wrong - Zi Ree
    • that's pretty damn true :-)
  • VWR-774 - Swedish translation - Danne Carfagno
    • that must have been a lot of work!
  • VWR-238 - Permissions of Roles and Rights messed up in all translations of official skin - Anylyn Hax
    • 4 votes
  • VWR-746 - Incorrect menu item referred to when member of maximum number of groups and a group invite is received - Benja Kepler

Bugs and Buglets

  • VWR-418 - Particles -> Burst Quantity -> Fades -> as of 1.14.x - Nava Muni
    • not really a to patch in as it is, more of a starting point to address the issue (although it works better than the stock viewer already). 17 votes plus a more from dupes and related
  • VWR-660 - When turning off Flexible Object rendering, flexible objects become permanently invisible - Drewan Keats
    • not sure if what this fixes is a bug, but it would be worth changing if VWR-349 is not addressed (European users losing rendering of all flexis whithout knowing why).
  • VWR-132 - seg fault in lldrawpool.cpp - Hiro Sommambulist
    • three hunks, two outdated, one valid (although probably of little impact). avoids null pointer access, have seen crashes from similar stuff. The one hunk for 1.16 (couple of obvious lines) is separately available
  • VWR-53 - Inconsistency in order of AV texture layers between the upper body, lower body, and head - Joannah Cramer
  • VWR-248 - Inexplicable folding of Avatars such that they are walking around with their heads up their arses - burian hawks
    • 9 votes
  • VWR-412 - Object editing arrows hidden but clickable on objects you can't edit. - Teravus Ousley
    • 4 votes
  • VWR-68 - indra.l: the code to parse constants is too loose. - Argent Stonecutter
    • 4 votes

Linux and Platforms

Late addition

Agenda (ran out of time)


New Features/GUI

Already someone working on?

  • VWR-364 - Viewer memory leak (over several hours) - Dana Kosrae
    • 145 votes
  • The next three are related (same point in source), have been reported to Steve directly
    • VWR-733 - Change Request: Excess texture buffer memory size resulting in disk thrashing/crashes/virt memory swapping - Nicholaz Beresford
    • VWR-778 - Unnecessary blurry video/textures with low end graphics cards - Nicholaz Beresford
    • VWR-207 - Buggy condition statement appears to cause texture related bug side effects on systems with > ~2GB RAM - Still Defiant
      • 8 votes


  • VWR-654 - Tools / Reset all Scripts in Selection Window does not Scroll automatically - Zi Ree
  • VWR-652 - A harmless compiler warning in indra.l.cpp - Alissa Sabre
  • VWR-891 - LLMozLib not cleaned up/deleted at end of program - Nicholaz Beresford
  • VWR-287 - Inconsistent behaviour between agent_slide_left / agent_slide_right, and the rest of the movement functions. - Ryozu Kojima
    • 5 votes
  • These two could probably be combined or are the same?
  • SVC-104 - llBase64ToInteger caveats & bugs - Strife Onizuka
    • Should be looked at, since it apparently involves a bug where uninitialized data is referenced
  • VWR-190 - Replace HTML Help with Harry Linden's Google Co-op search, or add a button to the HTML Help window to go thee. - SignpostMarv Martin
    • 4 votes
  • VWR-120 - Patch for separate color for llOwnerSay - Dale Glass
    • 6 votes
  • VWR-102 - md5 slow - Kunnis Basiat
    • probaby a "won't fix"
  • VWR-727 - Torn of IM windows should be minimizable - Boroondas Gupte
    • according to the release notes, the related VWR-233 was fixed in ("Fixed detached IM windows not resizing"). Not yet fixed Minimizing, but no spearate patch attached.


[15:01] TT Lingiuan: hi, Rob!
[15:01] Able Whitman: Howdy, Rob!
[15:02] Rob Linden: hi everyone!
[15:02] Nounouch Hapmouche: Hi Rob
[15:02] Alissa Sabre: Hi, rob
[15:02] TT Lingiuan: we think you have a long agenda
[15:02] Nicholaz Beresford: 'afternoon everybody :-)
[15:02] Rob Linden: this is really cool....lots of people who normally are on the list
[15:03] Alissa Sabre: It's morning for me
[15:03] Rob Linden: pretty early there, I imagine
[15:03] Alissa Sabre: 7 in the morning
[15:03] Nicholaz Beresford: Yuck ... well midnight here :-)
[15:04] Able Whitman: 6pm for me.. I skipped out of work early to come to the triage :)
[15:04] Bridie Linden: Hey Nick!
[15:04] Rob Linden: I'm not sure why that envelope insists on levitating today
[15:05] Rob Linden: anyway
[15:05] TT Lingiuan: do you see people above Birdie?
[15:06] Rob Linden: so, a lot of the patches that Nicholaz marked "obvious" I doubt I'll dispute
[15:06] Rob Linden: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Agenda
[15:07] Nicholaz Beresford: Well, most of the comments there are mine I think (dunno if anyone else added their own), so they may or may not apply.
[15:07] Rob Linden: anyone disagree with Nicholaz on those?
[15:07] Alissa Sabre: obvious ones?
[15:07] Able Whitman: No, I agree most of them are quite small and likely safe code changes.
[15:07] Rob Linden: the first section of the agenda here: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Agenda
[15:08] Rob Linden: let's skip to VWR-560 then...
[15:08] Nounouch Hapmouche: 560 is an obvious one, isn't it ?
[15:09] Alissa Sabre: put under "Obvious" title, but no "obvious" in its comment.
[15:09] Rob Linden: Nicholaz, you had it marked as just a style thing
[15:10] Nicholaz Beresford: I think obvious in the sense that if you check the index, you might as well check for >=0 ... but since the guy said it only happened in ...
[15:10] Nicholaz Beresford: in one of his own combinations, I'd say either put it on or mark "don't fix".
[15:11] Rob Linden: ok, fair enough....I'll import it and let someone else decide
[15:11] Rob Linden: VWR-349
[15:12] Rob Linden: btw: anyone object to me taking a transcript of this and posting to sldev?
[15:12] TT Lingiuan: Thank you, Japanese people cant type Ctrl-Shift-1 easily
[15:12] Able Whitman: Nope.
[15:12] Alissa Sabre: No.
[15:12] Rob Linden: Gigs Taggart wanted a transcript, and so I figure I'll make it for everyone
[15:12] Nicholaz Beresford: 349 is basically obvious as well. question is if you want to break the habit for those who use these shortcuts vs. ...
[15:13] Nicholaz Beresford: having unexpected side effects for those who use the Alt+Gr key for brackes (I had three or four people ....
[15:13] Nicholaz Beresford: from Europe already contacting me about that directly)
[15:13] Nounouch Hapmouche: Like it could takes a preference to choose between 1 and F1 series ?
[15:13] Nicholaz Beresford: Sort of that. Or I don't know if those combos work on Macs or Linux
[15:13] Rob Linden: does this patch affect all users?
[15:13] Alissa Sabre: I believe supporting existing localized keyboard is more important than keep shortcuts.
[15:14] Able Whitman: I think if the troublesome shortcuts don't remap to another debug function, it's better to avoid quirky AltGr behavior even if it means having some people relearn some shortcuts.
[15:14] Nicholaz Beresford: It affects those users who use specific features from the Debug menu.
[15:14] TT Lingiuan: a workaround for the Japanese would be to put Ctrl-Shift-1 in the menus where the other Ctrl-Shift-#s are
[15:14] Nicholaz Beresford: (in that they need to adjust to new keys)
[15:14] Alissa Sabre: IMHO, the source of this bug is not the code; it is the design.
[15:15] Alissa Sabre: the guy who assigned this shortcut should be terribly ignorant about the international keyboard users.
