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List of Speakers

Al Supercharge Andrew Linden Apple Core
Ardy Lay Draconis Neurocam Jonathan Yap
Kadah Coba Kaluura Boa Kelly Linden
Leonel Iceghost Motor Loon Pauline Darkfury
Rex Cronon Simon Linden Talarus Luan
Tankmaster Finesmith Vincent Nacon


[16:03] Rex Cronon: hello everybody

[16:03] Andrew Linden: purple and white, of course

[16:03] Kadah Coba blends in

[16:03] Andrew Linden: (thanks Vincent)

[16:03] Vincent Nacon: np

[16:03] Andrew Linden: so news...

[16:03] Simon Linden: Hi everyone

[16:04] Kadah Coba: Should leave these here from now on

[16:04] Andrew Linden: I don't think I've got any news.

[16:04] Rex Cronon: hi

[16:04] Andrew Linden thinks harder.

[16:04] Simon Linden: I have some ...

[16:04] Simon Linden: The past few days have been productive ... the mythical llSetRegionPos() function is going to hit an RC channel in January

[16:05] Rex Cronon: nice:)

[16:05] Vincent Nacon: there ya go Rex, sofa for ya

[16:05] Draconis Neurocam: oooh

[16:05] Simon Linden: Kelly gave me a push and I added the ability to go 10m into adjacent regions

[16:05] Tankmaster Finesmith: what does that do?

[16:05] Rex Cronon: thanks:) i preffer to stand:)

[16:05] Vincent Nacon: muhaha!

[16:05] Simon Linden: The API is: integer llSetRegionPos( vector anywhere_in_the_region )

[16:05] Simon Linden: (but as I said, you can go 10m into neighbors)

[16:06] Rex Cronon: is there a time delay?

[16:06] Vincent Nacon: integer for what?

[16:06] Simon Linden: No sleep

[16:06] Andrew Linden: It returns an integer

[16:06] Simon Linden: The value returns 1 if you got within 0.1m of the target

[16:06] Pauline Darkfury: Yay for extending to 10m adjacent

[16:06] Vincent Nacon: ah ok... nice

[16:06] Talarus Luan: Cool :)

[16:07] Talarus Luan: That's the other half of llTeleportAgent we were looking for. :D

[16:07] Simon Linden: You need the usual permissions to move an object there, but it's a direct move ... no steps getting there

[16:07] Kadah Coba: Web profiles were having issues earlier, no idea if it was resolved already, but they were giving weird errors only in webkit. Meanwhile legacy profiles seemed to be having randomly failures, reties would usually work though.

[16:07] Pauline Darkfury: Still would be super-cool in the long term (later release), if it did the full 3x3 / 9 region square when Andrew's 8-neighbours stuff has matured fully

[16:07] Talarus Luan: llTeleportObject, I guess is what people were talking about.

[16:07] Simon Linden: So it should be usuable for anytihng that broke wiht posJump recently

[16:07] Kaluura Boa: That's the question I was about to ask...

[16:08] Rex Cronon: does it go above 64k, and below zero?

[16:08] Simon Linden: There are some griefer problems with that, Pauline

[16:08] Pauline Darkfury: subject to parcel perms, Simon

[16:08] Vincent Nacon: 64k? don't you mean 4096m?

[16:08] Rex Cronon: right. 4096m:)

[16:08] Talarus Luan: Yeah, whatever the current ceiling is

[16:08] Simon Linden: The top limit is 4096, the ground is the lower limit

[16:08] Pauline Darkfury: Thinking for cases where someone owns a bit in the middle of one region, a bit in the middle of another, but not the land on the borders

[16:09] Andrew Linden: Maybe we should let people set below the ground?

