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Welcome to the [newly created] SecondLife™-Education-Metaverse page.

What if there was a "Metaverse" page within the SL-Education namespace of the SL wiki; something akin to the Resources page? Would [folks] make an entry about a virtual world [like Kaneva], once they have something to share?

Can anyone deny the fact that—even with the growth of technologies like OpenSimulator—SecondLife™ will remain the HUB of the greater grid, the Manhattan of the Metaverse?


To create a reference point for educators interested in exploring the use of virtual worlds; to aggregate notes and observations about various "outposts" in the metaverse.

Educational Outposts

<Specific virtual world locations with educational content.>

Italian Language Villa

Monash University's [Virtually Enhanced Languages]

Biology Archipelago

[bio-se wiki]

Biological Interactive Objects for Science Education (BIO-SE) (now called Virtual Islands for Biology Education - VIBE) is a collaboration to create learning tools in virtual worlds.

Literature Lane

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Chinese Island

Monash University's [VirtualHanyu]


Connected regions or simulators.


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Technologies used for creating virtual world content.


The OpenSimulator software...
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Active Worlds

The Active Worlds 3D virtual worlds platform...
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