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Bay City Sites : Urban hangouts for your must-see list!

Bay City Industrial Park.jpg

Bay City Industrial Park

The heart of industry in Bay City for rail to boat traffic.

Bay City Municipal Airport.jpg

Bay City Municipal Airport, Hau Koda

Hangar, terminal and a runway; the airship mooring tower is just to the south in the Bay City - Docklands Region.

New Port Yacht Club.jpg

Bay City Yacht Harbor, New Port

Yacht club, seaplane ramp, and boat slips for lease.

Bayjou Theater.jpg

Bayjou Theater, Bay City

A home for machinima movies in Bay City.

Cafe Deco.jpg

Cafe Deco, Bay City

Classy Art Deco Cafe. Cool place to relax, listen to music and have a free coffee!

Canal Park Municipal Wading Pool.jpg

Canal Park and Municipal Wading Pool, Bay City

Peaceful park and wading pool in Bay City - Morton


Channel Island Asylum, Bay City

For all the mad people. Very Scary!!


Far Point Park, Bay City Molesworth

A geometric park of leafy tranquility, remotely situated for your pleasure and relaxation

Hot Balls Bowling Alley.jpg

Hot Balls, Bay City Handa

Knock 'em down in Bay City's own bowling alley

The Lab in Bay City Moloch.jpg

The Lab in Bay City Moloch

A mysterious, abandoned lab. what sort of foul experiments took place here?



Archeological site in Bay City - Imaginario featuring the Mole-azer, the labryinth, and other fun pursuits

Moose Beach.jpg

Moose Beach Infohub

Enjoy the local ambience at Squishybottoms Rock and Roadhouse or grab a table at Scales 'n' Tails.


Hotel Falmouth

Once Bay City's glittering jewel, this luxury hotel now stands abandoned due to supernatural trouble.