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MM Training Charter

The Mental Mentor Training Division is the group created to hold all prospective SecondLife residents in the application, training and testing process to become MM Mentor Volunteers.

The owners of the MMT are:

1. Doctor Gascoigne

2. Jezzie McCellan

3. Shawn Masters

Lead Trainer:

The position of Lead Trainer within the Mental Mentor group is a crucial one if new volunteers are to be recruited and trained.

The Lead Trainer in Mental Mentors shall be made an owner of the MM Training Group.

The Lead Trainer shall be responsible for the selection of suitable and qualified trainers from within the Mental Mentor Group.


The Lead Trainer may appoint Trainers. Trainers will conduct Orientation and training sessions with MM Apprentice Mentors. They will also monitor Mentor buddy sessions.

MM Mentors in Training:

Applications made to this group do not guarantee acceptance as a MM Apprentice Mentor nor MM Mentor Volunteers.

Due to the fact that we no longer will be able to do a reference check for prospective apprentice mentors a formal interview will be required of all prospective apprentice mentors.

Each application will be reviewed for its merit and the Lead Trainer or a MM Trainer nominated by the Lead Trainer will be required to interview prospective new Apprentice Mentors.

There will be formal training given to all successful applicants that apply to be MM Mentors.

Trainees who do not pass the training at the first attempt will be given two more opportunities to pass the training.

If any apprentice does not pass the training on the third attempt, they shall be advised to re-apply to become a MM Apprentice Mentor in 12 months time.

Application Process:

1. Formal Application. Application should be made via notecard resume. Must include previous experience as a Resident Helper and at least 2 supportive recommendation notecards from either a current Mental Mentor or a leader in another RHN group.

2. Interview with applicant.

3. Attendance of orientation/training classes conducted by MMTD Trainers.

4. Buddy sessions with a MMT Trainee Buddy.

5. Interview with Trainer

Upon successful completion of the application/training process, the MMT Apprentice Mentor will be transfered to the Mental Mentor group.