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List of Attendees


[13:06] Jeremy Linden: Who doth occupy my chair?
[13:06] Jeremy Linden: :-P
[13:06] Miura Longoria: depends on what is ur chair :D
[13:07] Jeremy Linden: Arawn is standing in my usual seat. Guess I wasn't quick enough this week!
[13:07] Kate Linden: Arawn has discovered that your chair produces an unstable affect when landing on it.
[13:07] Miura Longoria: kick him off ;)
[13:08] Jeremy Linden: Aha! Here's a suitable seat.
[13:08] Miura Longoria: oops, designed for dwarves
[13:08] Tatanya Dawn: Tatanya Dawn needs a rocking chair.
[13:09] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler struggles to load Jira: Justnudge e off,it's more fun that way
[13:09] Torley Linden: Haha that was a funny jaunt, I bumped into Calyle Linden at Ahern.
[13:09] Torley Linden: Lots of peeps wishing Happy Holidaze.
[13:09] Torley Linden: Daniel, you're a tiny, cel-shaded tree!
[13:10] Daniel Voyager: this av I love
[13:10] Miura Longoria: nice, i followed the invitation on twitter, didn't know about that uhm quantity of lindens here
[13:10] Torley Linden: Welcome everyone to our office hours where we share about Second Life knowledge, tips & tricks, all that awesome stuff
[13:10] Torley Linden: Biffy, that pencil, does it hurt?
[13:10] Torley Linden: Hey Miura, glad you saw it! Welcome!
[13:10] Biffy Berjis: it's a little tingly
[13:10] Miura Longoria: ty ;)
[13:10] Torley Linden: We hold these chat sessions every week at this time and place, most usually...
[13:11] Jeremy Linden: Sorry, did I steal you seat, Bison?
[13:11] Biffy Berjis: but onyl on a tuesday
[13:11] Torley Linden: The last time I saw a pencil that big was at Science World. There were too many awesome exhibits.
[13:11] Daniel Voyager: torley here is my other av lol
[13:11] Bison Nichols: No, that's ok
[13:11] Base Diavolo: -waits for rez-
[13:11] Torley Linden: Daniel, you need a pair so you can be Santa AND the tree!
[13:11] Biffy Berjis: I think all avatars should be impales with office equipment
[13:11] Daniel Voyager: good point
[13:11] Miura Longoria: a santa tree ...
[13:11] Base Diavolo: ok...i see a clear path with no squashings involved..
[13:12] Biffy Berjis: impaled too
[13:12] Torley Linden: Biffy, I'll take a red Swingline stapler.
[13:12] Daniel Voyager: needs a christmas attachment
[13:12] Daniel Voyager: lo
[13:12] Base Diavolo: whooo...and just in time! xD
[13:12] Torley Linden: Base, I'm looking forward to what your avatar will rez and be...
[13:12] Biffy Berjis: haha mai staple
[13:12] Biffy Berjis: r
[13:12] Oliver Szondi: Gha im late again!
[13:12] Oliver Szondi: hihi all
[13:12] Bison Nichols: Bison Nichols wonders who took his stapler
[13:12] Base Diavolo: aww im sorry! i just came straight from the WA and am all tonktastick sculptness
[13:12] Base Diavolo: i didnt think to reduce some prims >.<
[13:12] Miura Longoria: if im talking to much just stop me, im always talking to much :-P
[13:12] Torley Linden: I have Tonktastic coats, they made me feel all Neo like when I jumped across buildings... :)
[13:12] Oliver Szondi: hey carl :D
[13:12] Melchizedek Blauvelt: noone noticed until you pointed out you were late Oliver ;)
[13:13] Base Diavolo: hehe
[13:13] Torley Linden: That is a lot of very industrial, cool detail, Base. Are you into Fallout 3 and such?
