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Most things associated with Second Life development (in-world meetings, wiki editing, JIRA) are done using Second Life names, but posting on the mailing list is often done using another name (real name or non-Second Life alias). This page is intended as a decoder ring for people to figure out who's who on the SLDev mailing list.

Don't reveal any information you don't want to, but if you post messages to the SLDev mailing list under a different name than your Second Life Resident name, please consider dropping your name in the table. (Tip: putting three tildes, e.g. "~~~", will automatically convert to your name and a link to your username on this wiki) :

SLDev Posting Name Second Life Resident Name
Andre Roche Ryozu Kojima
Andy Estes Drewan Keats
Callum Lerwick Seg Baphomet
Dirk Moerenhout Blakar Ogre
Dzonatas Dzonatas Sol
Ettore Pasquini Abstra Apparatchik
Harold "LabRat" Brown Thraxis Epsilon
Jason Giglio Gigs Taggart
John Hurliman Eddy Stryker
Laurent Laborde Kerunix Flan
Lawson English Saijanai Kuhn
Matt Kimmel Feep Larsson
Mike Monkowski Mm Alder
Nik Radford Nik Woodget
Neovo Geesink Neovo Geesink
Paul Nolan Paul Churchill
Rob Lanphier Rob Linden
Ben B yer Bushing Spatula
Dana Fagerstrom Whoops Babii
Dirk Husemann Dr Scofield
Mark Burhop Burhop Piccard
Stewart Berntson Mydnight Miklos
Robin Cornelius Robin Cornelius & Michelle2 Zenovka
Henrik Hodne Henrik Svendsen
Tigro Spottystripes TigroSpottystripes Katsu
"Abhセレチャイベル" Freija Yoshikawa
zai Zai Lynch
Rob Nelson Fred Rookstown
oobscure, open Opensource Obscure
Ricky Curtice Cron Stardust