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DJ Spicee AKA Saffron Sack is one of the many Second Life DJ's you can choose from. However, not many DJ's in Second Life have also DJ'd in real life. DJ Spicee has DJ'd for many years out in the real world; she was a featured DJ on the radio airwaves and hired for a variety of venues for several years. The first time her RL manager heard her he realized he had a natural talent and promoted her for a variety of events with great success. She is first and foremost dedicated to the listening audience and pleasing her fans. In DJ Spicee you find an experienced DJ that connects with people in ways you can only imagine.

The very sexy and sultry voiced Saffron Sack began DJing in Second Life in 2008 on a lovely sim that has since closed down called September Rain. She has also DJ'd at a variety of clubs with a majority at the former Club Erotic City in Juegos. She has also done dual DJ'ing with one of her best friends and one of the best DJ's in Second Life; DJ Sneaky. Their chemistry is off the hook...hearing them together is entertaining beyond description...listeners laugh hysterically at their banter along with enjoying the music.

DJ Spicee has a very tight schedule both in and out of world. So, bookings must be well in advance. The type of music she plays is very diverse and varies from alternative, dance, electonica, techno to even some random top 40 and old school hits.

Since her name is DJ Spicee she specializes in playing some 'risque' music during her sets which are of course for adult ears only. They definetly SPICE up the night and can cause sweaty feet and palms from the kisses she gives on air to the naughty lyrics playing over the stream. She also tends to have her own language or way of speaking that everyone just learns over time, 'Spice Speak'. If its drinking 'Breer', doing 'commercials', going to 'Visit Higgins' or 'Tales from the Hospital', everyone has a blast at her parties! This is not a typical DJ in second life, but a talented artist that gives 100% of herself to the audience and with a great show everytime.