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Review the Style Guide and Glossary

Quote from How to Localize Your World#Review the Style Guide and Glossary:

Linden Lab has created a Style Guide and Glossary for each of the seven languages it supports. These contain the translation recommendations for each language. Reviewing this before beginning translation will save translation time and error, and make changes easier for Linden employees to QA and incorporate in a new viewer.

This Style Guide recommends to translate the English word You with the German Sie. German Linguists considered this translation as inapropriate for a medium such as the Second Life Wiki. We discussed this topic at a previous meeting and got the feedback from Lexie Linden to translate formal articles (like rules and guidelines) with "Sie", while using "Du" for conversational topics. A revision of already translated articles is welcomed but no must.

German localization specialist Simone Linden clarified at the monthly GsL meeting of November, that Sie will be used for the Second Life web page, to also address businesses. (Transcript).