Release Notes/Second Life Server/1.23

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Release Notes for Second Life Server 1.23:


  • New LSL call for count of agents in region: llGetRegionAgentCount()
    • Expected in 1.21 viewer
  • New LSL call to get user's client language: llGetAgentLanguage(llDetectedKey(0)))
    • Expected in 1.21 viewer
  • Dynamic sound throttling (test your content!)


  • Havok4 fixes:
    • SVC-2485: Phantom Objects Collide with Virtual Prims in 1.22.2
    • SVC-2484: llVolumeDetect() Fails to detect some avatars
    • SVC-2448: llUnSit Attack/Bug
    • MISC-1261: Sim crashes following unlinking of a group of overlapping individually scripted prims rotating with llTargetOmega.
    • Fix to llSetLinkPrimitiveParams
    • Toxic message alert ('Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region) is now a script error and throttled
    • Fix to XML parser to improve simulator performance
    • Fixed: Sim crash by rezzing complex objects.

  • Other Fixes:
    • SVC-1507: Notices failing for larger groups
    • SVC-216: New autoreturn email message shows incorrect region name & position
    • VWR-4513: SL takes my money but doesn't give me the service I paid for
    • VWR-3729: Notices still received when "Receive Group Notices" is unchecked
    • Fixed: LSL Changed event on region cross behaves poorly
    • Fixed: Gestures deactivate when moving them between folders