[15:15] Nicholaz Beresford: The shortcuts I used (ctrl+alt+F-key) were just the nearest I could find. The point is for Europeans to get away from Ctrh+Alt+Digit
[15:16] Alissa Sabre: we could say this is not a bug, but anyway users of international keyboard need some solution.
[15:16] Rob Linden: ctrl-shft 1-9 are all debug menu shortcuts, then? I just want to make sure this isn't stomping anything that has a surprisingly large audience
[15:16] Nounouch Hapmouche: Problem impact users using special characters, like a lot of non-US people, patch affect every users using debug shorcuts they need to relearn.
[15:16] TT Lingiuan: I would think C-S-1 would be in Client/Consoles
[15:16] Able Whitman: Yes, they're all debug menu shortcuts.
[15:17] Nicholaz Beresford: (in the third menu level of the debug menu ... I didn't even knew they existed)
[15:17] Nounouch Hapmouche: There are already at least onf Ctril-Shift-F2
[15:17] Rob Linden: well, you can tell I use them every day :)
[15:17] Rob Linden: ok...I'll import it. looks like it at least is worth a look here
[15:18] Nicholaz Beresford: Another alternative would be to disable their effects if the debug menu is off. (which would work for 98% of the users probably)
[15:18] Alissa Sabre: Random assignment of shortcut is always dangerous
[15:18] Rob Linden: next up: VWR-459
[15:18] Nicholaz Beresford: Alissa, that's you :-)
[15:19] Alissa Sabre: Well, it's mine. :-)
[15:19] Rob Linden: quick tangent....can everyone see the list of who else voted on an issue?
[15:19] Nicholaz Beresford: I saw 459 and it looks good. Have it in my own build and have not heard of adverse effects.
[15:20] Alissa Sabre: Naturally, I support to import this :-)
[15:20] Rob Linden: oh...it was already imported
[15:20] Nicholaz Beresford: But I guess 459, 177 and 251 go together if someone is lookig at that stuff anyway.
[15:20] Rob Linden: ah, ok
[15:20] Alissa Sabre: One possible problem is a design tradeoff
[15:20] Nounouch Hapmouche: (Yup, can see who else voted too)
[15:21] Rob Linden: can someone link these issues together externally?
[15:21] Rob Linden: I'll do the same for the issues when I import them
[15:22] Nicholaz Beresford: can do.
[15:22] Alissa Sabre: These three have no relationshipt except that they all are related to Uniocde handling
[15:22] Alissa Sabre: Unicode
[15:22] Rob Linden: great, thanks!
[15:22] Alissa Sabre: Technically, they handle different issues in different ways
[15:23] Rob Linden: k...looks like they're all already imported, but may not all be linked
[15:23] Alissa Sabre: I'm not so sure why these three should be handled together
[15:24] Nicholaz Beresford: Oh okay. It was just the idea if someone looks at asian data entry/uincode anyway they might well go togehher.
[15:24] Alissa Sabre: 459 and 177 may look similar, but the patch for 251 is totally different taste
[15:24] Rob Linden: next up: VWR-684
[15:24] Alissa Sabre: Ok.
[15:25] Nicholaz Beresford: I haven't looked at the specifics of that patch, but when I saw the German version first time with a friend, it was ... umm ... odd.
[15:26] Alissa Sabre: Someone fully understand german should check the correction.
[15:26] Alissa Sabre: I'm not eligible
[15:27] Rob Linden: the title and description of the bug is written in such a way as to make it a "never ending bug", but it's very good that there's a patch there
[15:27] Nicholaz Beresford: I can do that, but from the example he gave like they thranslated "Properties" to the equivalent of "Real estate" I assume the guy was a native speaker.
[15:27] Nicholaz Beresford: But I can look at it.
[15:28] Alissa Sabre: Rob, Linden Lab has some German speaking Liaison
[15:28] Alissa Sabre: Can we ask some of them to see the fix?
