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We are hoping to generate a list of Solution Providers that have done government-agency related work in SL, have government clearance or are registered. If you are such a solution provider, please add your details to this page (in alphabetical order).

Aimee Weber Studio, Inc

Description: Aimee Weber Studio, Inc is a woman-owned corporation providing information technology (IT) consulting and implementation that specializes in virtual worlds. Our team provides provides professional IT and management consulting services.

Aimee Weber Studio is a privately-held firm headquartered in Rutherford, NJ with an office located in New York.


SLURL: NOAA sims Okeanosand Meteora

Government Related Clearance/Registration/etc:

Government Related Portfolio: The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration's and the Earth System Research Laboratory(ESRL)sim is called Meteora,which is derived from the Greek adjective meteoras which means 'suspended in the air'. The 2nd sim is Okeanos. On these lovely island sims you can find fully interactive educational demonstrations about the ocean and weather including a sea life submarine ride and a tsunami.

Code4Software LLC

Description: Code4Software is a full service software development and IT integration firm based in South Florida. We can put enterprise quality expertise to work for you by leveraging our twenty years of experience creating software for Fortune 1000 corporations like American Express, Office Depot, Coldwell Banker, Mattel, and more.

We specialize in hybrid virtual world software development projects that include the world’s first virtual world metrics capture and analysis platform V-Tracker used by IBM for their 3D Internet initiatives. We coined the term 'Virtual World Metrics and Analysis' and are deeply involved with industry organizations in the crafting of virtual world metrics standards. Code4Software principle Jared Freedman is a recognized pioneer in the field, regularly speaking on the topic at E-Metrics Summit and other industry tradeshows.

Code4Software also offers metrics-backed advertising and content management systems that allow centralized web-based management of in-world content which was used to manage the largest in-world networked advertising system within Second Life: the AdSoft system.

We have created commercially successful projects within Second Life and were the sole provider of development and in-world management services for Coldwell Banker's Second Life initiatives.

From in-world 3-D modeling and development services to enterprise level software that handles millions of transactions per day with no down time, Code4Software has you covered.

Some of our offerings:

  • V-Commerce Systems.
  • Specialists in Virtual World Metrics and Analysis.
  • Virtual World Experience Optimization (VWEO, a Code4Software exclusive service).
  • Behind-the-firewall solutions for content managment and metrics.
  • In-world staffing and In-world Customer Relationship Management solutions (CRM).
  • Enterprise class Internet application development
  • Commercial-grade E-Commerce.
  • Business Intelligence, OLAP, Data Warehouse/Data Marts, and Executive Dashboards.
  • Full service 3-D Internet development.
  • Interactive entertainment.
  • Innovation and creativity aligned with real-world objectives.


Phone: (305) 867-1011


Contact: Jared Freedman

SLURL: Code4Software in Second Life

Government Related Clearance/Registration/etc: We are a CCR registered company since 2007 and have performed work for local government agencies, most notable being a project for Miami-Dade County Public Schools and are a privately held U.S. Military Veteran owned company.

Cranial Tap, Inc.

Description: Cranial Tap is a full service virtual world developer responsible for bringing businesses and organizations into engaging environments such as Second Life. We offer a suite of productivity solutions that support global collaboration, sharing of ideas, conducting of research, embedded learning / training systems and branding. Visual 3D environments support these goals in ways never before possible.

Solutions include:

  • Web managed environments
  • Powerful metrics and analysis
  • Data driven objects
  • Media display and content management
  • Gaming
  • Learning, training and assessment integration
  • Full service design, build, and animation capabilities
  • Support for real world marketing, commerce, media, programming, and product virtualization


Contact: Dave Levinson

Phone: (703) 879-8499


Designing Digitally Inc.

Description: Designing Digitally Inc. is a full service design firm specializing in the development of creative spaces and engaging custom interactions within Second Life. We are experienced on the Main Grid, as well as the Teed Grid and have a strong focus on creating the right interactive experiences to meet the goals of each agency we work with. Our services range from help setting up accounts to building, texturing and scripting an entire island and/or multiple islands. Our number one initiative is making sure that each of our clients meets their initiatives within Second Life.



Government Related Clearance/Registration/etc.: GSA Schedule 70 - IT Contract Holder

Government Related Portfolio: Matrix Learning Island for the Ohio Board of Regents,, Metro High School for the Ohio Board of Regents.

FireSabre Consulting

Description: We are a full-service building and consulting company for Second Life (TM) (SL). We can help you design, set up, and deploy your SL presence, and provide ongoing support after delivery. We are experienced with educational and non-profit projects, on both the Main Grid and Teen Grid. We can arrange land purchase, provide terraforming, building, scripting, texturing and clothing, account creation, and other administrative services. We're familiar with external server connections to SL. Our president formerly wrote training simulations for the International Space Station. We're a Houston-based, privately-owned firm.

In addition to our commercial and government projects, FireSabre is heavily involved in K-12 education. We've supported the award-winning Ramapo/Suffern project for three years. Ramapo(newer) Ramapo(older)


SLURL: Examples of our builds

Government Related Clearance/Registration/etc:

Government Related Portfolio: We built a climate monitoring satellite exhibit for National Physical Laboratory (NPL) which is the UK’s National Measurement Institute. Also, we're collaborating with NASA Learning Technologies. POC: stephanie.l.smith AT

Maya Realities

Description: The importance of understanding customer behavior is critical for a successful business. Until recently, the necessary tools have not existed for virtual world environments like Second Life. Maya Realities allows your 3-D web site based in Second Life to connect with visitors at a new level of analysis. We offer a variety of analytics to meet your needs as well as database back-ended feedback surveys and an API to measure interaction with your existing virtual objects. As the emerging 3-D Internet takes shape, what better way is there to verify the return on your investment?


Phone: (303) 872-7715


SLURL: Maya Realities Second Life Office

Government Related Portfolio: Maya Realities has worked with a variety of governmental agencies including the DOD, NASA, NOAA, NIH, and the UK's NPL.

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Description: Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC) is a $32 billion global defense and technology company with 120,000 employees who provide innovative systems, products, and solutions in information and services, electronics, aerospace and shipbuilding to government and commercial customers worldwide. Eight business sectors comprise Northrop Grumman to include Information Technology.

Northrop Grumman Information Technology (NGIT) is a premier provider of advanced IT solutions, engineering and business services for government and commercial clients. Headquartered in Herndon, the company's expertise spans such areas as information systems integration; command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR); enterprise hardware and software solutions; training and simulation; base and range support; signals intelligence; space systems; health informatics; and specialized scientific, engineering and technical services.

NGIT TASC’s Netcentric Information Operations Department (NIOD) currently has the capability within Second Life to virtualize real world places, objects and ideas, create extensive scripts for use and interaction for training, simulation, and mock up, and create unique HUDs specialized for such purposes. Our capabilities within the virtualization of real world locations and objects includes the ability to create these objects to a scale of 1:1 thus allowing a user a real world familiarity with locations and equipment prior to these objects being developed in the real world where time and money are a limitation. NIOD also has the capability to demographically target users to make training a more enjoyable and effective tool within the Second Life virtual world environment.


Contact: Aaron Barr, Technical Director

Phone: (703) 629-2990


SLURL: " NG Islands

Government Related Portfolio: Northrop Grumman supports a number of government customers on virtual world technologies.

Moderne Interactive

Description: Formerly TheSLAgency, Moderne Interactive (digital shop of Moderne Communications, Inc) is a full service Second Life developer and marketing agency. We provide turnkey solutions for our partners, which range from popular consumer brands & enterprise to government agencies & NGOs. We have all of the necessary resources to help you bring your Second Life initiative to life, from the creative design to the promotion and marketing to the staffing and management.

Moderne Interactive also boasts 25+ years of event marketing experience through parent company Moderne Communications, Inc and has the unique capability of promoting your initiatives in both worlds. Moderne Communications is located in Long Island, New York and has a satellite office in San Francisco.


Contact: Joe Mastrocovi, Managing Partner

Phone: (516) 694-1231 X11



Government Related Portfolio: In October 2007, ACTIV8 Islands hosted the Doing Business 2008 Report launch event, presented by World Bank reaching an audience spanning 101 countries.

In early 2008, Ontario Public Services' job recruitment sim opened, presenting visiting avatars with the opportunity to take an interactive look at available jobs in the Ontario province. It expanded to 2 sims later in 2008, and the client was awarded the Ontario Government's Diamond Award for Innovation. Please click this SLURL to visit Ontario Public Services Island in Second Life.

Ontario in Second Life - IT

Newly Launched Digital Ontario Island Digital Ontario Island is part of the Ontario Ministry of Government Services' research investigating the challenges and opportunities of broadband as a driver of social and economic change.This Second Life destination features six pavilions, which showcase how communities, businesses and governments are using broadband and encourages visitors to participate in it's research by providing feedback via surveys throughout the island tour path. Entrance and Exit surveys help reveal how the island's content alters perceptions and shares knowledge. Read More

NMC Virtual Worlds

Description: NMC Virtual Worlds is an IT services unit of the New Media Consortium (NMC), a small business organized as 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation. The NMC is a consortium of nearly 300 world-class universities, museums, and research centers focused on the applications of emerging technologies. NMC Virtual Worlds provides a comprehensive range of services for virtual worlds, and works in multiple platforms. NMC can support any size effort with project management; architectural services; landscape and terraform designs; buildout and development services; event and meeting services; and strategic consulting. See our website for more, including our client list and portfolio (



Government Related Clearance/Registration/etc: Pending

Government Related Portfolio:

1) The Second Health Project, created for the National health Service in the UK. This multiple-sim project included a series of videos shot entirely in Second Life, the creation of an entire hospital, special avatars to represent a variety of patients and conditions, specific modeling of medical equipment of all kinds, costumes, animations, interactivity, and recreations of various areas around metropolitan London. See

2) CDC Island, created for the Centers for Disease Control, serves as the headquarters for the CDC in Second Life and provides a venue for forums, meetings, and education about the mission of the CDC.

3) Cleveland Plus, created for a cross-sector consortium in Cleveland Ohio, is built over seven sims, and includes partners from government, health care, education, libraries, foundations, museums, and the community. Key elements of the Cleveland experience are included, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,. Terminal Tower, the Science Museum, the Botanical Gardens, Roosevelt Park, the lakefront, Cleveland Trust, the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western University, the County Library, and the Cleveland Public School

The VITAL Lab at Ohio University

Description: The VITAL Lab, which stands for Virtual Immersive Technologies and Arts for Learning (VITAL) Laboratory, is a multidisciplinary research and development facility at Ohio University. The main mission of the VITAL Lab is to create realistic virtual environments and synthetic worlds for use in educational settings. The VITAL Lab is a truly unique collaboration of several areas of interest, including: The Russ College of Engineering and Technology (specifically the Computer Science program), the College of Education (the Instructional Technology program), the College of Fine Arts (the Aesthetic Technologies Lab) and Ohio University Without Boundaries. The VITAL Lab is devoted to creating interactive and immersive virtual environments to enhance learning and collaboration.

The VITAL Lab is a non-profit activity under Ohio University, our full-time staff of project managers and artists supervise a team of students with a very wide range of areas of study, including fine arts, game development, interior design, video production, computer programming, and journalism.



Government Related Clearance/Registration/etc: As part of a public university, the VITAL Lab meets all requirements for government related contract work. The Assistant director of the VITAL Lab is recently retired from the Air Force with a current Top Secret/SCI clearance and experience working through government system certification issues.

Government Related Portfolio:

1) The IRMC Info Leader Sim, created for the Information Resources Management College which is part of the National Defense University based at Fort McNair in Washington DC. The VITAL Lab was the subcontractor under Net2Net-Solutions on this project which included a welcome center, a conference center, and a crisis center.

2) Ohio University Sims, created as a virtual presence for Ohio University in Second Life. This virtual university includes two fully developed sims and four islands for future growth and learning activities.

3) Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum project, the Smithsonian Latino Center has asked the VITAL lab to create a large 9 island Latino Virtual Museum in Second Life to host their vast collection of digital artifacts. This exciting work is just getting underway but should be open to the public around January 2009.