Good - Evil Microcontinent

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Good - Evil

A160 is the temporary name of this Microcontinent. It is located inside Grid Sector I9 (but has a sim in H9), in Western Ocean, South to Caledon - Winterfel and West to Estate Continent. The name Good - Evil is not official, it comes from the name of the sims. Coordinates are 899-903/947-949.


It is formed of 11 sims and have a compact shape. There are two sims named Good and Evil, one close to the other. The other sims have more evil names then good names.


All landscape is dark-urban, with almost no water and no unbuilt land. Inhabited Land is 100% here. There are a lot of buildings, partially abandoned, streets, tunnels and garbage. Night is fallen forever over this land. Don't expect to find flowers here, more likely you will find toxic waste and war zones.

Land Status

The microcontinent is a large roleplay and combat area.

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