[13:13] Bison Nichols: Bison Nichols barks hello to all his friends and acquaintances
[13:13] Base Diavolo: ive not explored fallout more of a TF2 and CSS kinda guy for FPS
[13:13] Base Diavolo: but then again..ive not seen fallout yet <.<
[13:14] Carl Linden: I am also a CSS kind of guy
[13:14] Miura Longoria: so who posted the invitation on twitter? didnt see any before
[13:14] Base Diavolo: woohoo!!
[13:14] Torley Linden: ;D
[13:14] Carl Linden: But I've never played Counter Strike Source
[13:14] Torley Linden: Miura, did you see the name next to it? I know I did, I usually send them weekly but I was absent for the last couple weeks.
[13:14] Carl Linden: I just like cascading style sheets
[13:14] Torley Linden: I'm looking forward to the majesty of Deus Ex 3.
[13:14] Miura Longoria: oops, following second life on twitter since a few days
[13:14] Jeremy Linden: Hmm... CSS or CS:S, which is more dangerous in the wrong hands?
[13:14] Miura Longoria: ok, i shut up :D
[13:15] Base Diavolo: hehehe
[13:15] Torley Linden: Carl has fixed some of the most annoying style issues on , respekt! :)
[13:15] Carl Linden: More to come, I assure you.
[13:15] Base Diavolo: well...i like CS:S and messing in hammer editor making maps and tweeking the physics and running my own server
[13:15] Torley Linden: Speaking of there'll be more Tips & Tricks posted soon... our team has been really occupied with doing help files for the upcoming Viewer 2... can't lift the curtain on that yet but it's exciting...
[13:15] Base Diavolo: -shuts up-
[13:15] Oliver Szondi: :Torley small Q, have you noticed an error message about an E3 protocal? im unable to send tickets :-(
[13:15] Torley Linden: Oliver, in the Support Portal?
[13:16] Oliver Szondi: Yup
[13:16] Oliver Szondi: somthing about an access to an E3 level O.o
[13:16] Torley Linden: Sounds like a permissions oddity, I haven't seen that, Oliver, are you able to call?
[13:16] Oliver Szondi: No sadly, im disabled. does LL have textphones?
[13:17] Torley Linden: Explain "textphones"? :)
[13:17] Daniel Voyager: torley like this lol
[13:17] Oliver Szondi: also having reported issues on people being unable to login or send gifts via xstreetsl due to having to verify there account (i guess the openID) for them
[13:17] Torley Linden: Daniel, there's your combo package, yeahhh!
[13:18] Miura Longoria: btw, torley, i like your vids
[13:18] Daniel Voyager: :D
[13:18] Oliver Szondi: a text phone is like a phone with a keyboad.
[13:18] Torley Linden: Oliver, I don't know as I haven't checked, but I wonder if anyone's reported that on the Issue Tracker yet...
[13:18] Torley Linden: Oh, if you mean SMS, no, we don't handle support tickets that way.
[13:18] Torley Linden: Miura, why thank you! How'd you find out about them?
[13:18] Oliver Szondi: its a RNDA typetalk system
[13:18] Miura Longoria: lol, on youtube
[13:18] Oliver Szondi: Gah i thought it might be the case not many places have it. do you still do e-mail?
[13:19] Miura Longoria: just searching for second life tutorials
[13:19] Torley Linden: Oh cool Miura, that's great to know. I always love origin stories and paths of discovery, how someone finds out about something helpful.
[13:19] Torley Linden: I'm glad to know it works...
[13:20] Bison Nichols: Bison Nichols wants to know tips and tricks for education
[13:20] Miura Longoria: in fact i was working as a reporter for a sl magazine, searched about everything :-P
[13:20] Oliver Szondi: @Torley, i have an idea for a video on 360 images. i have seen a wiki done for it. just no visual stuff. (im a visual learner) :D
[13:20] Torley Linden: Bison, sure thing! Explain what you mean by "education"? Like, in the academic/school sense, or general knowledge?
