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Welcome to the Cummere's Guides. These are pages I am making as kind of a cheat sheet for finding support. While there are many guides out there, I wanted one that would be quick, simple and easy to follow. If you've found this page, very likely you need support, and I hope these guides can help you find it quickly. The Links to the guides themselves will be at the bottom but I do recommended if this is your first time here, reading through the page.

Where do I get support?

Second Life has many great support systems availible.

  • There is the Knowledge Base which has a bunch of information on almost anything related to Second Life and how it works.
  • There is the Second Life Answers which is where you can go to ask questions from more experienced users and volunteers.
  • There is the Issue tracker often referred to as the Jira which is where bugs that affect many users and new feature requests should go.
  • There is the Support Portal where, depending on your membership level you can file Support Tickets or talk to a Live support representative. This is where things that affect your account specifically or land you own usually should be taken to first.

Which support system should I use?

I suggest starting with the Knowledge Base and seeing if your problem or question is listed there. If its not listed, or if it is listed but the suggestions offered don't work then time to move on. The next step is to ask yourself "Is this a bug or technical issue, a Billing issue, or a request to add something new? If the answer is no, then you should probably go to the Second Life Answers page. If the answer is yes, then it needs to go either to the Support Portal or to the Jira.

Here is where it gets tricky. It can sometimes be hard to figure out if something should go to the Support Portal or to the Jira so here's some general guidelines. If it involves:

  • Billing
  • Lost inventory
  • Inability to Log in
  • Something that makes your avatar unable to function correctly
  • Anything that only seems to affect your account(s)
  • Anything time sensitive (it needs fixed in a hurry)

It usually should go to the Support Portal.

If it involves:

  • A feature you want to see added or returned to Second Life
  • A bug that affects multiple accounts owned by multiple people
  • A bug someone else can see and can reproduce
  • Anything a Linden Lab employee told you to make a Jira for.

Then most likely should go to the Jira.

If you aren't sure, you can always go to support and describe your issue and ask nicely where it should go.

Links to my Guides

  • How to file a support ticket for lost inventory
  • How to file a support ticket for Billing issues
  • How to file a support ticket for an appeal of a Governance team action
  • How to file a support ticket for a rollback (Mainly for Concierge members)
  • How to file a support ticket for a bug/account issue
  • How to file a Feature Request in Jira.
  • How to file a Bug Report in Jira.