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Localization of secondlife.com and Landstore into Italian

The purpose of this page is to facilate communication between Linden Lab and the Localizers Italian team working on the localization of sl.com and Landstore.

Please enter your question on this wiki and I will do my best to provide an answer!

  • Question:

Translation of file "LL_22_09_09_en.html": There is the following sentence:

The total land area of Second Life is now equivalent to approximately two billion square meters – roughly the size of the state of Rhode Island.

I translated the sentence as-is, but there are two issues: According to Wikipedia, the area of Rhode Island is 4 billion square meters (4000 square km). What number should we use, 2 or 4 billion? "The size of the state of Rhode Island" does not mean anything to an Italian. Do we use an equivalent Italian land mass? The Molise region is slightly larger than the state of Rhode Island.

Please advise.

  • Question:

Is there an existing Italian term for the following English terms (which I did not find in the glossary provided), or do any of them stay in English?

Homestead Mainland Market Place Freezing Concierge

What about the following two UI strings?

sell objects with the land Second Life Grid Status Reports


For: Homestead should stay as is. Mainland can be translated, it is a type of land in SL. Basically you have the mainland (continent in French) and private islands

Market Place can be translated. It refers to XstreetSL I believe

Concierge can stay as is. It is a type of premium service.

"To freeze" means to prevent an avatar from moving. It should be translated.

sell objects with the land --- > You sell the objecs located on the land along with the parcel. It is an option in the viewer when you sell your land.

Second Life Grid Status Reports --- > http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ That page is not translated in FR but the link is: État de la grille de Second Life

  • Question:

Do the Estate type names (i.e. Hill and Dale, Loch Lake, Ruth's Retreat) get translated? French translated the first one, did not tranlate the second one, and partially translated the third one.


Please translate when you think the meaning might be obscure for Non-English speakers. This is what I did for French. it is hard to come up with "catchy" marketing names, but I am sure you'll be inspired :-)

  • Question:

Can you explain the date format "F j, Y."


Have to check... Hi, we found the following information: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.date.php

F = month (full text)

j = day of the month (without leading zeroes)

Y = year (four digits)

Hope this helps! Sabine

  • Question:

Can you explain the following string:



Please leave as is.

  • Question:

What comes after the following string (I am assuming coordinates):

Reservation at

Answer: I think so

  • Question:

Openspace is sometime written as one word and other times as two words (Open space). Should it be one word or two? And should it be left in English?

Answer: Please leave in EN and make it one word!

  • Question:

What does "neighborhood living" mean? Is this what in real life would be called "urban living"? I am not sure that the term has a cultural equivalent in Italian.

Answer: It means you have neighbors and you're not isolated.

  • Question:

I have tried to maintain a gender-neutral language, but in Italian the beginning of email messages ("Dear..." or "Welcome...") depends on the gender of the person it is sent to. I am using a masculine form, is that going to be an issue?

Answer: In French, I say Cher(e) XYZ. So I offer both options. If you cannot in IT, use the masculine bu default.