[13:20] Bison Nichols: academic : )
[13:21] Torley Linden: Bison, explain more? Is there a particular topic you're wondering about?
[13:21] Bison Nichols: SL in higher education
[13:21] Torley Linden: Oliver, I wonder if the AutoStitch people have already done a video tutorial. Their wiki is admirable in some respects.
[13:21] Bison Nichols: Best ractices
[13:21] Bison Nichols: practices*
[13:22] Bison Nichols: Also, SL for enhanced reality
[13:22] Oliver Szondi: @Torley not sure yet!. im going to wait and see if i can afford to purchase the software for next year :D
[13:22] Torley Linden: Ah Bison, I can certainly share that a popular page with educators is since they often need to have meetings, presentations, and other happenings.
[13:23] Miura Longoria: Nicholls, hum, remembers me a suicide anounced in sl, still alife though
[13:23] Kate Linden: Bison, you may also be interested in our Learning Inworld blog posts:
[13:23] Miura Longoria: oops, sorry
[13:24] Torley Linden: Usually queries start with a particular need, "I want to do so-and-so..." along the same lines I wish there were easier options for streaming video into Second Life, if you have knowledge on that topic, #Streaming_video_into_Second_Life
[13:24] Torley Linden: Oh definitely a great link, Kate.
[13:24] Bison Nichols: Ty!
[13:25] Torley Linden: There's also the accompanying Twitter feed which has lots of related links of interest to educators.
[13:25] Bison Nichols: Bison Nichols wags his tail
[13:25] Miura Longoria: in fact, what is this meeting about? only cute person is tatanya... :D
[13:26] Miura Longoria: no offense
[13:26] Bison Nichols: /me, not being a person, is not offended
[13:26] Miura Longoria: ty not person bison
[13:27] Arawn Spitteler: What would I need, for a Mixed Reality Event?
[13:27] Torley Linden: Miura, we generally keep it open and flexible! But since we're the Documentation Team we're focused on topics having to do with Second Life documented help, tips & tricks, knowledge, and such... like it shows on the WANTED sign board by Jeremy.
[13:27] Torley Linden has pinged you.
[13:27] Oliver Szondi: @Arawn a good wifi connection
[13:27] Torley Linden: That covers a lot of ground and tangents DO come up so feel free to ask your curiosity; if we don't know we'll let you know who might know, hehe!
[13:27] Tatanya Dawn: Well thank you, I think... I'm just listening and learning, never too old to learn from others.
[13:27] Bison Nichols: Bison Nichols wonders what mixed reality is. Is that like enhanced reality?
[13:28] Mojito Sorbet: A RL meeting and an SL meeting, linked together. I have been in those. Great fun
[13:28] Biffy Berjis: augmented reality?
[13:28] Oliver Szondi: @torley what happened to john linden? he seems alittle less flexi prim
[13:28] Biffy Berjis: so many tems, solittle time
[13:28] Jeremy Linden: Mixed reality is a situation where real life and a virtual environment interact. Like some of the sessions at SLCC this year that were held both in RL and SL.
[13:28] Knowledge Bear v1.2d: Thank you, Base Diavolo! Let me show you the web page where you can find the Knowledge Base.
[13:28] Bison Nichols: Yes. Augmented reality
[13:28] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler still has to see Avatar: It should be possible to set up Streaming Media, and have live Chat responding
[13:28] Mojito Sorbet: One tip I can pass on is, test out your audio and video hookups well in advance. Something ALWAYS goes wrong
[13:29] Torley Linden: Oliver, this is our faux Jon for when the real deal can't make it. :)
[13:29] Miura Longoria: uh, ok. i know a few things about newbie issues. not sure if that can be helpful
[13:29] Oliver Szondi: ah! LOL
[13:29] Oliver Szondi: Oliver Szondi taps john
[13:29] Torley Linden: YES MOJITO, I can't stress that enough. The same goes when you intend to record movies in Second Life. Always prepare, there tends to be small settings that get overlooked and can throw you off balance when you're not prepared.
