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STATUS: deprecated

version: 000

Two new commands !x-simwide and !x-simwide/clear explained below.

Description of !x-simwide

The relay must answer ok if and only if the source is a grabber. Otherwise the answer is always ko. The effect of this command is as follows: for any command @getsomething:xxx=channel, the relay must listen to the viewer's answer and resend it using llRegionSayTo() using the same channel and to the source. So !x-simwide enables to use such command with a hud which is more than 100m away (simwide mode).

Typical exchange (if C is already accepted by the relay) in chat session:

C -chat on RLVRC-> R: enable_forward,!x-simwide
C <-chat on RLVRC- R: enable_forward,!x-simwide,ok
C -chat on RLVRC-> R: outfit_query,@getoutfit=1111
C <-chat on RLVRC- R: outfit_query,@getoutfit=1111,ok
R --llOwnerSay--> V: @getoutfit=1111
R <-chat on 1111- V: 0010011111111110
C <-chat on 1111- R: 0010011111111110
C -chat on RLVRC-> R: disable_forward,!x-simwide/clear
C <-chat on RLVRC- R: disable_forward,!x-simwide/clear,ok

Interaction with !x-takeover

These instructions must be used only with llRegionSayTo(). So the relay will have to save the uuid key of the grabber and also will have to update it after a !x-takeover.

Interaction with !x-handover

After a !x-handover, the next grabber must send a new !x-simwide to enable the simwide mode again.