[16:09] Kadah Coba: The only limitation I see here is that you'd have to step on each region crossing

[16:09] Vincent Nacon: if I can do it from build ediit mode... then ya

[16:09] Rex Cronon: so u can not longer go subway style:)

[16:09] Talarus Luan: Well, you could if it was llVolumeDetect(TRUE)

[16:09] Simon Linden: I was using our existing "can we move here" code checks, so that's where teh ground level is enforced

[16:09] Andrew Linden: a long time ago we limited the ability to set below the ground, because we were worried about objects getting lost down there

[16:10] Simon Linden: If there's a reason in the future, it wouldn't be too hard to remove

[16:10] Andrew Linden: however that was long before parcel prim accounting and other diagnostic tools

[16:10] Simon Linden: Right, that's what I was concerned about

[16:10] Tankmaster Finesmith: now... to rais the ceiling limit... :D

[16:10] Kaluura Boa: Yeah... 8192m... A nice number...

[16:10] Pauline Darkfury: Going higher than 4096 is a problem due to float32, isn't it?

[16:10] Talarus Luan: No, it's arbitrary

[16:11] Vincent Nacon: oh, before I forget, is Falcon in office? He doesn't have to be here but would be nice talk about Havok's library source on vehicle. I've been studying

[16:11] Kadah Coba: I still loose things in the ground, lol

[16:11] Pauline Darkfury: Well, the lack of precision is already quite notable up at 4000

[16:11] Tankmaster Finesmith: ^

[16:11] Talarus Luan: Yeah, that's a separate issue

[16:11] Simon Linden: If you get really high up, there are some weird artifacts introduced due to lack of precision

[16:11] Andrew Linden: No, Falcon is unavailable I think.

[16:11] Vincent Nacon: oh well, till next year

[16:12] Andrew Linden: The "really high up" means in the millions of meters, right?

[16:12] Talarus Luan: You can go precisely up to whatever the max whole number is.

[16:12] Simon Linden: The other thing this does is actually a very short sleep -- this ensures the call to llSetRegionPos() stops the script on that frame. IT's short enough so there's no delay

[16:12] Kaluura Boa: Even avatars start to break apart if you go high enough...

[16:12] Rex Cronon: so, u can go as high as u want? maxint?

[16:12] Andrew Linden: Where do the floating point errors start to show?

[16:12] Pauline Darkfury: They already show at 4000

[16:12] Simon Linden: But that makes sure the object actually gets to that position before it's moved again

[16:12] Talarus Luan: Depends on the accuracy

[16:12] Pauline Darkfury: Can't get 1mm precision up there

[16:13] Andrew Linden: Avatars can go very high. We left that in as an easter egg of sorts.

[16:13] Pauline Darkfury: If memory serves, float32 for decimals is only good for 6 sig. figs.

[16:13] Vincent Nacon: yeah and never see other people with you up that high

[16:13] Kaluura Boa: 1 reached 1 million... Boring... Not much to see...

[16:13] Talarus Luan: Well, you CAN get precision, you just have to build on the accurate fractions.

[16:13] Rex Cronon: usually people go over 4096 to get rid of followers:)

[16:13] Kadah Coba: Yeah, the 16gigameter sit targets are lol

[16:14] Vincent Nacon: million? I've been to over Trillion by orbiting myself over night

[16:14] Simon Linden: While I was testing that function, I added a new option to llGetEnv()

[16:14] Andrew Linden: I should mention: there will probably be no user group next Friday (a week from today)

[16:14] Vincent Nacon: yup

[16:14] Simon Linden: llGetEnv("frame_number") returns a number (as a string, which is what llGetEnv() returns)

[16:14] Vincent Nacon: Holiday break

[16:14] Andrew Linden: I won't be attending and I'm guessing Kelly and Simon might be out too.

[16:14] Pauline Darkfury: In tech terms, IEEE-754 float32 only has 24 bit precision (the other 8 are the exponent)

[16:14] Simon Linden: Good point, nothing next Friday

[16:15] Tankmaster Finesmith: and probably nott he week after that, right andrew?

[16:15] Kelly Linden: I will be out next friday.

[16:15] Simon Linden: I may be around next Friday -- I haven't sorted out my vacation schedule yet

[16:15] Andrew Linden: I won't be able to attend Tuesday the week after next (December 27th)

[16:15] Andrew Linden: however dunno about Simon and Kelly

[16:15] Simon Linden: err, sorry, not next Friday - the 30th

[16:15] Andrew Linden: I think I'll be around for Friday the 30th

[16:16] Kaluura Boa: Friday 31...