[13:29] Torley Linden: It sounds so obvious but I've been in so many situations where someone didn't test their audio/video in advance and panicked. No one needs additional stress when the big event comes!
[13:30] Mojito Sorbet: In the case of RL/SL, there are also streaming services and codecs to worry about.
[13:30] Torley Linden: It helps to stress-test things with friends ahead of time, too, I know long ago when there were Linden Town Hall radio shows, we didn't know how popular they'd be, and our Shoutcast station was overloaded.
[13:30] Mojito Sorbet: Current SL Viewers pretty much expect QuickTime for media, so you need video encoders that can deal with that
[13:31] Torley Linden: Granted you can't get 300 people on a whimsy, but do the best you can.
[13:31] Jami Merryman: smiles - good evening all
[13:31] Torley Linden: Heya Jami!
[13:31] Arawn Spitteler: The four steps of Mixed reality are: Be Prepped; Be prepared; Check that you're all preparred for Anything; be prepared for it anyway
[13:31] Base Diavolo: hello Jami ^^
[13:31] Tatanya Dawn: and bring jello
[13:31] Emmanuelle Zerbino: Jami has some trouble with rezzing in world
[13:31] Melchizedek Blauvelt: Is there any vid/pdf available that deals with the more common presentation problems (like sit, touch, voice,...) for scholars?
[13:31] Jami Merryman: only in your sky box it seems
[13:31] Biffy Berjis: there's no such thing as upnp when it comes to rl/sl joint ventures. Is there any way a layman can have a mixed reality event without knowing much techy-stuff?
[13:31] Torley Linden: I'm hoping to find more people who've done streaming of video into Second Life and can help document it, because currently, it's dependent on 3rd-party software (and as applicable, hardware) so there are additional hoops to jump through which need to be clarified.
[13:31] Jami Merryman: laughs
[13:32] Jami Merryman: hmm never tried streaming
[13:32] Arawn Spitteler: Oh, that's easy. Hire someone who knows the techy stuff
[13:32] Galva Umaga: torley, i have one question, and then im leaving.
[13:32] Mojito Sorbet: I know people who have done that. They might be willing to tyalk to you
[13:32] Oliver Szondi: @torley, i found recently my ISP was throttling down my download rate. the claimed the connections where coming directly from level3 (a provider for sl's servernet) just wanted to let you know that TMS being installed at o2 are alittle slow and crazy right now.
[13:32] Torley Linden: OK Galva! Wassup? :)
[13:32] Biffy Berjis: haha Arawn
[13:32] Galva Umaga: is there a way for an MG person to meet a TG person?
[13:32] Tatanya Dawn: torley, can you point me someplace for that? I sorta do video transcoding for network delivery for a living and could help out with that.
[13:32] Torley Linden: Galva, in Second Life, *no*.
[13:33] Arawn Spitteler: That's why we have Facebook
[13:33] Galva Umaga: didnt they used to do that with Eye4you?
[13:33] Torley Linden: An exception is if you're an educator an cleared for that.
[13:33] Torley Linden: But that's not a general case.
[13:33] Daniel Voyager: approved adult Galva
[13:33] Torley Linden: Yes, what Daniel mentions.
[13:33] Galva Umaga: oh, hi, daniel.
[13:33] Oliver Szondi: :DD
[13:33] Daniel Voyager: hey :)
[13:33] Galva Umaga: how do you become an approved adult?
[13:33] Oliver Szondi: Oliver Szondi hugs the tiny santa.
[13:33] Daniel Voyager: you have to apply via background check through LL
[13:33] Torley Linden:
[13:33] Torley Linden: ^ background check info!
[13:33] Galva Umaga: thanks.
[13:34] Torley Linden: Haha that was great teamwork Daniel.
