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Simple add on tool for MLPV2 that puts a button on the MLPV2 menu that sets the texture on any number of prims. Put several in a menu to give a choice of textures.

This script won't work for props, only for the prim where the MLPV2 scripts are, and the prims linked to it. This script should *not* be used for objects with lots of prims that need retexturing.

By Teq Hutchinson, November 2009. Simplified by Lear Cale, March 2011.

Steps to use:

  1. Create a new script in your inventory. Name it whatever you want, but LC recommends "~~texture".
  2. Drop this script into every prim that you want retexturable;
  3. Add the textures you wish to use into each retexturable prim;
  4. Add lines like the following to a menu in your MLPV2 .MENUITEMS.* notecard(s):
LINKMSG Choice1 | 0,-1,987777,Texture1
LINKMSG Choice2 | 0,-1,987777,Texture2

Each line creates a menu button. There are two elements for you to customize:

  • Choice1 : the wording that you want to appear for the button on the blue menu.
  • Texture1 :the name (case and spacing sensitive) of the texture you need to use.
// Texture Changer script
// add-on by Teq Hutchinson for MLPV2. November 2009.
// simplified by Lear Cale, March 2011
    link_message(integer sender_num, integer num, string str, key id)
        if (num == 987777 && llGetInventoryType(str) == INVENTORY_TEXTURE)
            // This will apply your texture to all the sides of the prim
            // SEE if you need something different
            llSetTexture(str, ALL_SIDES);