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Feature Design Document


Functional Spec

Move via:

  • W A S D
  • arrows
  • can fly
  • can teleport via world map
  • shortcuts for all windows
  • Tab ⇆ takes you to the tool bar
  • Enter ↵ toggles the selected tool bar button and
    • sometimes moves the focus to the opened window
    • sometimes keep the focus on the button (fly)
    • sometimes traps your focus (snapshot)
  • Ctrl+Tab ⇆
    • moves cycles focus through the open windows and the tool bar (but skips minimap)
  • can chat via keyboard
    • cannot select chat history text via keyboard
  • can IM via keyboard
    • cannot select IM history text via keyboard
    • cannot build via keyboard


  • can navigate Inventory with up and down arrow keys.
  • can open and close folders with right and left arrow keys.
  • can copy, paste, delete
  • can rename (if permissions allow)
  • can wear body parts and clothes via Enter ↵
  • can open certain types of items via Enter ↵ (notecards, scripts, gestures, calling cards, textures)
  • otherwise, open their Properties
    • cannot access context menus of inventory items via keyboard
    • cannot attach or detach.
    • cannot make new items
    • cannot access the Inventory menus
  • Can access all areas on my profile
  • Can access all areas of other peoples profile.
  • Make sure you can access all areas of Snapshot Preview via keyboard (currently broken, 12-06)
  • escape
  • Deal with blue dialogs
  • Deal with modal boxes. (escape does not deal with "Teleport someone to your location" box)

Test scripts


Discussion for future improvements

Avatars need to be controllable with the mouse. Up down left right. An avatar now has to take two steps backward, then two forward just to go one step left or right. and sightseeing requires avatars to completely stop before looking to the left or right. mouselook is just to shaky to spend much time in. and build mode already interrupts movement.

Relationship to other features

List of features that need to be tested when this feature changes, and why.


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