[13:34] Daniel Voyager: :)
[13:34] Mojito Sorbet: Naw, just have payment info on file is enough, provided you are in the US
[13:34] Arawn Spitteler: The easy way, is to open an account for that 13 year old kid, you don't have
[13:34] Daniel Voyager: I was there from 2006-2008.
[13:34] Daniel Voyager: moved to MG last december
[13:35] Miura Longoria: ok... sl detected that i wanted to talk about beginners problems...
[13:35] Torley Linden: Daniel has documented a lot of his adventures across the grids. :)
[13:35] Daniel Voyager: I have links in my profile if anyone is interested
[13:36] Bison Nichols: Bison Nichols wonders if SL viewers will be combined with IE browsers
[13:36] Jeremy Linden: Daniel, did they let you keep the shovel?
[13:36] Daniel Voyager: Yes. I still have it.
[13:36] Daniel Voyager: lol
[13:36] Torley Linden: Bison, in the proprietary sense, no. However, we'll continue to integrate the web with Second Life. More of that is in Viewer 2 and will be unveiled in good time.
[13:36] Jeremy Linden: Awesome!
[13:37] Daniel Voyager: loved the great old days lol
[13:37] Miura Longoria: anybody except me has problems with windows 7? in sl i mean...
[13:37] Carl Linden: Viewer 2's gonna have some pret-ty cool web stuff.
[13:37] Jeremy Linden: Miura, I'm running Windows 7...
[13:37] Carl Linden: Me too.
[13:37] Tatanya Dawn: As am I.
[13:37] Bison Nichols: Is Viewer 2 in beta yet?
[13:37] Carl Linden: Bison: not yet.
[13:37] Base Diavolo: -waits patiently for his copy-
[13:37] Oliver Szondi: @Torley, when does the RHN wiki start up? ^^
[13:37] Miura Longoria: since i switched to windows 7 i crash far more often than before
[13:38] Bison Nichols: With convergence, is it a good idea for institutions to invest time in OpenSim?
[13:38] Torley Linden: I'm on Windows 7 (32-bit). I've had expected performance on Second Life except for the oddity where sometimes when I login, framerate is unacceptably slow and I have to relog. Not sure what causes it yet.
[13:38] Arawn Spitteler: Is this the shovel?
[13:38] Carl Linden: I haven't had any crashing problems since moving over... and I'd been using Windows 7 RC as well.
[13:38] Torley Linden: Oliver, that's best to ask Lexie and Jeska about!
[13:38] Daniel Voyager: yup
[13:38] Carl Linden: I was using the 32-bit RC, now I'm using the 64-bit RTM
[13:38] Torley Linden: They know more about Resident Help Network since they oversee Volunteerawesomeness.
[13:38] Jeremy Linden: Oh yeah, that's an important distinction. I'm on 64-bit Windows 7.
[13:38] Oliver Szondi: @Torley Ok XD
[13:38] Daniel Voyager: I am on 64-bit too
[13:39] Oliver Szondi: im running a VM on 32-bit
[13:39] Miura Longoria: hum, worked fine on vista before, horrible now on win 7 32 bit
[13:39] Mojito Sorbet: Torley, would you like the name of the tech guy who set up video-into-SL for a big event I was involved with? He can tell you stories.
[13:39] Tatanya Dawn: The only issues I've had using the linden viewer on W7, was I had to roll back the Microsoft provided video driver and install one from the video card company. While the MS driver had a higer version number, it seemed to be really unstable. Installing it from the card manu, made a big difference.
[13:39] Oliver Szondi: @Torley (i know your into mac so i might as well ask) do you know if bootcamp now supports windows 7? LOL
[13:39] Torley Linden: Miura, out of sheer curiosity, is it unexpected crashes, or crashes only when you do something in particular?
[13:39] Torley Linden: Mojito, sure!
[13:40] Emmanuelle Zerbino: when I need to cam, I also crash very easily
[13:40] Mojito Sorbet: Shall I IM it?
