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This page is a place to list documents that describe business practices, business uses of Second Life, and similar documents. (This is not a place to post technical documents.)

Please provide author, title, date, a brief description, and a link to the document. link title

Title Virtual Spaces: Enabling Immersive Collaborative Enterprise, Part 1: Introduction to the opportunities and technologies

Author: Luba Cherbakov (, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM, Robi Brunner (, Services Engineer, IBM, Rob Smart (, Emerging Technologies Specialist, IBM, Charisse Lu (, Software Engineer, IBM

Date: 30 Jun 2009

Description: Summary: Globalization and a challenging business environment are placing new demands on today's enterprises. Organizations that are in an increasingly distributed environment are striving to provide guidance and enablement for teams working across disparate time zones. Very few turn to virtual worlds to enhance their enterprise's collaboration platform. In this series, learn how to apply virtual worlds to the enterprise, how they relate to SOA, and and how virtual spaces can improve corporate support for distributed multicultural teams. Examples include IBM experience in building virtual spaces environments for remote mentoring and learning, gaming-enhanced team building, scenario driven rehearsals, and multipurpose global events with complex social interactions. Learn about virtual world engines and enabling technologies, such as voice and mobile, and explore technical and business challenges. Tangible business results, and lessons learned, are also covered. In this first article, get a brief history of virtual worlds and a summary of six technologies that enable virtual spaces.

Title Managing Meetings in Second Life

Author Shirley Williams and Pauline Randall

Date: July 2009

Description: This concise booklet is a guide to managing meetings in Second Life. Briefly it reviews considerations about people, place and technology to help you be successful holding meetings in Second Life. It's published under Creative Commons, No Commercial, Attribution License.

Title Worlds and Serious Business.pdf Virtual Worlds and Serious Business

Author: Daden Limited

Date: April, 2008

Description: This paper is an attempt to learn from what we have seen since that summer of 2006, and identify the areas where virtual worlds are able to deliver real business benefit. All of our learning in this area is summed up in our 9 Point Virtual Worlds Business Plan.


Title Virtual Birmingham

Author: Daden Limited

Date: April, 2008

Description: This paper presents some initial ideas and analysis as to how Birmingham could take advantage of the emerging technology of virtual worlds. It provides a comprehensive overview that should be useful to any organization considering a presence in Second Life or the virtual world. This initial paper seeks to identify:

  • How cities are, and could, use virtual worlds
  • Possible levels of fidelity
  • What technologies are available
  • What a strategy might look like
  • What the benefits could be for the city

Title: Making Learning Fun and Social

Author: Anders Gronsted

Date: April/May 2008

Description: A new generation of “digital natives” are entering your workforce and market and their media experiences are more defined by The Sims and World of Warcraft rather than television. Are you ready for them? If this is something you've been pondering, but haven't /done/ anything about, my latest Elearning Magazine (April/May 08) on virtual world learning might provide some useful strategic insights for your organization.

Title: Doing Business In Second Life

Author: Jason Hull with thanks to AC Capehart, Betsy Linden, Peter Finn, Rick Hamilton, and many others.

Date: 3/17/2008

Description: Second Life and virtual worlds are rapidly growing in popularity, but as many are finding, the path to virtual world riches is scattered with the husks of unsuccessful startup attempts. This paper examines Second Life, its economics, business models, and looks at considerations for conducting business in Second Life with a view towards long-term stability rather than short-term profits. Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States license.


Leave your parachute at home: Seven tips for real-world businesses in Second Life

Authors: Elastic Collision, Aaron Delwiche, Jennifer Henderson

Date: 2/12/08

Description: Based on a comprehensive survey of more than 800 respondents, this paper discusses seven pieces of advice that Second Life residents would give to real-world organizations who are planning to set up shop in the virtual world.


The Virtual Brand Footprint: The Marketing Opportunity in Second Life

Authors: combinedstory, DMD New York, Market Truths

Date: 8/22/07

Description: "The Virtual Brand Footprint: The Marketing Opportunity in Second Life" is an exhaustive survey and analysis of Second Life builds and virtual worlds strategy. It includes an extensive appendix and resources relating to Second Life and virtual worlds.

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