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Consider the following scenario:

Bob Avatar encounters, inworld, a store called CompuBuyPlace selling computer equipment. He finds a kiosk with a picture, taken from real life, of a nice wireless optical mouse, which he decides to buy. The Kiosk asks him to pay L$1,000,000 and supply his real-life address. Bob Avatar pays the million Linden Dollars and enters his address. Sure enough, two weeks later, a box arrives at Bob Avatar's real-life apartment from CompuBuyPlace containing the nice wireless optical mouse.

Can this actually happen?

Nothing in the Terms of Service prohibits this, but you should be aware that Second Life generally isn't designed to be a platform for "real world" business transactions, as Linden Dollars aren't designed as a "currency" or currency substitute. You therefore take these steps at your own peril, including potentially subjecting yourself to potential fraud (such as fraudulent L$ exchange), and subject to any relevant tax, licensing or other laws. Further, Linden Lab doesn't own, operate, or insure third parties like the one described above, and therefore will be unlikely to be able to resolve any disputes that arise. If you have any other questions, you may wish to consult an attorney.