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Sister Cities and Friends in SL networks the top themed social networking sims in Second Life so that they continue to grow and prosper. Our mission is to promote awareness and growth of each member sim so that all survive and thrive. We do this by sharing selected resources and emulating examples of successful practices.


The Sister Cities and Friends in SL Web Site provides an overview of membership requirements, benefits, and current members. There is no charge to be a member but eligibility requirements must be maintained.


For questions about becoming a member, please talk to one of our Membership team members listed here:

  • Joja Dhara - Netherlands / Interview Candidate Members / Dutch, English
  • Eria Ziemia - Denmark / Interview Candidate Members / Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English
  • Annie Milestone - Germany / Interview Candidate Members / German, English
  • Cher Harrington - US / Interview Candidate Members / English
  • Sitearm Madonna - US / Accept Members and Add to Teleport Board

For member questions about sim operations, please talk to one of our Specialist team members listed here:

  • Sitearm Madonna - General Questions
  • Smitty Boyau - Security Questions
  • Kaimi Kyomoon - Marketing Imagery
  • Elwe Eldrich - Premium Accountery
  • Teresa Ewing - Help Islands New Resident Experience
  • Esmay Rand - Networked Teleport Sign System