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Skidz Partz

Skidz Partz is a Second Life company that mainly produces building tools and gadgets for several purposes.
The Skidz Partz logo

It was founded in May of 2006 initially as a venture to create and sell random “Partz” with equally random functions. Its founder, Skidz Tweak, quickly turned his focus to appeal to those who shared in his frustration with the building tools offered by the Second Life client.

The business kicked off with the Skidz Primz building tool, which quickly earned widespread fame and praise. Skidz Tweak then released several tools, gadgets, and buildings that soon became popular, most notably the TMat texture organizer. Skidz Partz also launched the Gridaverse website which provided users with a mapping system that allowed users to save favorites and see the parcel divisions on most sims. Skidz Tweak is currently working on several new products for Skidz Partz, most of which are currently nameless and in the initial stages of development.

A large percentage of the profits earned with Skidz Partz products’ sales goes back into the Second Life community. The largest contribution is the Skidz Isle Sandbox which houses the main Skidz Partz store and offers two larger building areas where anyone is welcome to build. Previously, Skidz Partz sponsored the Institute of Second Learning and the FreebieDeeBee.

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