[16:16] Talarus Luan: Well, I think it is pretty amazing that any of you will be around until after New Years, so... :D

[16:16] Vincent Nacon: that's Saturday on 31st

[16:16] Simon Linden: No user group on the 23rd, probably the 30th

[16:16] Kaluura Boa: True... It's already saturday for me... Sorry...

[16:16] Andrew Linden: What about the 27th Simon and Kelly?

[16:17] Kelly Linden: I won't have anything exciting to talk about. But I may be around.

[16:17] Simon Linden: Me too

[16:17] Kadah Coba: What happened to the user group calendar anyway?

[16:17] Kaluura Boa: Broken...

[16:17] Jonathan Yap: There is a replacement

[16:18] Simon Linden: finally bit of news - I fixed SVC-7415

[16:18] JIRA-helper:

[#SVC-7415] llSetKeyframedMotion skipping position distance worst over given time

[16:18] Jonathan Yap:

[16:18] Andrew Linden: excellent Simon

[16:18] Kadah Coba: Its been removed completely. I've heard is being retired and that user groups are going to change

[16:18] Talarus Luan: Oh, speaking of that function... I notice that sometimes, after the sim restarts from an update, the object stops moving.

[16:18] Simon Linden: more accurately put, the times given to llSetKeyframedMotion() will be truncated to an even frame time

[16:19] Talarus Luan: I can reset it, and it will start back up

[16:19] Jonathan Yap: Kadah, for now use that one latif created, it is one we can keep up to date manually

[16:19] Kaluura Boa: Simon, you didn't finished your sentence... llGetEnv("frame_number")... What's does "frame number" means?

[16:19] Simon Linden: well, it's just a number ... it starts at 0 when the region starts, and goes up by 45 or so every second

[16:20] Talarus Luan: So, it's a sort of uptime counter. :D

[16:20] Simon Linden: It's an internal counter on the simulator -- one for each simulation frame

[16:20] Kaluura Boa: OK...

[16:20] Simon Linden: Right, uptime without lag factored in :)

[16:20] Talarus Luan: Hmmm.

[16:20] Talarus Luan: Is there one with real uptime?

[16:20] Apple Core: Your Meeroo is digging and seems to have found something!

[16:20] Kaluura Boa is trying to find a use for this...

[16:21] Kelly Linden: It has limited uses, but for example some of the sim performance and script performance LSL tests / benchmarks / metrics gathers fake this in varying ways

[16:21] Talarus Luan: Could be interesting to calculate frame_number/real_uptime

[16:21] Simon Linden: It's probably not generally useful -- but if you want to measure something and take time dialation into account, it should be easier to use than trying to juggle fps and time dialation

[16:21] Rex Cronon: simon, can it overflow?

[16:21] Kelly Linden: Rex: yes.

[16:21] Kelly Linden: Rex: If it overflows on your sim I will send you a cookie.

[16:21] Simon Linden: After 1 year, 187 days with no lag it will roll over and go negative

[16:21] Talarus Luan: Being and integer, I guess it would

[16:22] Simon Linden: I put that into the test plan

[16:22] Rex Cronon: i was just asking:)

[16:22] Rex Cronon: lucky me. i got no sim:)

[16:22] Talarus Luan: Do we have any sims with a 1 year uptime? :P

[16:22] Vincent Nacon: doubt it because of the rolling restart

[16:22] Kaluura Boa: Since all sims restart every week... Very unlikely.

[16:22] Talarus Luan: FIVE NINES MY TAIL! :p

[16:22] Simon Linden: I'm not too worried about that one

[16:23] Vincent Nacon: maybe on one of the OpenSim in OpenGrid

[16:23] Simon Linden: That's it for my news

[16:24] Talarus Luan: Did you get that point I mentioned about llSetKeyframedMotion?

[16:24] Talarus Luan: Stopping on sim restart occasionally?

[16:24] Vincent Nacon whispers: maybe it need CMD_Play on entry?