[15:29] Rob Linden: I'll just import the issue, and let the i18n team take a look
[15:29] Rob Linden: VWR-774: w00t
[15:29] Rob Linden: I'll import
[15:30] Alissa Sabre: Same thing. we need someone fully understand Swedish
[15:30] Rob Linden: given the initial characterization of the translation, we probably won't just blindly release a product with it, but it's good to get it on the radar of the i18n team
[15:31] Nicholaz Beresford: I just checked the 1st quarter of the German translataion. It's definitely an improvement and correct.
[15:31] Rob Linden: VWR-238 has already been imported
[15:31] Confuzeakat Furse: ooops... excuse me
[15:32] Rob Linden: VWR-746
[15:32] Able Whitman: Will the changes to the permissions in VWR-238 need to be appliedto the Swedish translation in 774?
[15:32] Rob Linden: Able: probably, but from the sounds of things, 774 is just a first draft anyway
[15:33] Nounouch Hapmouche: 238 patch is only adding a 'value' attributes to ~40 lines
[15:33] Rob Linden: ...and there's probably other stuff that needs to be applied
[15:33] Able Whitman: Okay, I just wanted to point it out so that the new Swedish translation doesn't suffer from odd permission issues.
[15:33] Nounouch Hapmouche: Translations are getting out of sync more and more, patch after patch.
[15:34] Alissa Sabre: Yes. I have pointed out it on sldev.
[15:34] Alissa Sabre: and the answer from Jean Linden was that Lindens somehow handle it...
[15:34] TT Lingiuan wonders if foreign language inworld groups have people who would be willing to help translate
[15:35] Nounouch Hapmouche: I fear we are locked with 'bad' translations until the i18n tools are completley done...
[15:35] Alissa Sabre: i18n tools? what that?
[15:36] Nounouch Hapmouche: Like translations coming from a wiki page being inserted in the en-us version to get translated Xui
[15:36] Rob Linden: well, I haven't been following too closely, but I know that Jean et al have been trying to figure out the best way to collaborate with the community on translations
[15:36] Alissa Sabre: Ok.
[15:36] Alissa Sabre: This is a by-talk, but Japanese translation has some problems
[15:37] Alissa Sabre: and there are some Japanese speaking residents who are willing to work on it
[15:37] Alissa Sabre: the problem is at this moment, there are no good process to do so
[15:37] Rob Linden: VWR-746 isn't a patch, but a set of replacement files, it seems
[15:37] Rob Linden: ...which could be a problem
[15:38] Nicholaz Beresford: I'd say with diff-patches it should not be too hard to get things fixed by residents.
[15:38] Rob Linden: Alissa: I'll ping Jean on the subject
[15:38] Nounouch Hapmouche: Could most likely be converted to a diff patch, seems likes a single world change. Purely visual candy
[15:40] Rob Linden: any volunteers to convert to a patch?
[15:40] Nounouch Hapmouche: Question about i18n is, if people gather and create up-to-date translations, how will it be handled back by LL ?
[15:40] Able Whitman: Sure, I can do that for 746.
[15:40] Rob Linden: Able: thanks!
[15:41] Nicholaz Beresford: Nou ... yes, if it sits on the Jira for three months, people will lose interest soon.
[15:41] Alissa Sabre: That's one of the reason residents are no so excited on the issue, Nounouch
[15:41] Rob Linden: Nounouch: that might be a good topic for a different office hour. I'd like to make sure Jean or someone else is around for that (I can't remember if she holds office hours)
[15:41] Nounouch Hapmouche: They don't ^^
[15:41] Nounouch Hapmouche: (yet ;) )
[15:42] Nicholaz Beresford: Same goes for non language patches. just look at the VWR-Numbers for those obvious things.
[15:43] Rob Linden: recent hiring should help address that issue. I'm being intentionally vague here, but I think we'll get this sorted out soon
[15:44] Alissa Sabre: I havn't checked "BUg and BUglet" section...
