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"Absolutely no personal information that is supplied for the automated age verification process is stored or otherwise retained by Linden Lab or its verification partner Aristotle-Integrity. We keep only an indicator that tells us whether there was a positive match for the information you have provided.

Thus, this information will be used only for the purpose of verifying that a Resident is an adult, and will not be transferred or retained unless that is required by law, i.e., pursuant to a law enforcement investigation and proper legal process."

The way this is phrased, Linden can save personally identifying information from your verification, and use it to identify the same person verifying two avatars that are otherwise unconnected. It doesn't say that no personally identifying information is saved, just information you put directly into the form. And it doesn't say that the indicator/code can't tell them other things, just that it's all they save and one thing that it tells them. It could save a hash from the form or something else personally identifying in that code. It uses words like 'no personal information' and 'only keep an indicator that tells us' which is either a directly misleading loophole, or an accident. Either way it should be fixed. Aria Twig 19:13, 26 October 2010 (UTC)