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STATUS: draft

version: 001

Implemented in Dahlia's multirelay and Satomi's multirelay with Susan's syntax

Implemented in Dahlia's multirelay 1.3.7 with ORG syntax


Two new commands !x-thirdview and !x-thirdview/clear which are synonyms of Susan's relays commands @thirdview=add and @thirdview=rem

Description of !x-thirdview

!x-thirdview forces the wearer of the relay to use mouselook mode. The interest of this command is to be able to force the wearer to use mouselook mode even in grid-wide mode.

  • The acknowledgment for !x-thirdview is either !x-thirdview,ok or !x-thirdview,ko, not @thirdview=add,ok or @thirdview=add,ko. Idem for !x-thirdview/clear.

Interaction with !x-vision

When the wearer does not want to switch for mouselook mode, a blind command like !x-vision/<0'0'0>/1.0/TEXTURE_BLANK/1.0'1.0/0.0'0.0/0.0 will be executed by the relay itself until the wearer changes the mode.