[15:44] Nounouch Hapmouche: Who did LL did buy ? ;)
[15:44] Rob Linden: Windward Mark
[15:45] Nicholaz Beresford: Well, with bugs and buglets, I think 412 is fixed (saw that on 1.17 release list today)
[15:45] TT Lingiuan likes the less shaded reality -- uh oh
[15:45] Rob Linden: http://lindenlab.com/press/releases/05_21_07
[15:45] Nicholaz Beresford: 660 can be ignored if you change the shortcuts for those debug menus.
[15:46] TT Lingiuan: hey a more realistic physics model would be better than advanced fog technologies, but I understand that would create server-side lag
[15:46] Nounouch Hapmouche: Does 53 have any drawback on current designs ?
[15:46] Nicholaz Beresford: 132 is similar to that last one in the obvious section (about cheking the coumn indices). Nice to do checking for a NULL pointer, but no real impact at the moment.
[15:47] Nounouch Hapmouche: Oops, I'm off track :p
[15:47] Nicholaz Beresford: I have not checked 53, sorry.
[15:47] Able Whitman: Actually looking at the patch for 660, I think it's a different issue than the keyboard acclerator problem.
[15:47] Able Whitman: "Disabling Flexible Object Rendering will cause flexible objects to disappear until the user leaves and returns to the sim or logs out and logs back in. "
[15:47] Nicholaz Beresford: I think what he says is that he wants to change what Ctrl+Alt+8 does.
[15:48] Rob Linden: VWR-660
[15:48] Nounouch Hapmouche: 660 reduce 349 impact by not hiding flexi, as a side effect ?
[15:48] Able Whitman: No, it looks like the implementation for disabling flexi primsis wrong, and that toggling the debug feature on again doesn't bring back flexis until you relog.
[15:48] TT Lingiuan: oh! please forgive me for going off topic, but there needs to be a way to change animation priorities from scripts -- or maybe UI after there uploaded. I will try to submit this as a feature request
[15:48] Nicholaz Beresford: I'd say "don't change" (I thnk the fucntion has it's reason), unless people will hit it accientally (wich is the European sqare bracket thing)
[15:49] Able Whitman: Well, if the flexi debug flax is *supposed* to make them disappear, I agree. But 660 makes a good argument that it should just make them non-flexi.
[15:50] Able Whitman: s/flax/flag/
[15:50] Nounouch Hapmouche: If 660 means "when flexi are turned off for debug, they aren't draw at all except if an attachment and should be drawn but not flexi", I agree with it ;)
[15:50] Rob Linden: I'll go ahead and import it....it's at least worth a devs time to render an opinion, given there's a patch
[15:51] Nicholaz Beresford: I just checked. On my build the function just rendered flexis in Birdies's hair stiff.
[15:51] Able Whitman: It's a pretty small patch, too. It just changes where in the rendering process the flexi debug flag, I think.
[15:51] Rob Linden: s/Birdie/Bridie/
[15:52] Able Whitman: ...where in the rendering process the flag is checked, I mean.
[15:52] Nicholaz Beresford: oops :-)
[15:52] Rob Linden: VWR-132 is imported
[15:52] Bridie Linden: thx Rob
[15:53] otakup0pe Neumann: cute cube.
[15:53] Nicholaz Beresford: 418 is a big one by me, have been discussing it on the list.