[13:40] Miura Longoria: unexpected, just now i was sitting right here and crashed
[13:40] Torley Linden: Oliver, not yet...
[13:40] Daniel Voyager: the SL System Requirements page needs updating with something about windows 7 :D
[13:40] Torley Linden: OK Mojito. :) If he already has any guides out there that'd be cool too, that's fairly elusive.
[13:40] Base Diavolo: are you running SL for multi thread enabled? and if so, have to tried setting your processes to only one core?
[13:41] Torley Linden: Data Linden's been on top of tracking those System Requirements updates, and yeah, after it's been QA'ed by us, Windows 7 should be included, as should many newer graphics cards.
[13:41] Base Diavolo: that solved my crash problems
[13:41] Carl Linden: Too bad that Apple won't be supporting Boot Camp capable computers from 2006 and before...
[13:41] Miura Longoria: only one core? did not try that. ok, didnt think of that. usually sl needed not much of my quad
[13:41] Carl Linden: Windows 7 runs swimmingly on my early 2005 Dell Inspiron.
[13:41] Base Diavolo: it seems to evoke a clock cycle interrupt error when running true milti core epecially on AMD systems
[13:42] Miura Longoria: it is my first intel, and the first major problems i got
[13:42] Oliver Szondi: @Torley, ive herd about there being new rules for building zones. i herd recently script limits, and someones blogged about there being build limits. (just want to know)
[13:42] Torley Linden: Oliver, as before, who is your source?
[13:42] Tatanya Dawn: Torley, regarding video, if you want to drop me a line sometime about what sort of docs you'd like to see about video on sl. Not exactly sure what you're looking for, but I'd be happy to help.
[13:43] Torley Linden: Anytime someone says "I heard a rumor..." or even "I heard..." please provide your source.
[13:43] Oliver Szondi: @Torley,
[13:43] Torley Linden: Ha, well Oliver, some of #3 DOES overlap with the recently-announced Linden Home program. Have you heard of it? :)
[13:44] Arawn Spitteler: I know scripts are a problem, where you've twenty models in sim, and each has 150 hair prims. The scripts don't do anything, but every event has to check, that each prim doesn't care about it.
[13:44] Oliver Szondi: @Torley, indeed :D i am just worried i will be limited to what i can build. i love to build lots of differnt things :D
[13:44] Torley Linden: Tatanya, thanks! In particular, step-by-step experiences on streaming video into Second Life, per #Streaming_video_into_Second_Life
[13:44] Arawn Spitteler: 1.34.1 has some tools, but more's to be done, as the tools are formed.
[13:45] Emmanuelle Zerbino: sorrry, I need to go. Jami went someplace and has "eyes "problems again ...... chuckles........ he is having a blue screen
[13:45] Mojito Sorbet: One hopes the internal representation of scripts and prims is more efficient than that
[13:45] Biffy Berjis: toodles
[13:45] Oliver Szondi: @Torley, do you know any times when the linden home project will be opened up to the rest of the prem members? :D
[13:46] Torley Linden: I'd keep reading for more of Jack's posts on that. :)
[13:46] Tatanya Dawn: ah, direct to stream nifty
[13:46] Bison Nichols: Bison Nichols wonders what the relationship between LL and OpenSim is these days
[13:47] Torley Linden: Yeah Tatanya, so in some cases, we have the tools listed, but not a more thorough step-by-step. It can be fairly confusing as it involves knowing how to use both Second Life and external tools, but those are hot questions, so practical experiences are really useful.
[13:47] Torley Linden: I can say similar things for sculpted prims, making machinima, image editing, and soforth...
[13:48] Bronson Blackadder: speaking of external tools
[13:48] Bronson Blackadder: wegame has been an ass pain recently
[13:49] Torley Linden: What happened? I haven't used WeGame in a long time. I moved to Xfire for awhile because I found their sound recording was more robust, but haven't used either in months.
