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Linden Lab's delinquency policy is spelled out in various areas of the Terms of Service (ToS) and Knowledge Base. Links to the relevant ToS topics and Knowledge Base articles are below. The delinquency policy is as follows:

  • If you owe a balance for more than 30 continuous days, your primary and alt accounts will be placed in delinquency status. This status will enable you to access to clear the balance, but you will not be able to access your inworld accounts while delinquent.
  • We'll do our best to work with you to get the account clear, but we are no longer able to unlock accounts for the purpose of selling Linden™ dollars (L$) on the LindeX™ in order to clear an account delinquency.
  • We cannot allow alt accounts to continue to operate while another account is in delinquency. Alt accounts may be placed into administrative hold and you may be logged out of active sessions during this time.

Since every situation is unique, please contact customer support if there's anything we can do to expedite getting the payment to us, or if you feel the balance due is in error. Links: