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Localization of Second Life Work into German

The purpose of this page is to facilate communication between Linden Lab and the Localizers German team working on the localization of the SL Work project.

Please enter your question on this wiki and I will do my best to provide an answer!

  • Question:

File "SL_Work_EN_strings.po_xx.rtf": Can we use typographical German quotes? E.g. „Diese progressive Mentalität wurde von allen begrüßt.“

The 100% matches in the TM contain straight English quotes.

Answer: Thank you for bringing this up. For the new website and also new translations I am using typographical quotes. I have not managed to update the TM. Therefore, please use German quotes on sl work website. Danke!

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File "SL_Work_EN_strings.po_xx.rtf":

There are a few sentences that might need to be rewritten since they are no longer true:

The NOAA case study PDF is available in <a href='http://secondlifegrid.net.s3.amazonaws.com/docs/Second_Life_Case_NOAA_EN.pdf'>English</a> only.

Die PDF der NOAA-Fallstudie steht nur in <a href='http://secondlifegrid.net.s3.amazonaws.com/docs/Second_Life_Case_NOAA_EN.pdf'>englischer Sprache</a> zur Verfügung.

I thought that the NOAA and other case studies (Intel etc.) are now also available in localized form. We will for the moment translate literally but wanted to point it out for post-editing purposes.

Answer: Excellent point! This will apply to F and J as well. On the website in box with title Download This Case we currently use: The NOAA case study PDF is available in English only. Look for additional tranlsations here soon.

For NOAA, Cigna-vielife, Northrop Grumman, IBM, Intel and Loyalist College the case studies exist in FJG. I will find out if we already have a link for these case studies and what the text for the box will be once the translated case studies are available. Thanks for pointing this out! Gruss, Simone

update: We will change the English text along with the translations after the first translation pass, and after the PDFs are produced. The (future) format of the text will be like what's currently online at:

 IBM case study

As PDFs for the other languages are ready, we'll add on to that list.

The English and localized pages will have the same content and format, each will have links to all case studies.

Thanks again for bringing this up. Please translate the text as is in your files :)

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File "SL_Work_EN_strings.po_xx.rtf": I am not sure I understand this sentence: "By setting objects to group ownership, you give any member of a specific group to edit content." Can you help rewrite it? Certain objects can be transferred so they are owned by the group. Should the last bit be:

"...you give any member of a specific group content to edit" (rather than "to edit content")? Thank you!


I think there is something missing in this sentence. It should be:

By setting objects to group ownership, you give any member of a specific group the right to edit content.

Meaning, that if you build an object, you can set it so that it is owned by a specific group. The members of this group will then be able to edit the content of this object.

If you open the Viewer, go to a sandbox (land where you can build), click on "Bauen" and create an object, then go to the tab "Allgemein", on there you can "Festlegen" an object to a group (I am sorry about the Denglisch!")

So it is something like: Wenn Sie ein Objekt auf eine Gruppe festlegen, erhält jedes Gruppenmitglied die Berechtigung dessen Inhalt zu bearbeiten.

I can't see the context, to me this sounds very viewer specific. I am surprised to have this sentence on sl work!

Does this help? Let me know if you need more info. Gruss, Simone

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