[13:49] Bronson Blackadder: they recently did an update
[13:49] Bronson Blackadder: 1.1.6
[13:49] Bronson Blackadder: or something
[13:49] Torley Linden: I wish Windows had a more unified audio sound system, recording BOTH system sounds + external mic is one of the things Mac OS X continues to universally do much better and easier.
[13:49] Bronson Blackadder: but half the time it doesnt load up
[13:49] Base Diavolo: what are you recording? just sound?
[13:50] Miura Longoria: i found that yahoo voice worked fine here
[13:50] Torley Linden: Can you downgrade, Bronson?
[13:50] Torley Linden: Awhile back, I found Xfire was the easiest way to stream what you're seeing in Second Life to a webpage... with not too shabby latency... but I don't know if that's gotten any better.
[13:50] Miura Longoria: some messengers only use a hell of bandwith
[13:51] Tatanya Dawn: The secret to a wonderful OSX SL experience is to get a 20 dollar multibutton mousey.
[13:51] Oliver Szondi: i love the magic mouse
[13:51] Oliver Szondi: just find my hand sticks to it too much
[13:51] Torley Linden: I use an Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 on both Mac and Windows, this model has some sort of senescent lifestyle... I forget how old it is but it's still a goodie!
[13:52] Bronson Blackadder: no cant downgrade
[13:52] Arawn Spitteler: Can't downgrade what?
[13:52] Oliver Szondi: @TNT Team, will you be throwing snowballs at winterfest
[13:53] Bronson Blackadder: wegame
[13:53] Base Diavolo: Take care folks, time to go bug the gf ^^
[13:53] Jeremy Linden: I'm on vacation next week, but I may just pop in to throw some snowballs. I still have my secret weapon from last year :-)
[13:53] Torley Linden: You betcha Oliver.
[13:53] Torley Linden: I got good footage of Jeremy, he was running like a mad hare!
[13:53] Torley Linden has pinged you.
[13:53] Oliver Szondi: yay!!!!
[13:54] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler wonders where, in Second Life, Torley would go for Vacation
[13:54] Kate Linden: I'll be throwing Snowballs on the 28th at 1pm.
[13:54] Oliver Szondi: :D
[13:54] Torley Linden: <- check out the events!
[13:54] Oliver Szondi: are we called to use our own snowball equitpment?
[13:54] Torley Linden: Arawn, somewhere I haven't been before. ;)
[13:54] Oliver Szondi: i have a friend of mine who is making a modifed snowball shooter.
[13:55] Torley Linden: I think so, Oliver.
[13:55] Oliver Szondi: good good :D
[13:55] Arawn Spitteler: Set up a media stream, for Boeing's new plane?
[13:55] Torley Linden: I like seeing the innovation that comes up, it's like Wacky Races.
[13:55] Kate Linden: Oliver, there will be a kiosk at each location with snowball throwing equipment.
[13:55] Oliver Szondi: i love getting ready for a winterfest snowball fight.
[13:55] Oliver Szondi: :D
[13:56] Oliver Szondi: ill be using a snowzoka hopfully... may have to use offical snowball hardware.
[13:56] Oliver Szondi: can someone remind me where the snowball sims are going to be? O.o ive forgotten again!
[13:56] Arawn Spitteler: Arawn Spitteler has a rocket launcher, but might keep it under wraps
[13:57] Snowball Artillery: Say "bury" followed by an avatar's name to bombard them with snowballs!
[13:57] Torley Linden: Oliver, it's right on that blog post. :D
[13:57] Remote Snowball Artillery: Touch to select from available targets!
[13:57] Oliver Szondi: Gah soz!
[13:57] Carl Linden: bury Carl Linden
[13:57] Jeremy Linden: Heh!
[13:57] Remote Snowball Artillery: Launching snowball at Kate Linden!
[13:57] Arawn Spitteler: No-Rez by Rezzi Sone
[13:57] Kate Linden: lol
[13:58] Tatanya Dawn: oi!
