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VERSION: 000 (not implementable yet)

STATUS: proposal

Enables safewording in the relay for the current source (if safewording was disabled).



!x-setsafe possible answers: ok or ko

!x-getsafe possible answers: a safe_mode

safe_mode's can be either "none", "cond" or "uncond"... (maybe more to be added... and maybe names should be changed)

Key points

  • for a source: never rely on safewords if we are not sure the targeted relay accepted and understood the command, i.e: "safe" must be in !x-orgversions reply AND, !x-setsafe must have been "ok"'d to be considered valid
  • for a relay: !x-setsafe will always either
    • change safewording mode to a mode that is easier or as easy to safeword as both the relay general safewording setting and the requested one, and then answer "ok"
    • or answer "ko".
  • safewording modes are:
    • "none": there is no way to safeword
    • "cond": the wearer can safeword under some conditions that are possible to meet (ex: the infamous "evil safeword" makes it possible to safeword only if nobody is around or it will ask one person around for authorization)
    • "uncond": the wearer can always safeword



Will force the avatar naked for at least half an hour of SL time, then make it possible to ask permissions to put clothes on after that delay. Note that the victim does not necessarily know the delay duration... and is not necessarily notified when it expires!

If the relay only implements a simple unconditional safeword, then the unconditional safeword should be enabled instead.