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Contents [hide]

   * 1 What's a bug?
   * 2 What if Second Life is having a widespread service issue right now?
   * 3 What's not a bug?
   * 4 What's the difference between Bugs & New Features?
   * 5 I'm not a geek and I need help!
   * 6 What's a bug report?
(indented) How to Search
(indented) What are Projects and Components?
(indented) How do I find my computer Environment?
(indented) Can I write my bug report in another language?
   * 7 What if the bug I found is really serious and shouldn't be shared?
   * 8 So you've created an issue, what's next ?
   * 9 How do I find out where bugs get fixed?
   * 10 What do the different resolution statuses mean?
(indented) Why was my issue resolved with a status of "Expected Behavior"?
   * 11 I reported a bug but it hasn't been fixed! Why?
   * 12 Want to know more? 
(indented) What software powers your Issue Tracker?

Is a feature not working as everyone expects expected in your Second Life? You may have found a bug!

Issue Tracker (JIRA) is for a Fix in future Viewer or Server version or Web page, Support is for I need help now!

[edit] What's a bug?

An unintended computer problem which happens for more than one person under the same conditions.

[edit] What if Second Life is having a widespread service issue right now?

Generally, login problems, teleport failures, and such are shown on our Grid Status Reports http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ and since we're already working on it, there's no need to file a bug report.

If there's nothing on Grid Status Reports and you are sure there's a widespread service issue right now contact Support at http://secondlife.com/support.

[edit] What's not a bug? https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Not_a_bug

Issue Tracker (JIRA) is for stuff that affects everyone, Support http://secondlife.com/support is for stuff that affects you

[edit] What's the difference between Bugs & New Features?

  * Bug - Something does not work correctly compared to the way it was designed or should be expected to.
  * New Feature - Something that Second Life doesn't do, but you think it would be a great idea or improvement if it could.

[edit] I'm not a geek and I need help!

Don't worry, everyone was new once. There's lots of discussion on the Issue Tracker There's lots of discussion on Second Life Forums > Bug and Issue Reporting http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/forums/bir where experienced Residents help new bug reporters.

[edit] What's a bug report?

A description of a bug, shared by you with us. Useful bug reports are:

   * Easy-to-follow - Ever given driving directions, where you emphasize landmarks to watch for? Bug reports should be like that: they have a sensible order and a friend can follow your steps.
   * Reproducible - Sadly, some bugs are like Bigfoot — hard to find evidence of. But many bugs happen reliably after following a series of steps. Confirm a bug so we can catch it in the wild.
   * NOT account-specific, support issues - Individual situations that desire a response, such as a billing problem, are different! For those, visit our Support Portal and make sure your graphics drivers https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Graphics_Drivers are updated. Many historical bugs have been fixed by newer drivers.

With that in mind:

  1. Go to our Issue Tracker http://jira.secondlife.com/ and read the instructions.
  2. Search the Issue Tracker LINK https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Issue_Tracker/Searching  to see if the bug has already been reported. It's comforting to know someone else has the same problem. LINK VIDEO QUICK-Searching the Issue Tracker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAlXK5hSVMc&feature=player_embedded
     Check the Release Notes https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes for what's new in Second Life. Release Notes highlight features and bug fixes, as well as known issues to be aware of. This context may help you understand whether a change was intentional.
  3. If you find no matches, write a bug report including (1) steps to follow, (2) what you expected to happen, and (3) what happened instead. If you're able to provide pictures, video, or logs in addition to text, even better. 

LINK VIDEO How to report a bug! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jofq8ClPfNg&feature=player_embedded https://blogs.secondlife.com/community/features/blog/2008/01/18/tip-of-the-week-18-how-to-report-a-bug

The goal is to show Linden Lab what you see, so we can see it too, then hunt down and fix the bug.

[edit] What are Projects and Components? https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Issue_Tracker/FAQ#What_are_Projects_and_Components.3F

   * Projects - Used to sort issues into sensible groups. One big project is "VWR" for our Second Life Viewer, the software package you download to use Second Life.
   * Components - The specific area of a problem within a project. 