[16:25] Talarus Luan: No, it's looped

[16:25] Vincent Nacon: bah... stupid whisper key...

[16:25] Talarus Luan: I have a wing that bounces up and down that I just leave running.

[16:25] Vincent Nacon: loop is a type of animation

[16:25] Simon Linden: I haven't heard of that before, so it's worth filing a jira

[16:25] Talarus Luan: After every Tuesday, I note that it has stopped.

[16:25] Vincent Nacon: it need CMD to start the loop again

[16:25] Talarus Luan: Well, about every Tuesday.

[16:26] Vincent Nacon: so you might need CMD_PLAY on start entry

[16:26] Talarus Luan: Just whenever I happen to look at it, but I've had to reset it a couple times now

[16:26] Motor Loon: scripts arent restarted on sim restarts

[16:26] Talarus Luan: I'll watch it next week and file one next time it stops

[16:26] Vincent Nacon: well... maybe timer with Get SIM's status?

[16:27] Talarus Luan: That's a workaround, but it shouldn't stop

[16:27] Vincent Nacon: aye

[16:27] Motor Loon: mabye fix the bug instead yeah

[16:27] Andrew Linden: Well, at least the bug sounds easy to reproduce.

[16:27] Kaluura Boa: There's a changed event to detect sim restart...

[16:27] Simon Linden: Is that for all keyframed motion?

[16:27] Talarus Luan: OK. I have a rather basic question about Mono string memory use -- why do strings now take up 2 bytes per character?

[16:28] Pauline Darkfury: THey are UTF-16 internally

[16:28] Vincent Nacon: another bug with KeyFramedMotion is that it won't "push" avatar on X/Y axis instead of Z

[16:28] Vincent Nacon: some times...

[16:28] Vincent Nacon: not while avatar is standing on it, mind you

[16:28] Talarus Luan: Why is it UTF-16 rather than UTF-8

[16:28] Talarus Luan: ?

[16:29] Kelly Linden: It is what it is

[16:29] Pauline Darkfury: Possibly to make indexing into a string easier?

[16:29] Leonel Iceghost: about that, if you could make a llSetScriptStringType(UTF-8) it would help A LOT some scripts

[16:29] Rex Cronon: without 16 u wouldn't people with all those fancy letters in their group names

[16:29] Pauline Darkfury: UTF-8 can be 1-3 bytes per character

[16:29] Kelly Linden:

[16:29] Pauline Darkfury: UTF-16 is predictable as 2 bytes, if memory serves

[16:29] Talarus Luan: UTF-16 is 2 or 4

[16:29] Rex Cronon: u wouldn't see*

[16:29] Pauline Darkfury: ahh, ok, mis-remembered

[16:30] Talarus Luan: Would it be possible to make "key" strings UTF-8?

[16:30] Kelly Linden: UTF-16 is almost always 2 bytes.

[16:30] Pauline Darkfury: I might be thinking of there being a case to have a useful subset of Unicode guaranteed to be 2 bytes per char

[16:30] Vincent Nacon: UTF is also used to figure out if script is running in Mono or not

[16:30] Meeter: Timecheck : User Group is half over

[16:30] Kelly Linden: Not really. The underlying string representation is not something we can easily change through the LSL language.

[16:30] Pauline Darkfury: I think the core of unicode is 0x0 - 0xffff, if memory serves

[16:30] Talarus Luan: It's a waste to have keys stored as UTF-16

[16:31] Pauline Darkfury: It's an extended Unicode that needs 32 bits

[16:31] Pauline Darkfury: Can't change keys now, widely used as alternate strings

[16:31] Kelly Linden: storing keys as strings in LSL is a mistake we will have to live with for as long as there is LSL

[16:31] Pauline Darkfury: I agree it's wasteful, and I'd design it quite differently if starting from fresh, but can't change it now

[16:31] Apple Core: Sorry, time's up! You were too late to find this collectable!!

[16:31] Leonel Iceghost: or you could make another LSL version some day

[16:31] Pauline Darkfury: Maybe LSL3 could have a better way of doing it

[16:31] Vincent Nacon: maybe in Third Life.

[16:32] Talarus Luan: I mean, it is almost worth it to go back to LSLVM scripts for data storage.

[16:32] Jonathan Yap: This would be much less of an issue if you had C#

[16:32] Kelly Linden: If you had C# you could do whatever C# allows you to do with strings.

[16:32] Kadah Coba: Can we has C#

[16:33] Tankmaster Finesmith: seems more healthy than getting mono :P

[16:33] Vincent Nacon: sure, if you promise not to abuse SL and scam people for their money

[16:33] Vincent Nacon: oh wait...

[16:33] Rex Cronon: u would have to pay taxes to M$ if we were to use c# ;)

[16:33] Tankmaster Finesmith: what would C# have to do with that?

[16:34] Leonel Iceghost: what does it have C# to do with LSL versioning

[16:34] Vincent Nacon: I was kidding, implying that we use C# language instead of LSL

[16:35] Ardy Lay: Weird. There are two residents in my blocked list that come back when I remove them and relog.

[16:35] Vincent Nacon: sleepwalking?

[16:35] Leonel Iceghost: you have two versions already, by making new versions more often you would open the doors to a lot of new fixes

[16:35] Leonel Iceghost: even real languages change every two years

[16:36] Kelly Linden: This is a question I ask every couple of months, so if it is quiet perhaps it is time to ask again: What are the reasons to use LSO over Mono these days?

[16:36] Talarus Luan: Right now? Ostensibly memory usage

[16:36] Andrew Linden: We heard one reason earlier: lower memory for strings

[16:36] Kadah Coba: You can define mono's mem usage to lower now.

[16:36] Vincent Nacon: maybe some people don't wanna be fast

[16:37] Kadah Coba: You can have like 4KB pose balls now I think

[16:38] Talarus Luan: I haven't checked recently, but is Mono still doing those 512-byte block allocations when you add a function/event?

[16:38] Kelly Linden: It probably is.

[16:38] Andrew Linden: Huh... not very many reasons for using LSO? There are some good reasons to get rid of it.

[16:38] Leonel Iceghost: there is another cool thing about LSO, you can do "b" != "a" and the result is negative

[16:38] Kadah Coba: Existing assests still use it.

[16:38] Leonel Iceghost: which in MONO you have to put the strings in a list

[16:39] Leonel Iceghost: and use Sort

[16:39] Leonel Iceghost: and take it back

[16:39] Leonel Iceghost: which is a mess of code

[16:39] Rex Cronon: u need to make a list with pros and cons, and have all lindens vote on it. or your boss:)

[16:39] Pauline Darkfury: llSetMemoryUsage() doesn't actually reduce the real memory usage. It only reduces the amount the script can grow to. Mono will use only the memory needed, not the max available

[16:39] Vincent Nacon: or just leave it alone?

[16:39] Vincent Nacon: :P

[16:39] Pauline Darkfury: Mono does still do 512 byte quantum jumps in memory usage based on what's in a function, yes

[16:40] Draconis Neurocam: well, what would be the benefit to linden lab to remove LSO?

[16:40] Talarus Luan: Less development hassle

[16:40] Pauline Darkfury: LSO is much heavier on CPU and can often use more memory than Mono

[16:40] Talarus Luan: for one :p

[16:40] Kadah Coba: That maybe true, Pauline, but everyone memory profiling tools only return max possible allocatable, not currently used.

[16:40] Pauline Darkfury: Yup, so don't use OBJECT_SCRIPT_MEMORY as a way to judge stuff for "lag"

[16:41] Kelly Linden: Easier to maintain is one. But also we could get a lot more freedom in how we could extend the LSL language if we weren't tied to the legacy VM.

[16:41] Vincent Nacon: instead of trying to remove LSO or anything, we should have a script versions to keep from breaking old scripts that only work perfectly at the time of writen

[16:41] Pauline Darkfury: Use script count and script time, those numbers are accurate in general, memory is not

[16:41] Jonathan Yap: Is the proposal to disable being able to save a script in LSO mode?