[13:58] Remote Snowball Artillery: Launching snowball at Jeremy Linden!
[13:58] Remote Snowball Artillery has pinged you.
[13:58] Oliver Szondi: XD
[13:58] Melchizedek Blauvelt: Let's report Jeremy imo
[13:58] Melchizedek Blauvelt has pinged you.
[13:58] Bison Nichols: Gasp! What is happening?!?
[13:59] Jeremy Linden: Report: Jeremy Linden griefing himself.
[13:59] Jeremy Linden has pinged you.
[13:59] Melchizedek Blauvelt: :)
[13:59] Arawn Spitteler: Worse, he's griefing a linden
[13:59] Torley Linden: GRIEF THYSELF.
[14:00] Arawn Spitteler: It's so sad to see, that the ultimate griefer, is the guy with no sense of humor
[14:00] Oliver Szondi: Oliver Szondi whissles.
[14:00] Bison Nichols: Bison Nichols senses things spinning out of control
[14:00] Jeremy Linden: I don't think I'm the *ultimate* griefer..
[14:00] Oliver Szondi: Oliver Szondi thinks jeremy has a skill level over 9000!
[14:00] Oliver Szondi has pinged you.
[14:00] Arawn Spitteler: Daniel Linden is no longer on staff?
[14:01] Remote Snowball Artillery: Launching snowball at Jeremy Linden!
[14:01] Remote Snowball Artillery has pinged you.
[14:01] Bronson Blackadder: lol
[14:01] Torley Linden: Ahhhh snowballs!
[14:01] Torley Linden: The war begins early!
[14:01] Tatanya Dawn: maybee it'll freeze my fleas off
[14:01] Jeremy Linden: It's a cold war.
[14:02] Torley Linden: *laughs*
[14:02] Bison Nichols: Gasp! Fleas!
[14:02] Torley Linden: It's like every one-liner that Ahnuld had in that Batman movie as Mr. Freeze.
[14:02] Torley Linden: "Chill."
[14:02] Oliver Szondi: hmm....what is Benefits Linden? O.o
[14:02] Tatanya Dawn: Human Resorces?
[14:03] Torley Linden: But, we have reached the end of our hour! Thanks for coming and chatting with Doc Team. :)
[14:03] Oliver Szondi: have a wonderful xmas torley!
[14:03] Tatanya Dawn: Thanks torley!
[14:03] Oliver Szondi: and a great new year ^^
[14:03] Torley Linden: You too Oliver, everyone!
[14:03] Tatanya Dawn: Thanks kate and eremy and carl too
[14:03] Tatanya Dawn: jeremy I mean
[14:03] Tatanya Dawn has pinged you.
[14:03] Torley Linden: Rock on into 2010... *guitar riff*
[14:03] Jeremy Linden: Thanks for coming!
[14:04] Carl Linden: Later guys
[14:04] Daniel Voyager: bye Doc Team :)
[14:04] Oliver Szondi: you know what would be good...
[14:04] Kate Linden: Thanks for coming. If I don't see you at the snowball fights, have a wonderful holiday .
[14:04] Oliver Szondi: a small doc called "a day in the life of a linden"
[14:04] Oliver Szondi: tc kate! have a happy holiday
[14:04] Oliver Szondi: ;-))
[14:04] Bison Nichols: Bison Nichols barks ty and g'bye to everyone
[14:04] Jeremy Linden: Oliver, we have a series of those on the blog. :-)
[14:05] Kate Linden: Oliver check out our On Call blog posts. We feature Lindens each month.
[14:05] Tatanya Dawn: funny how almost every meeting of lindens I've ever been to always ends up with lindens throwing things at eachother.
[14:05] Melchizedek Blauvelt: happy holidays all, see you next year :)
[14:05] Oliver Szondi: ooo
[14:05] Oliver Szondi: :D
[14:05] Kate Linden:
[14:07] Jeremy Linden: Bye all!

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