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Release Notes for v3.2.2 (244666) - Second Life Beta Viewer

Released November 10, 2011

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • SH-2559 Crash in LLPluginMessage::generate()
  • SH-2623 Crash at LLViewerTextureList::removeImageFromList(LLViewerFetchedTexture *) [secondlife-bin llviewertexturelist.cpp]
  • Crash at LLPrivateMemoryPoolManager::freeMem: ASSERT (!addr)


  • Add support for zooming web pages by a scale factor

Bug Fixes

  • EXP-1178 Places floater sorted weird and landmark folders inside are open
  • EXP-1500 Toolbars sometimes appear in Login screen in case of login/connectivity issues
  • EXP-1505 Items became BROKEN LINKS when mistakenly dropped into CURRENT OUTFIT folder (3 folders with clothing layers and prims)
  • EXP-1514 Typo: Missing "e" at the end of the word "Texture" in appearance editor panel
  • EXP-1516 Typo: "Environment" is misspelled in the UI
  • EXP-1566 Upload screenshots to Profile - Viewer changes
  • EXP-1567 Camera icon in top left corner should always show
  • EXP-1568 Constrain Proportions option broken
  • EXP-1569 Email options are not to spec
  • EXP-1571 Default view not to spec
  • SH-2515 SL Viewer v3.0.0 incorrectly labeled as "Second Life Viewer 2"
  • SH-2573 Flaw in Purging Texture Cache when it Exceeds Limit
  • SH-2657 Chat logs should not be deleted by uninstalling/reinstalling
  • STORM-1105 "Traffic: 0" shown for two cases (traffic actually 0, and waiting for data)
  • STORM-1659 Dates reported as "2035" within groups
  • STORM-1674 Set Help ID for new Translation Settings floater
  • STORM-1676 "Powered by Google" text is shown in the Nearby chat window when Bing translation service is used
  • STORM-1677 llkeywords.h generates unnecessary amounts of warnings during build
  • STORM-1678 When enabling "Land for Sale" icons in the map, the map texture disappears for sims that have land for sale
  • "New notifications while offline" notification shown in lower right corner of UI
  • Cannot see full sound icon when in IM call when background is a dark color
  • Minimum height of NEARBY CHAT window can be circumvented by minimizing it
  • More spillover list scrolls up after selecting any content menu item
  • "Open Landmarks" doesn't go to Places> My Landmarks if another Places panel is already open
  • Create Classified does not work from Search Window
  • Tongue out of position when incoming/outgoing call dialog shown for first time when speak button is left toolbar
  • Minimum window size on windows
  • Minimum window size on mac
  • Avatar picker floater should be 4.5 thumbnails wide
  • As a UI user, I'd like to be able to remove toolbar buttons without having to drag them anywhere
  • New tags shown for items in sub-folders in received items panel which remain after minimizing parent folder
  • Route inventory items sent in a Notecard to correct locations rather than auto-sorting by asset type
  • Full Bright Geometry Rendering Increases Rapidly, Destroying Frame Rate
  • Texture Memory (MB) preference refuses to set above 128mb (when --noprobe switch is used)

Translation and Localization Updates

  • INTL-82 [IN-PROGRESS] LQA for Viewer: Russian and Turkish
  • STORM-1222 System message when trying to teleport back to Welcome Island isn't localized

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Viewer versions 3.2.0 (244443), 3.1.0 (243176), 1.23.5, and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.2.2 (244666). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.