[16:41] Kelly Linden: There is no proposal being discussed

[16:41] Kelly Linden: This is idle chat.

[16:42] Leonel Iceghost: Kelly, can you make it so MONO gives negative, when comparing string != string like LSO?

[16:42] Vincent Nacon: maybe not but it has brought up before

[16:42] Talarus Luan: I'll ask the obvious "elephant in the room" question: What happens to legacy content with lots of LSLVM scripts?

[16:42] Kelly Linden: Leonel: doesn "<" work?

[16:42] Andrew Linden: I sorta raised the idea. LSO maintenance was poking me in the eye earlier today.

[16:42] Leonel Iceghost: no

[16:42] Leonel Iceghost: I think.. wait :P

[16:42] Object: Hello, Avatar!

[16:43] Kelly Linden: Talarus: They would continue to run.

[16:43] Leonel Iceghost: type mismatch

[16:43] Draconis Neurocam: what would be a possible extension you could see that is being held back, give an example kelly?

[16:43] Rex Cronon: it could be converted automatically to c# or wathever language mono will support

[16:43] Talarus Luan: Oh, so you mean you want to drop continued development of LSLVM, but still keep the VM running?

[16:43] Vincent Nacon: what I mean is... when a script is compiled... it should be kept from being updated with new LSL codes till the scripter updates it.

[16:44] Kelly Linden: If I want to be super speculative, I could say arrays. Arrays are something we just can't safely do in LSO due to the way memory is handled.

[16:44] Leonel Iceghost: so you could add < and > functionality to MONO without breaking anithing because it doesn't compile

[16:44] Draconis Neurocam: ooh

[16:44] Kelly Linden: But in mono we can do them.

[16:44] Leonel Iceghost: oh delete LSO!

[16:44] Draconis Neurocam: haha

[16:44] Kelly Linden: Similary 'pass by reference' is something that would drastically reduce required memory in many situations

[16:44] Kelly Linden: We can't do that safely in LSO but mono supports it natively.

[16:45] Talarus Luan: Seems like you're doing some reference usage right now. I noted recently adding a constant string to a list that it added only 4 bytes, rather than the size of the string.

[16:46] Kelly Linden: Keeping both active and diverging them would create a maintenance nightmare. But there are some things that are just much easier with mono than LSO

[16:46] Vincent Nacon: and for scripters who no longer come back to SL

[16:46] Kelly Linden: We try to do that where we can in mono, but it is limited and difficult.

[16:46] Kadah Coba: Is there any reason why we couldn't have a function to request more memory for a script?

[16:47] Talarus Luan: That was planned

[16:47] Kelly Linden: Kadah: beyond the 64k you mean?

[16:47] Kadah Coba: I know it was planned, but that was over a year ago. Yes, over 64KB

[16:47] Vincent Nacon: good reasons are the memories greedy folks and griefers that want to slow the sim down

[16:47] Kelly Linden: It requires a better region-wide script memory management system to be in place and enabled.

[16:47] Leonel Iceghost: the problem Kelly is that some script change how they work, so you will need to fix them, or make it very clear to all scripters that if they want to edit their LSO script they will have to change some obscure parts

[16:48] Kelly Linden: Leonel: do you mean there are scripts that if recompiled to mono from LSO would behave significantly differently? I can see the already mentioned "!=" case falls in that category

[16:48] Kadah Coba: Cause wouldnt it be better over all to have a single script that was using like 386KB verses having over a dozen scripts?

[16:48] Leonel Iceghost: right.. like some script using "b" != "a".. and there are many other changes

[16:49] Kelly Linden: Leonel: I'd love to know the others if you have them

[16:49] Talarus Luan: Yeah, but it is easier to count scripts and limit it that way than dealing with the lack of a proper region-wide memory management tool.