More Projects and Components are added over time as needed. [edit] Examples

   * Second Life Viewer - VWR
         o Component = Avatar/Character - "My avatar clothing is all black after installing a video driver update"
         o Component = Inventory - "Objects in my inventory don't remain sorted in the correct order after relogging" 
   * Second Life Service - SVC
         o Component = Performance and/or Teleport - "Server performance decreases when several avatars teleport into the Region at once"
         o Component = Scripts - "My scripted objects are not able to talk to the outside world after Second Life Grid downtime" 
   * Second Life Website - WEB
         o Component = wiki.secondlife.com - "Wiki blocks login for Residents with a 'y' in their name"
         o Component = jira.secondlife.com. - "The Issue Tracker always forces me to authenticate, even if I save my login information" 

[edit] How do I find my computer Environment? See http://torley.s3.amazonaws.com/about-second-life-cropped.png

[edit] Can I write my bug report in another language?

While we have a growing number of Lindens who are multilingual, to have your issue understood broadly by the Linden Lab's developers, please have a friend help you with an English translation.

Be sure to follow the Issue Tracker (JIRA) Code of conduct https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Issue_Tracker/Conduct

[edit] What if the bug I found is really serious and shouldn't be shared?

Learn about our Security Issues steps https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Security_issues for exploits that compromise real-life identity, destroy content, and other serious issues that need discretion to be fixed ASAP.

[edit] So you've created an issue, what's next ?

See How does Linden Lab take technical feedback from Residents http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/technology/blog/2009/08/29/taking-technical-feedback-from-residents.

We also hold inworld bug triages where you can add bugs to the agenda beforehand, then discuss with Lindens and Residents. Our Bug Triagers https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage review issues on a regular basis; feel free to join in! Our engineers may require additional information from the issue reporter or other contributors.

How do I keep up with what's going on?

On the left of each issue is a Watch it link you can click. When the issue is updated, you'll get an email notification. You can also view Your Watches.

Who is WorkingOnIt Linden?

A group account used to mark status when an issue is being investigated internally by Linden Lab. This is more communicative than the issue being "Unassigned". Various Lindens can access the account.

[edit] How do I find out where bugs get fixed?

Search the Issue Tracker, or if you find that tricky, check the Release Notes https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes. Each version contains blow-by-blow highlights of what was changed.

[edit] What do the different resolution statuses mean? https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Issue_Tracker/Status

[edit] Why was my issue resolved with a status of "Expected Behavior"?

Often, the Second Life software is behaving exactly as designed, but it can seem wrong if you're not aware of reasons behind the behavior. "Expected Behavior" is used for such cases — where what you saw happen was not a bug, but you're asking for a new behavior we haven't thought of yet.

If you would like to push for a change in that behavior:

  1. First search to make sure someone else hasn't already requested this feature!
        1. If it has already been requested, vote and add your comments to the issue. 
  2. Go to the issue's page and click Reopen Issue on the left. Be sure to state WHY in the comments.
  3. Then, click Edit on the left, change the Issue Type to New Feature by moving it.
  4. Go through the steps and click Move to confirm. 

[edit] I reported a bug but it hasn't been fixed! Why?

We fix many bugs, but it's unrealistic to expect that we'll fix all of them. Let's look at this closer:

   * What do we know? We can't act on bugs that we can't reproduce or don't have enough info about. It's like telling the police a crime happened without evidence. (While bugs aren't criminals, they certainly cause us pain!)
   * Is it enough of a priority? For example, an inventory loss bug that affects many Residents gets a much higher priority than a cosmetic glitch only noticed by a few.
   * What are the dependencies? Second Life is a complex system and we need to be sure, even if a bug seems simple, that fixing it won't create more bugs in related areas. 

For more background,

[edit] Want to know more? see How does Linden Lab take technical feedback from Residents http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/technology/blog/2009/08/29/taking-technical-feedback-from-residents and these links

         o How to search  
         o Code of conduct
         o Resolution statuses 
         o Visit the Issue Tracker cCategory - All pages related to the Issue Tracker.

[edit] What software powers your Issue Tracker?

JIRA from Atlassian, which you can read the general documentation to. If you find a bug with JIRA itself, contact Atlassian. [edit] How do I customize my settings?

   * View your User Profile - Some details, like your Username and email address, are tied to your main Second Life info. If you want to change those, visit Your Dashboard.
   * Edit Your Preferences - A few options can be customized. You can also change your language here. 

After you've learned the essentials of bug reporting, give it some time to digest. Then: