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Release Notes for v2.7.0 (230551) - Second Life Beta Viewer

Released May 26, 2011

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Feature Highlights

  • Deferred Rendering - Deferred Rendering offers full dynamic lighting for an infinite number of local light sources, as well as high quality real-time shadows from the sun/moon for OpenGL 3.0 capable hardware. To enable Deferred Rendering, go to Me > Preferences > Graphics, click the 'Advanced' button, and check 'Lighting and Shadows'.

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • EXT-7294 Crash at LLTextureCache::updateEntry [secondlife-bin lltexturecache.cpp:1231]
  • EXT-7327 Viewer crash in LLVOVolume::syncMediaData on Meshopotamia 1
  • EXT-7543 Crash in LLRenderPass::pushBatch
  • EXT-8101 [crashhunters] Crash in LLVOSky::calcAtmospherics()
  • EXT-8730 Crash at llrender/llimagegl.cpp(157) : error ERROR: checkTexSize: wrong texture size and discard level: width: 512 Height: 512 Current Level:
  • SH-437 [PUBLIC] Setting renderGlow FALSE causes instantaneous viewer crash
  • SH-508 [PUBLIC] Viewer becomes unresponsive when adjusting scale while Skin Weights are enabled
  • SH-525 [PUBLIC] Viewer crashes if an uploader LOD slot is missed out
  • SH-1235 [PUBLIC] Select a HUD attachment and moving a child prim or entire linkset crashes viewer
  • SH-1443 [PUBLIC] Combination of Shadows ON, Alpha deffered ON, and Alpha non-deffered OFF, does not render alphas on HUDs
  • STORM-1274 Crash at LLVOCacheEntry::~LLVOCacheEntry() line 138


  • EXT-5553 Improve alpha mask ('fast alpha') heuristic

Bug Fixes

  • EXT-2095 Consolidate Picks and Classifieds into a single tab in the user profile panel
  • EXT-5389 Unreadable resident names with glow
  • EXT-5609 Script dialog opens undocked in mouselook mode
  • EXT-7060 Default auto alpha masking to ON for deferred rendering (only deferred rendering)
  • EXT-7149 Objects with white color and varied texture do not appear shiny with deferred rendering
  • EXT-7154 Darkness bumpmap looks like lightness bumpmap when deferred rendering is enabled
  • EXT-7161 Fullbright has no effect on shiny & bump mapped prim while Lighting and Shadows are enabled
  • EXT-7162 90% transparent textures are invisible when Lighting and Shadows are enabled
  • EXT-7179 Wireframe mode is mostly useless in trunk (204029)
  • EXT-7397 Decoding textures get stuck in REQ status
  • EXT-7461 Move/remove deferred rendering UI from prefs
  • EXT-7462 Disable spotlight support by default
  • EXT-7473 There is no "Share" menu item in the "gear" menu for Inventory SP
  • EXT-7479 Only bumpmaps of type Brightness or Darkness load on 2.0.2 (205107)
  • EXT-8542 Avatar goes naked for a second when changing outfits or teleporting
  • EXT-8578 Blurry image in profile never resolves - texture queue problem?
  • EXT-8589 Nothing happens if choose 'Invite to Group' from avatar's 3D context menu
  • EXT-8673 UDP texture loading is slower in 2.x viewers than 1.23.5
  • SH-92 [PUBLIC] Select & touch confused by negative scale / mirror
  • SH-93 [PUBLIC] Disable or remove mirror & inside-out checkboxes for mesh objects
  • SH-157 [PUBLIC] [VWR-21040] UI: Preferences/Graphics/Advanced: Local lights on/off is missing
  • SH-373 [PUBLIC] HUD's appear invisible when AA is enabled
  • SH-424 [PUBLIC] Models with more than 8 submeshes are not rejected by uploader
  • SH-429 [PUBLIC] Inventory Filter for Meshes does not work
  • SH-439 [PUBLIC] Mesh upload window does not name uploaded mesh object in inventory properly
  • SH-506 [PUBLIC] Prim cost in edit dialog < streaming cost in ..|Show Render Info or upload dialog
  • SH-541 [PUBLIC] Physics mesh display shows inconsistent data
  • SH-542 [PUBLIC] Avatar mesh does not animate until avatar changes LOD
  • SH-582 [PUBLIC] Order the preview menu items in the same order as the LODs appear in the Import Model window
  • SH-635 [PUBLIC] Changing physics parameters sets all child object to the Physics Shape Type of the root prim
  • SH-636 [PUBLIC] Decomposing Physics Shape For Scene, only 1 mesh gets decomposed
  • SH-638 [PUBLIC] Name tag does not offset correctly when leg joints are set small
  • SH-655 [PUBLIC] Project Mesh Viewer crashes on exit (Mac client)
  • SH-658 [PUBLIC] New Mesh Uploader Crashes; LOD Generator Broken
  • SH-727 [PUBLIC] Mesh Upload Cancel Button is inoperative
  • SH-739 [PUBLIC] Meshes can no longer be moved into subfolders of the "Meshes" folder
  • SH-741 [PUBLIC] Mesh assets cannot be dragged into notecards
  • SH-818 [PUBLIC] Can't turn Antialiasing off for ATI catalyst
  • STORM-941 IM log naming should go by SL name, not DN
  • STORM-1032 Artwork update for Appearance Editor "Edit" icon
  • STORM-1100 Add new and changes to GPU_Table.txt
  • STORM-1259 Sculpt dimension meta-data view missing from 2.x, was possible to see in 1.23

Translation and Localization Updates

  • CT-575 Viewer 2.x CT translation, set7 and on
  • VWR-22299 [SERVER HARD CODED] System messages when account can´t login need to be localized (except "Login Failed." string)
  • VWR-24161 [TRUNCATION/LAYOUT] Make space larger for full strings to appear in the French Colors Preferences
  • VWR-25009 [SP][PL]Text overlaying UI in Preferences floater
  • VWR-25010 Text overlaying UI in Buy L$ floater in Spanish localization
  • VWR-25011 Preferences floater: UI issues for German location
  • VWR-25015 Text overlaying UI in Email Snapshot floater in Spanish localization
  • VWR-25017 Text truncation in Preferences>Sound&Media tab in Portuguese localization
  • VWR-25018 Snapshot image is placed over the input fields in "Email Snapshot" floater for French localization
  • VWR-25019 Drop-down list is out of 'Upload image' floater border in Portuguese localization
  • VWR-25020 "Size" label is shifted in About Land->Media floater for French localization
  • VWR-25021 UI elements is out of 'Edit gesture' floater border in Portuguese localization

Source and Build Changes

  • SH-464 [PUBLIC] Don't cast pointers to U32
  • SH-465 [PUBLIC] Use system zlib for standalone
  • SH-466 [PUBLIC] Fix of VWR-20670 / SNOW-506 (Protection on LLInstanceTracker base in LLEventTimer needs to be public for gcc >4.1) lost in merge
  • SH-467 [PUBLIC] Fix of VWR-20809 / SNOW-504 (Do not depend on stage_thirds_party_libs for a standalone build) lost in merge
  • SH-468 [PUBLIC] Fix of VWR-20810 / SNOW-503 (Quote EXE_STAGING_DIR to prevent it failing with some paths) lost in merge
  • SH-531 [PUBLIC] Fix of VWR-20749 / SNOW-624 (FIXED Fix compiling the viewer with Boost 1.42) lost in merge
  • SH-719 [PUBLIC] nVidia Quadro 4000 unrecognized in Mac client
  • SH-735 [PUBLIC] ATI X1950 spends too much time in Readback Occlusion
  • STORM-859 winres.h isn't present within VC++ Express includes. Must be manually copied from win7 sdk example code

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Known Issues


On DNS Error May Prevent Login for Mac OSX

  • EXP-772 [PUBLIC] Log in failure, keeps saying DNS cannot resolve hostname -and- EXP-687 Second Life viewer will not work on my laptop - A possible workaround is to add the free Google DNS servers to your network configuration, as described below.
Open 'System Preferences' -> 'Network' -> 'Advanced...' -> 'DNS'
Click "+" and type
Click "+" and type
Close 'System Preferences'
Restart Second Life

Bulk Upload Permissions Issue

  • VWR-25824 [Regression] Bulk uploads do not adhere to default permissions - The workaround is to individually upload items to ensure that the permissions for each are correct.

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Viewer versions 2.6.8 (230359), 2.6.6 (229662), and 1.23 (1.23.5), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 2.7.0 (230551). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.