[16:49] Leonel Iceghost: I can make a list of some I found

[16:49] Talarus Luan: Still not optimal, of course, but what is SL if not optimal? :P

[16:49] Leonel Iceghost: there is a wiki also with differences between LSO and MONO

[16:50] Talarus Luan: or should that be "not not optimal"? :P

[16:50] Leonel Iceghost: and another wiki with snipplets to get what the engine is

[16:50] Leonel Iceghost: which expoits some differences

[16:51] Al Supercharge: I hav a Q when folks are ready

[16:51] Talarus Luan: Go forit

[16:51] Al Supercharge: ( Maybe this is the wrong place to ask this but .... ) This AV I got from Library ( Vampire Wolf) it only has one script in tail ( as far as I can see) yet it comes with HUD that "llSay"s on channel 2011 to howl and sit . Where is the documentation on these aparently LINDEN ANIMS actioned from an "invisible Listen" ? ( its not in the tail script)

[16:52] Andrew Linden: Who is the creator of the script?

[16:52] Kelly Linden: There could be scripts in the hud or gestures you are wearing.

[16:53] Al Supercharge: damien.fate

[16:53] Talarus Luan: Yeah, that's true; is probably in the HUD.

[16:54] Al Supercharge: scripts in HUD are just llSay commands

[16:54] Talarus Luan: Oh, they are full-permed?

[16:55] Talarus Luan: (ie, you can read them)

[16:55] Al Supercharge: yes

[16:55] Kadah Coba: Could it be in the AO?

[16:55] Talarus Luan: Yeah, probably have to as the creator.

[16:55] Talarus Luan: *ask

[16:55] Meeter: Timecheck : User Group is almost over

[16:55] Al Supercharge: llSetTexture("959065d5-a12d-84b3-7b1a-30df42f9237c", 4);

llSay(2011, "howl");



[16:55] Al Supercharge: and no script w a Listen to be found

[16:56] Jonathan Yap: Programming oversight

[16:56] Andrew Linden: Ah, so the howl isn't working?

[16:56] Talarus Luan: Seems to be.. I hear it

[16:56] Talarus Luan: I see you animating.

[16:57] Ardy Lay: 6 scripts in the tail?

[16:58] Al Supercharge: works fine

[16:58] Andrew Linden: oh ok, I heard it

[16:58] Talarus Luan: Eh well.. I guess I better get back to figuring out how to cram 1000-2000 keys into a script or two. :P

[16:58] Vincent Nacon: that howl is making me sleepy... cause it sounds more like a yawn to me

[16:58] Tankmaster Finesmith: 'Al Supercharge' [9/10] running scripts. 640Kb consumed for 0.020766ms of cpu time.

[16:59] Ardy Lay: Is LSO an acronym?

[16:59] Kelly Linden: have a good weekend all

[16:59] Talarus Luan: Enjoy your holiday, everyone. :)

[17:00] Rex Cronon: tc kelly

[17:00] Al Supercharge: so no one got any ideas how it owrks ?

[17:00] Pauline Darkfury: Thanks, Lindens

[17:00] Tankmaster Finesmith: merry Christmas everyone ?

[17:00] Kelly Linden: it is doing it in some script you aren't finding AI.

[17:00] Draconis Neurocam: take care simon, andrew, and kelly

[17:00] Kelly Linden: there is no special magic.

[17:00] Vincent Nacon: take care all

[17:00] Pauline Darkfury: Take care, have a good weekend (and holiday, if this is the last meeting of the year for you)

[17:00] Meeter: Thank you for coming to the Server User Group

[17:00] Rex Cronon: right. happy holidays everybody

[17:00] Rex Cronon: c all those leving

[17:00] Rex Cronon: tc*

[17:01] Simon Linden: I have to head out myself

[17:01] Andrew Linden: I think there is still a meeting next Tuesday (I'll be here).

[17:01] Simon Linden: Thanks everyone for coming

[17:01] Vincent Nacon: Tank, I'm starting think there's something wrong with the AO in FS viewer

[17:01] Simon Linden: Yeah, I'll be here Tuesday

[17:01] Rex Cronon: tc andrew, simon

[17:01] Pauline Darkfury: Yup, I'll be here too

[17:02] Pauline Darkfury: Just figured some might be vanishing to eat far too much ;)


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