[15:54] Rob Linden: I think the rest of the Bugs and Buglets section already has LL issue ids on them
[15:55] Rob Linden: it's probably good to have a list of "ok, so you've imported it...why haven't you done anything" issues, but I'll leave that for anotehr meeting
[15:55] Nicholaz Beresford: *hums* :-)
[15:55] Rob Linden: VWR-945 is the next issue that hasn't been imported yet
[15:56] Nicholaz Beresford: Can't say much about the platform and scons stuff ... being a Windoozer :-)
[15:56] Nounouch Hapmouche: Could take some regression tests, but this section seems reasonable
[15:57] Alissa Sabre: THe problem of this issue is, that nobody except for the submitter has tested SL viewer on big endian Linux box
[15:57] Alissa Sabre: or seems to be so
[15:58] Timeless Prototype is Offline
[15:58] Nounouch Hapmouche: Non-issue as long as you don't brag it does work on big-endian ;)
[15:58] Nicholaz Beresford: Well, with that one, given't it's Paul who submitted that, I'd say the only question is ... if this include breaks anything for the lil-endian platforms. And I doubt that.
[15:58] Rob Linden: seems like an innocent fix though (just an extra #include)
[15:59] Rob Linden: I'm surprised we wouldn't have noticed this on Mac/PPC, though
[16:00] Nicholaz Beresford: (oops, fat fingers)
[16:01] Alissa Sabre: ... ah, I'm sorry but can I jump to 943? I need to leave soon and I have something to say on 943
[16:01] Bridie Linden: gotta run
[16:01] Bridie Linden: thx all
[16:02] Rob Linden: I'm just going to import all of TBBle's patches, unless anyone sees something we should discuss
[16:02] Alissa Sabre: I object to 943
[16:02] Rob Linden: (in that section, anyway)
[16:02] Rob Linden: ok, VWR-943...let's discuss
[16:02] Alissa Sabre: I wrote some long comment in JIRA
[16:02] Nicholaz Beresford: (sorry if it's misfiled in that secion, I take the blame)
[16:03] Alissa Sabre: In short, two points: it doesn't look like a bug. THe proposed fix is questionable.
[16:03] Sindy Tsure w00ts that Rob is still here and she's not too late to bed for SVC-248
[16:03] Sindy Tsure: *beg
[16:04] Rob Linden: Sindy...we're on https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Agenda
[16:04] Rob Linden: in the Linux issues
[16:04] Sindy Tsure begs anyway
[16:04] Sindy Tsure: ok
[16:04] Rob Linden: Alissa: I'll drop a comment asking TBBle to respond
[16:04] Nicholaz Beresford: afk
[16:04] Alissa Sabre: TBBle says lack of en_US.utf8 is a problem, but the code has a safe fallback already. So, I see nothing bad in current code.
[16:05] Alissa Sabre: Ok.
[16:06] Rob Linden: well, let's go ahead and discuss SVC-248....now that I see it
[16:06] Rob Linden: SVC-248
[16:06] Sindy Tsure: message template mismatch?
[16:07] Rob Linden: not sure. it looks liek there's two bugs: 1. viewer crashes on malformed packet. 2. server sends malformed packet
[16:07] Rob Linden: #2 is what is filed in SVC-248. is there a corresponding issue for #1?
[16:07] Sindy Tsure nods
[16:08] Sindy Tsure digs....
[16:08] Sindy Tsure: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-863 ?
[16:08] Sindy Tsure: i think there are several.. that seems to be the latest..
[16:09] Sindy Tsure: VWR-167, too
[16:10] Alissa Sabre: (I'm now leaving... bye.)
[16:10] Nicholaz Beresford: re
[16:10] Sindy Tsure is sorry for not following the agenda.. just had to beg for that one as it's painful for builders..
[16:11] Rob Linden: ok...that's good. I'll import the whole mess then
[16:11] Rob Linden: I need to get going here...I'm already late for my next thing. thanks everyone for showing up!
[16:11] Sindy Tsure waves
[16:11] Sindy Tsure: cya!
[16:11] Rob Linden: and thanks Nicholaz for putting together the agenda!
[16:11] TT Lingiuan applauds
[16:11] Able Whitman: Thanks, Rob!
[16:11] otakup0pe Neumann: take it easy rob
[16:11] Nicholaz Beresford: ok, cya then.
[16:11] Nounouch Hapmouche: Thanks goes to you ;) Have fun !