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STATUS: proposal

version: 000

This extension is purely informational, allowing a controller to query the relay to obtain its operational mode.

The controller sends the command !x-mode to the relay, which responds with its current operating mode.
Controller: !x-mode
Relay: !x-mode,(ask,auto)/(none,black,white,blackwhite)
A device needs precise timing or multiple controllers in series to work, and requires different methods for Ask mode or Auto mode relays, for compatibility.
Some Relays have a "semi auto" or "playful" mode, which allows "=force" commands, but not restrictions. This should be considered "ask" unless there is significant reason to have a third identifier.
Relays that have "Landowner Trusted" as an option should also be considered "ask" mode if they ask permissions for non-trusted objects, since not all RLV devices may be Landowner's.